Dear Governor Daniels,


Not that there was any surprise in your victory, but it was well done; without any embarrassing tomfoolery, and with less of the political blather to which we’ve all become quite numb.

Actually, I don’t envy you the job of dealing with what’s about to descend upon us all.  I will pray that you solemnly remember your oath of office, and that God will support you in the trials ahead.


Andy Horning

Freedom, IN 47431


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  1. I’ll second that, we could have done far worse with JLT. Mitch really isn’t a ‘bad’ governor. I moved away from one of those 8 years ago…look one State to he west…Illinois…now that is bad, corrupt, State government! I do wan’t to thank you again Andy for placing the Constitutions on the ballot again.
    Reflecting on last Tuesday, I may not have won any of the races I voted for, but I can say, (and so can you), that I have no weight upon my conscience for the horrible mess we are all fixing to have. I voted right. I consider that a landslide win for me…:)
    When I start hearing the belly-aching, and I know I will, I will have bragging rights…”Do you know what Chuck Baldwin would have done different? Or Ron Paul? Or Andy Horning? Or how Eric Schansberg would have voted on that nth bailout bill or stimulus package?”…:) “I voted for them”…:)
    GOD bless Andy. And my prayers are with Mitch and the President elect, The United States, and The sovereign State of Indiana and all the citizens in this great experiment…and the Campaign for Liberty…:)

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