About Our Guns…

Let’s get something straight about the 2nd Amendment that has little to do with personal protection or fighting off an ungoverned government:

The second amendment is about citizens taking PERSONAL responsibility for violence!  Citizen militias are much, much less likely to reelect warmongers and meddle with other people’s countries.  And we willingly surrendered our militia system in 1903 to build a professional, global, war machine.   …Just what our founders warned us to never, ever do.

The USA Constitution‘s Article I, Section 8:15 does grant Congress the rather scary authority, “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.

Many people stop reading here, thinking this grants the federal government essentially total military power and authority over everything, including you; you uppity citizen.

Article I, Section 8:16 further grants Congress authority “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.”

This is considerable power over militias, but look at the delimiter, “…governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States…” (bold is my added emphasis)

That should make us think about what the state constitutions say about the “Part of them” not governed by the feds, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Article I, Section 10:3 provides enough confusion in today’s context that, without the state constitutions, you might get the wrong idea about militias: “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress… keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace …or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.
If you can’t “keep Troops” in peace time, how could a state respond to invasion or other imminent danger?

Article II Section 2 should provoke some thought, though: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.

So, the POTUS is NOT the CIC until an actual declaration of war by the US Congress.  The militias aren’t “federalized” until an actual declaration of war by the US Congress.   And  an actual declaration of war by the US Congress hasn’t happened since WWII.

Again, this won’t make proper sense without state constitution context.

So here’s what the Indiana Constitution says.

Let’s first consider the Indiana Constitution‘s Article 2, Section 9:

No person holding a lucrative office or appointment under the United States or under this State is eligible to a seat in the General Assembly; and no person may hold more than one lucrative office at the same time, except as expressly permitted in this Constitution. Offices in the militia to which there is attached no annual salary shall not be deemed lucrative.”

Bear with me a little bit here.  This section is intended to prevent conflicts of interest where government employees can write laws directly affecting their salary, benefits, etc. So, actually, lawyers shouldn’t be lawmakers; taxpayer-supported teachers and firemen and cops shouldn’t be lawmakers.

Militia is called out separately, with this: “…to which there is attached no annual salary…” That’s the key bit that becomes relevant later…

Indiana’s Article 5, Section 12 is where things ought to start coming together: “The Governor shall be commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and may call out such forces, to execute the laws, or to suppress insurrection, or to repel invasion.” (again, boldface is my emphasis, but you really ought to be raising your eyebrows at this too. This is even as amended in 1984. This is still law!)

Alright, now that I have your attention, let’s move to Article 12, Section 1 of the Indiana Constitution, which was amended as recently as 1974:

A militia shall be provided and shall consist of all persons over the age of seventeen (17) years, except those persons who may be exempted by the laws of the United States or of this state. The militia may be divided into active and inactive classes and consist of such military organizations as may be provided by law.


OK, there it is. I’m supposed to be in the militia. So are you. Anybody over 17, unless a conscientious objector or otherwise excluded by law, is the militia. We are constitutionally to be more like Switzerland, where kids learn gun safety early on, and everybody plays a part in the defense of the Canton/County, state and nation.  And we used to be until around 1903.  Even more recently, kids still learned gun safety…in public schools!

But now, still, by law, you are supposed to be trained in the use of weapons, as a militia member, including the sort of weapons that’d make Nancy Pelosi scream, as in Indiana’s Article I Section 32, “…for the defense of themselves and the State.”

(This is why, dammit, you have to read both your state and federal constitutions to get the whole picture when it comes to anything having to do with politics.)

There’s more, of course, but I need to get to the point:
We’re not doing any of this at all, and we need to. Pronto.  

I’ll repeat this because it’s important:

The second amendment is about citizens taking PERSONAL responsibility for violence!  Citizen militias are much, much less likely to reelect warmongers and meddle with other people’s countries.

EndlessWarWithout going into how, why or when we became a global empire of fear and aggression, I want to as quickly as possible, and by big steps, nullify this self-destructive mess, and enforce/invoke/do the constitutions, as written; to restore our freedom, prosperity, opportunity, justice and security, for all.

