“Gay Marriage” amendment?

I’ve gotten a slew of emails today about SJR 7.  I may as well post what I’d said to some in reply:

Unfortunately, what SJR 7 really does is formalize the thinking that marriage is between a man, a woman, and Caesar.  Christians should define marriage as a Holy covenant between a man, a woman, and God – not as a state contract with all sorts of bennies.  But with Social Security, bereavement pay, visitation rights, property rights, work rules, tax rules and more rules, rules rules from the Great Golden Calf of State, we’ve desecrated the Holy covenant, and have put self-acclaimed Christians in the preposterous role of advocating legal disparity in matters of simple justice.

If SJR 7 advocates get their way with this resolution, then politicians, not church officials, will have all authority in the matter of “marriage,” and a new crop of politicians may someday declare that marriage can be only between a man and a goat.

I say we should get the state out of marriage entirely.  Take from Caesar what is God’s.

Post script: Since when have politicians cared about the constitution?  Why amend what they will not obey?  Obey what we’ve got, and then we’ll just see if we need to amend anything…

The Tax Contracts are Broken

I wrote a piece for the Winter Journal of the Indiana Policy Revew Foundation.  You may need to register (for free) in order to read it, but here it is.

It starts on page 17.

Please, start writing yourself.  Send letters to the editor; they’re usually much more powerful than the letters your public servants throw away.  It’s better to let politicians learn about protests in the newspaper, if you know what I mean…

It’s time to hold more than just their feet to the fire.  If they don’t obey the laws that protect us from them, why should we honor the laws that protect them from us?

Speak Your Mind

Some time ago I’d promised to post a link to the “Speak Your Mind” segment I did for WFIU. 

Here it is.


I knew that it’d be hard for me to be in downtown Indy on Tuesday afternoon.  I’ve got a busy work week, and it’s just awful timing.

But do you wanna guess who got Jury Duty?  …For the first time in my 50 years?!?!

If I were a conspiracy theorist…

Anyway, why fight it?  There will be a crowd there on Tuesday.  I’ve already heard from a lot of people who intend to be there, so I’ll leave this one in capable hands once again. 

Please note:  Be there at 1pm, not 2pm as I’d previously written.