They Crossed the Rubicon

For Immediate Release, October 31, 2016

Contact: Andrew Horning

They Crossed the Rubicon

Freedom, IN – What is human history but a litany of warnings? How many cassandric founders, US Presidents and activists warned us about the advancement and corruption of political/crony power against individual human rights?

Throughout all the human history we know, the default human state – the human norm, has been oppression, slavery, genocide and war. Liberty and justice have always been rare exceptions.

Throughout most of our history, and still today, most of “the media,” in whatever form reporters have existed, have been the mouthpiece of power and tribe; agents of propaganda rather than honest town criers.

I thank God for the chaotic angel called Wikileaks. But Wikileaks isn’t enough.

We find out about new “civil” police military tools and techniques (like bomb-bots!) only after they’re used. We learn about the effects of usurpation and trespass like the 2012 NDAA only after fully implemented and working against us.

In electoral politics today, being right is no advantage and being wrong is no demerit. But you may want to look into my history of being right as I tell you that this is the truth: Our nation is in very, very serious trouble – the kind that people will some day look back upon, and shudder.

We could fix all this. We could live in peace, prosperity, security, liberty and justice…for all.

But that would mean a very revolutionary change of heart, mind, and action.

I pray for that change every day. You should too; or pray that I’m wrong about what always comes next.

Liberty or Bust!

Andrew Horning

Libertarian for 8th District US House of Representatives


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Constructive Destruction for Indiana

Who: Andy Horning

What: Overhauling State Government

When: Saturday, August 16 at 2pm

Where: Crawfordsville Public Library, 205 S Washington St., Crawfordsville, IN

Contact: Andy Horning;



Helping Citizens, not Government


Crawfordsville, Indiana –

Andrew Horning, the Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, will lay out a plan for Indiana citizens, not for Indiana Government.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to make that distinction, as our “government” has become an OPM-addicted (Other People’s Money) parasite. 

The constitutionally authorized government intended to protect citizen lives, property and rights from those who’d take them from us, must be restored. 

To do this, entire agencies and powers and costs and prohibitions must be eliminated so that Hoosiers can rebuild what’s been stolen over the last 70 years.

Does this mean Horning agrees with other plans to “streamline” government by consolidating more power into fewer hands?  Not a chance.  The complete opposite, in fact.  Horning aims to do what’s been proven to work better than anything else ever tried in all of human history.

Come to the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County’s Convention on Saturday, August 16th at 1:45pm to hear about real leadership, and tough love, in a time of need.



Government is VIOLENCE!

Here’s a video interview done at the Friedman Foundation event on July 31.  I can only wish that more people would ask good questions like this…