I want to stand down our professional, global, permanent war industry.  That would not only reduce the obvious blowback of constantly blowing $#!+ up in other people’s countries, it would make us more secure here at home.

And a lot richer!

We could afford to actually keep the promises we make to our soldiers in both regular and “National Guard” ranks. We’ve currently no way to keep up with the escalating costs of medical care and pensions. Not until we massively cut our global monstrosity of destruction, and return our military to its proper role and structure in national defense. Real national defense.


I want kids to learn about both the danger and proper use of weapons. That would not only raise up a nation better able to defend itself, it would also greatly reduce the irresponsible, stupid accidents, and unchecked violence in places like Chicago (where guns are essentially illegal and therefore ubiquitous in all the wrong hands) we now suffer.

And I want our armies out of the control of all the wrong people. You know that our government sold out. If you’re reading this, you probably know a good part of our global weaponry is unleashed in service to our financial sector’s fiat currency scams, the “petrodollar” scheme, the CIA (which I’d like to kill, gut and mount on the wall as a warning to future generations that we must never allow such a thing again) and the military industrialists we were warned about by a dozen USA Presidents.


There’s nothing civilized about delegating away all our violence and acting like it’s right. The damage we do to our own children’s lives, minds, bodies, careers and family lives, just to soothe our trembling nerves, is both embarrassing, and sin.

Putting this right would be a major part of making our government go legit, at long last, with world peace a possible side effect.
Would that be so bad?

It’s our decision. We can make this next Election Day a peaceful revolution to finally make good on the dreams of 1776. Please think on it.


Nullification – It already happens, all the time

“Nullification” as a legal doctrine, is very simply, invalidating a law by ignoring it, ruling against it, writing it out of existence, or refusing to enforce or obey it.  When states nullify a federal law, it’s often called “interposition,” but that’s just fancy talk.

Among the few who understand their meaning, the words “nullification” and “interposition” have somehow acquired a simultaneously religious, conspiratorial and rebellious meaning.

That is weird, because nullification and interposition happen every day, everywhere in the USA. 


If you look up the terms on a legal site or Wikipedia, you will likely read that the practice has never been upheld in court. But that’s bunk-in-action.

Practically all legislation, Executive Orders, bureaucratic rules; practically every high court case and government action at every level nullifies some part of our constitutions, our laws and culture.  Courts nullify legislation all the time…it actually is part of their job.  And it’s absolutely the job of Executives (Governors, the POTUS) to nullify, by denying execution, of unconstitutional laws, agencies, expenditures and actions.

Sometimes the nullification is subtle and by parts; such as laws restricting or licensing the right to weapons, or nationalizing our state militias, which increasingly nullify the Second Amendment and our whole constitutional and social design for peace, sane foreign policy, and self-defense.

Sometimes it’s overt; such as when President Obama and the DOJ nullified the Defense Of Marriage Act in 2011; or when Obama essentially nullified the 2006 Secure Fence Act (I’m not saying it was wrong to do so in either case).  Or when the FCC started regulating the internet in violation of a federal court order (that was wrong). …Or when Kim Davis attempted to nullify both a Judge’s and Governor’s nullification of an Amendent of the Kentucky Constitution which nullified the federal constitution (that was a lot of nullification, and I am saying that Davis was wrong to do it).

Or when states decriminalize the use of a plant that never should’ve been criminalized by “federal” “law” (both words having by now lost all their original meaning).

Sometimes the nullification is from ignorance.  Who’s read their state constitution, for instance…so how would anybody know when politicians violate it?

Sometimes it is by brute force when a ‘roid-raging cop nullifies rights literally to death.

Rarely, some smart-Alec citizen invokes a jury’s right to nullify bad laws or bad application of law.  (Juries have tremendous power; though judges never tell jurors that anymore).

Our constitutions have been effectively nullified by the endless stream of political prohibitions and mandates, subsidies and taxes, regulations and corruption absolutely prohibited in the clear writing of our constitutions, both state and federal.

However you look at it, and from every level of government, from the citizen on up, nullification happens every single day.

Every Single Day.BWLadyLib

Let that sink in a minute.

Every day.

It happens.

All the time.


Up to now, there’s been a direction to that nullification…

In order to make governments, bureaucracies, corporations and programs bigger, costlier, more heavily armed and aggressive, more intrusive, more secretive and even more corrupt (though that last part is getting very hard to do), constitutions at both state and federal levels, had to be nullified.

Not all nullification has been bad.  Courts have nullified what used to be the “settled law”  (stare decisis) of past generations in some good ways.  Slavery exists now mostly in other countries, and our Jim Crow laws are gone, thank God.  But the power the federal government gobbled up in the meantime has been used to heap entirely different evils upon us, such that now, our trans-generational debt/theft machines and their incessant wars are about to cause us horrible grief.

My vote is mine.  It is my weapon.  I won’t waste it anymore on the status quo mess.  I mean to use my power of peaceful revolution as intended.

So here’s all that I will vote for:

I want two things from every level of politics, and every politician:

1. A federal 10th Amendment / Indiana Article I Section 25 view of our constitutions.

2. Nullification of everything else from from our lives.

I want our constitutions, state and federal, reinstated, by nullifying everything that violates them.  In other words, I want to go legit, and govern our government…as is the actual, written law.

And I won’t vote for any less than that.

Wanted: A Lawyer to Save the Law

George Washington, among others, warned us about political parties. Andrew Jackson waged war on the “den of vipers” central bankers. Woodrow Wilson described the “worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.” Dwight Eisenhower revealed a “military industrial complex.”

Even today’s politicians scold us about political corruption. Yet here we are with a government that’s embarrassingly, destructively, violently corrupt. It’s danged peculiar we all talk like we know it and then vote as if we don’t.

So I propose we make some changes. I intend to directly attack the monopolistic cartel we call the Two-Party System — a system based upon special deals for special people, and those special people have built amazing defenses against us regular folks.

To make those changes I will need help. For despite the Indiana Constitution’s clear mandate in Article I Section 12 that “Justice shall be administered freely, and without purchase;” or the First Amendments’ unequivocal right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, our taxes do not pay for justice.

Sure, they pay for courts, lawyers and judges and such, not to mention professional sports, abortions in China, investments by Puerto Ricans and studying the gambling habits of monkeys. But your day in court? You pay through the nose for that.

For example, you’re not allowed to represent yourself in certain kinds of cases, one being a class-action suit that I’d like to press. And lawyers who would take such a case cost more money than any 100 of us 99 percenters could ever afford. That’s firewall #1 of “the system.”

Therefore, I can only bring suit on behalf of myself.  Since nobody will tell you how to do that mysterious, legalistic, intentionally difficult thing, and since I’m no lawyer (we shouldn’t need them in almost all cases!), I’m only guessing how to do this.  Here is my first draft: https://wedeclare.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/andys-complaint.pdf

And because there are special Latinate incantations for everything, including representing yourself, I will be precariously pro se. That still costs a lot of money, of course, and if I don’t fill out my forms correctly, or if I misspell Suvoir Dire, my case could be, ab irato, “dismissed with prejudice,” res judicata, with “collateral estoppel,” and absolutum dominium ad infinitum. I’d never even see the courtroom. That’s firewall #2.

And to whom would I be making this appeal? People who make their living off of all the division and discord created by corruption; people who are elite members of the private clubs we call the Democratic and Republican parties; people who have no desire to see me win my case and every reason to make me lose it. That’s firewall #3.

Finally, even the best, most fair-minded judges would understand that I’m seeking a huge structural, systematic change to our society and would be fearful of repercussions from making a correct, constitutional, fair judgment. What I’m asking, you see, would fundamentally change the way the United States works. That is firewall #4 (with an alligator-infested moat).

If I would make it to court, after breaching the various obstacles of legal discovery and more paperwork, it could end up costing me even more should the judge invoke lex talionis and make me pay all legal fees plus any pain and suffering I might cause the rich and mighty.

So, again, I could use some help. There are lawyers who are interested in true justice and hate corruption. There are people who have successfully fought “the system.” There are those who could support this project in innumerable ways. If you are one of them, please contact me here.

Dear Governor Daniels,


Not that there was any surprise in your victory, but it was well done; without any embarrassing tomfoolery, and with less of the political blather to which we’ve all become quite numb.

Actually, I don’t envy you the job of dealing with what’s about to descend upon us all.  I will pray that you solemnly remember your oath of office, and that God will support you in the trials ahead.


Andy Horning

Freedom, IN 47431

In real life, if you miss the interview, you don’t get the job.

What is up with all the gubernatorial forum cancellations?  There was supposed to be a “Step Up For Kids Day” gubernatorial forum today.  It was cancelled because an incumbent couldn’t make it.  There was to be another of the traditional, gubernatorial “Kid’s Election” (an event that I won in 2000), but one of the more influential candidates had to back out, so they cancelled the event.  Actually, both of the other candidates couldn’t make it to the Robin Run Retirement Home forum this Sunday; but doggone it, I’ll be there anyway. 

I know of several other abortive/rejected attempts at gubernatorial fora.  I suspect that there’ve been events killed that I never heard about. 


Why should candidates have so much power in determining how voters conduct their job interviews?  Elections are for voters, not for candidates.  Why should we allow candidates to say “no” to the job application process desired by the people charged with the authority to hire…or fire?

Why do voters put up with this?

I sure don’t know.

What I do know is that in 1999, Mayor Goldsmith had already said he wasn’t running, so the race was without an incumbent, and pretty competitively balanced between Republican and Democratic parties.  Even after the hotly contested primaries, we had five candidates for Mayor, and we had something like 46 mayoral debate/forum/Q&A events in which practically all of the candidates participated almost all the time.

That was a democratic process!

I can’t understand why voters don’t demand it every time.

But then, I live in hopes that times are a changin’…

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DCS Press Conference – y’all come

Sadly, I got no press from my last CPS/DCS abolition press conference.  So I’m trying it again…

Who: Andy Horning, Honk 4 Kids and several victims of CPS 

What: Press Conference on the crimes of CPS

When: Saturday, 13 September, 2008 at 1pm

Where: 920 Laurel street, Indianapolis

Contact: Andy Horning; 812 585 0504 cell; 812 859 4416 home, www.HorningForGovernor.com





The state and federal constitutions, to which every politician and police officer in Indiana swear oaths of support, forbid political violence without due process, warrant and proper restraint.

But today’s bureaucracies, like ancient criminal gangs or tin-pot dictators, operate by their own, ancient rules.  And CPS, or the euphemistically named Child Protective Services, is among the most barbaric of bureaucracies.

Sold as an agency of protection for children, it is anything but.  It is, in fact, a lucrative bounty scheme that not only gets tax dollars for each child stolen, but has its own judicial, executive and legislative agents that operate in violation of laws.

No due process.  No warrants.  Nothing but the thinnest justification for sucking children into a system with horrible statistics in sexual and physical abuse as well as very high death rates.

Several victims will be on hand, and the facts will be laid bare.  It’s not just polygamists who’ve been wronged by the hundreds…



Andrew Horning, Libertarian for Governor

Freedom, IN 47431



The Real High Tech

Return to Prosperity and Freedom

Policy Paper #1


Summary: I propose we remove “public investment” and “job creation” from our political lexicon and political powers.  These words amount to demonstrable lies; and the actions pursuant to these words have been an inexcusable, unconstitutional and immoral transfer of wealth and opportunity from citizens to a rising political class.

As a specific example, Hoosiers have been robbed of good-paying, high-tech jobs by politicians who serve lobbyists to the detriment of citizens.

I propose we as quickly as possible restrain political powers to only those authorized by the Indiana and USA constitutions; as applied to this proposal, particularly mindful of the restraints imposed by the Indiana Constitution’s Article 1, Section 25, and Article 11, Section 12.


Discussion: Politicians just love to talk about “Job Creation” as if they have anything to do with it.  More embarrassingly, they talk about “High Tech, Good Paying Jobs” as if they have any connection to reality in this matter.

I’ve made my living not in politics, but in technology, since 1979.  That means I’ve been fighting politicians since 1979.  Politicians have been driving away good paying jobs, particularly from “high tech” endeavors, and particularly from Indiana, for decades.

Let me explain…

Before Detroit was Detroit, Indiana was the automotive superpower of the USA.  Indiana-made Studebaker, Cord, Stutz were lauded worldwide… and of course Duesenberg (origin of the phrase “that’s a deusy!”) was right up there with Alfa Romeo and Bugatti in terms of quality, power and prestige.  We had the very best right here in Indiana; even in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing in the Indianapolis 500.  That early technical prowess and notoriety solidified an engineering infrastructure that lead to Indiana’s ascendancy in electronics, the keystone to all we call “high tech” today.  Just after WWII, Indiana was the number three state in the nation in electronics innovation and wealth.

The number of firsts developed/produced in Indiana is impressive and long.  Just for example, the first transistor radios and first TVs.  The air traffic control system, the stereo and scientific calculator.  The first video games and the first VCR.  The first 1Mb chip.

But that’s all history now. 

The electronics industry is well-over three times the size of the automotive industry (second only to agriculture), and is still the fastest growing in the nation.  Nationwide, electronics employment has doubled over the past twenty years…

But in Indiana, electronics employment dropped by over sixty-five percent!

I don’t have figures more recent than 2007, but from 2004-2007, we lost 72 companies and 11000 jobs.

Before you cry “China” or “Wal-Mart,” you’d better know that we’ve not been losing these jobs to Asia or even Europe as you might have been told. 

No, mostly we lose these jobs to other states like Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee; and even Connecticut!  Well over half the jobs lost go to other rust-belt states, many with higher tax/living/labor costs than our own.  They’re not leaving for the mountains of Colorado or even for the sun and palm trees of California.  The number one state destination for Indiana electronics companies is Ohio. 

In the next three years, you’ll see some very big names in Indiana high-tech business leave the state. 

All of these lost electronics jobs, from management and engineering to warehousing and manufacturing, were great-paying jobs. 


But it’s not just electronics proper that’s been leaving.  Just as when an “anchor store” leaves a mall, lots of businesses ancillary or even incidental to our electronics infrastructure have gone or are leaving as well.  We may soon have a vacant mall.

I’ve made my living in medical imaging technology; much of which was developed here in Indiana.  The particular medical ultrasound and imaging companies that I’d worked for did get bought out by foreign companies/conglomerates, but just as many similar companies moved to other states.  Also, Indianapolis used to be the nation’s insurance capital, and was the third-largest state in international banking.  These industries also moved to other states, not overseas.

But hey, how ‘bout them Colts!

…And how about our 1980’s attempts to become the nation’s amateur sports capital?

We have spent a lot of taxpayer dollars on mall builders, foreign auto manufacturers and of course professional sports.  While we’ve made gambling illegal because it’s a sin, we’ve poured tax money into it because it’s what politicians think is a good investment.

How’s all this “public investment” working?  How’s it working to “Run Government Like a Business?”  How do our politicians fare as venture capitalists (using your money, of course)?

Indiana’s average personal income has dropped compared to the national average.  Hoosiers once made 106% of the national average.  Today it’s 88%. 

With all the talk of “job creation,” our unemployment rates have gone up. 

Politicians have been cooking up “economic stimulus package” programs for the past 30 years at least.  According to recently adjusted figures that account for dollar devaluation and true estimation of inflation, we’ve not only seen zero economic growth in that period, we’ve actually been in a decades-long, and now accelerating, recession.



Since 1979 we’re working 20% longer hours and are taking two weeks fewer vacations.  We spend far less time with our families, and the voluntary/fraternal associations that once provided this nation’s non-church-related charity, built parks and schools, and ran many hospitals, are dying.

The single-worker family is a rare thing now.  Retirement now depends mostly on politicians when that was rarely the case even through the 1950’s.

Per capita crime rates are several hundred times greater than a hundred years ago, while our debts and foreclosure rates are unprecedented in all of human history.

Despite the technology that makes life easier, life is getting more difficult, stressful, and brutish.  Our life/death statistics are getting worse and worse compared to other nations.  In many cases, we look bad compared to even third-world nations.  Americans are even getting shorter compared to other peoples of the world!

Surely you already know that things are terribly out of whack here!

This is the nation, after all, that rose from the ashes of our War Between the States to become a global superpower in a single generation.  No nation ever did that before or since.  The USA was the richest, to be sure; but mostly it was the nation that proved that liberty works better than anything else; with the poor and recently immigrated rising to prosperity just by the ability to keep the fruits of their labors.

Here is something I know you do already know.  Politicians often lie.

Here’s something you may not know.  You don’t have to vote for the ones who lied to you.

You should not believe their appeals to “update” government with more power in fewer hands.  After thousands of years of proof, you should know that, still, the newest, freshest and best thing in human government is the Rule of Law under our constitutions, as written.


Conclusion: Voters and the media upon whom voters depend should consider the hundred-year record of entrenched political party betrayal, and the means by which they have stolen our global preeminence, liberty, security, health and wealth; and vote for the restoration of what has been proven to work. 


Andrew Horning, Libertarian for Governor

Freedom, IN 47431



Fairness Doctrine?

Dear friends of Liberty and Justice, I have a problem, and I’d like your help.

We all know where all the “money in politics” comes from and who it goes to, but we gauge candidates by their campaign funds, right?  Voters ask for term limits, but then vote for incumbents almost all the time.  Voters claim to hate lying politicians, but then dismiss it as “that’s how the game is played” and then vote for the liars.  

So we all know, really, if we’d only think about it, that elections aren’t so much about candidates, money or even “issues” at all.  

Elections are about us – voters.  It’s our one day to rule.  It’s our ONE and ONLY day to be heard, really.  And the days leading up to Election Day are the only days, sadly, when voters are doing any political listening at all.

Unfortunately, voters require the imprimatur of legitimacy, and whatever information presented, through the (increasingly distrusted) major media.

In short, elections are about voters, their information, and their resulting choices.

Elections can be a peaceful revolution; or more commonly, an acquiescence to the ever-devolving “status quo.”  Success or failure of our culture depends entirely upon the quality of information upon which voters make their decisions.

Let me tell you my problem:  Voters have been blindfolded, hoodwinked, lead around with a red herring and then duped.  Voters could, in a single election cycle, end the corruption of money, the entrenchment of power, and the abuse of their lives, property and rights if only they had the information necessary to do so.

The problem is that they don’t ever get this information.  Instead, they are told that their only choice is the corruption of money, the entrenchment of power, and the continued abuse of their lives, property and rights.

As applied to the gubernatorial race, here’s how it works:

When the “incumbent” (the putative owner of the Governor’s office) has an issue statement, the media call Jill Long Thompson for her view.  When Jill’s got an issue, they ask Mitch for his take on it.  Generally, all the answers are about the same with about 10% difference in numbers at most.  Nobody in the media questions whether their words are true or whether their plans will work (they certainly haven’t worked yet). 

Media report the “He said, She said” and nothing more.  …And only about Democrats and Republicans!

This isn’t entertaining, it’s not informative, and it’s certainly not right.  Particularly when the sole alternative view is completely missing.

I’m the only candidate with substantially different answers and positions.  I’m the only constitutional candidate!  And I’m on the ballot. 

I’ve had too many issue statements and press conferences with zero coverage.  This media blackout is flat wrong and there is nothing that I personally can do about it.  I don’t have a voice without the aforementioned “money in politics” or media coverage. 

So I’m asking you for a favor.  Could y’all please write letters and make phone calls to your local media folks to ask them to include me?

I don’t care what they write.  I’ll take overt insults as an improvement.

I’d be delighted if they’d call me a loser, a vote stealer, a wasted vote, a libertine, a terrorist…whatever.  But they should say SOMETHING about the one true alternative on the ballot!

Don’t ya think?







Andy on the radio

In case you missed Abdul’s show (WXNT 1430 AM in Indy) on Thursday morning, here’s the podcast: http://hosted-media.podzinger.com/wxnt/archive/Abdul/2008-08-08_Andy_Horning.mp3

Brutish Simplicity, Dumbed-Down

Alright alright alright.  I get the message.  Nobody wants to read the constitutions.  I need to resolve what I’m about down to three points and they’d better be simple.  OK, I get it.  So here’s as simple as I can make it in just three points:

  1. I would cut stuff from government.  A lot.  I’ll cut something you think we need.  I’m asking you to trust that we don’t really need it.
  2. So all taxes will go waaaaaay down.  You will like that. 
  3. It’s all written down here.

If you have questions, ask them.