“Gay Marriage” amendment?

I’ve gotten a slew of emails today about SJR 7.  I may as well post what I’d said to some in reply:

Unfortunately, what SJR 7 really does is formalize the thinking that marriage is between a man, a woman, and Caesar.  Christians should define marriage as a Holy covenant between a man, a woman, and God – not as a state contract with all sorts of bennies.  But with Social Security, bereavement pay, visitation rights, property rights, work rules, tax rules and more rules, rules rules from the Great Golden Calf of State, we’ve desecrated the Holy covenant, and have put self-acclaimed Christians in the preposterous role of advocating legal disparity in matters of simple justice.

If SJR 7 advocates get their way with this resolution, then politicians, not church officials, will have all authority in the matter of “marriage,” and a new crop of politicians may someday declare that marriage can be only between a man and a goat.

I say we should get the state out of marriage entirely.  Take from Caesar what is God’s.

Post script: Since when have politicians cared about the constitution?  Why amend what they will not obey?  Obey what we’ve got, and then we’ll just see if we need to amend anything…


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  1. Marriage is a basic civil right. For the truth about gay marriage check out our trailer. Produced to educate & defuse the controversy it has a way of opening closed minds & creates an interesting spin on the issue: http://www.OUTTAKEonline.com The truth will set you free…

  2. Equal treatment under the law is a basic civil right. Marriage is a traditional social covenant. We have attached a lot of socialism to it, and that was a mistake.
    Marriage is not a right at all. Don’t be silly.

  3. “take from Caeser what is God’s” … That is a great line. I will try to remember to quote you when I use it.

    I agree 100%. Get government out of the marriage business. Christians (both of my children are in private Christian school) should be wary of asking government to regulate marriage.

  4. Thanks, Sean. It’s time we get Caesar out of the pulpit too. Tax laws (among other things) have strangled the church.

  5. I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. Education is the key….keep it up, Professor Horning.

  6. This is great. I am 5 minutes into the Andy Horning campaign and I can already tell that this is home for me. I rarely find anyone who understands the Biblical Covenant of marriage, including our own state licenced shepards ( I actually have seen local pastors refuse to recognize church Covenant Marriages because the state hadn’t collected the $5.50 marriage tax. As if the state even cares!!
    My wife and I have enjoyed 27+ years of bliss, raised(ing) 4 children and look forward to grandchildren without the slightest wimper from the State of Indiana (I wish I could say the same for the clergy).
    How can we help? with the “run”! I’ll contact Divi

  7. Oh No I forgot to say specifically that we don’t have the state paperwork for our marriage; but I will happly refer anyone to our family Bible to inspect the properly signed credentials. The kids are ltgitimate.

  8. Thanks!
    (and of course your kids are legit!)

  9. True and succinct. Perfect. Sharing this with others.

  10. As a gay man, I agree. I think there are many ways to negate some of the issue. If everyone received a civil union instead of a marriage, it would help. I also feel that if FairTax was enacted, it would help.

    Honestly…for me and my partner, it isn’t that we want marriage, we just want the privileges that go along with it. It costs thousands of dollars for us to legally craft many of these benefits. It would be for the greater good of society if we could donate this money to a worthy cause instead of spending it on necessary legal documents.

  11. My dream is to get the state completely out of the people’s business. No marriage, civil union, or any interpersonal arrangement should invoke the armed force of political power. Only when civil contracts are broken should courts/police ever get involved.
    Of course, to do this equitably, we’d have to get the state out of the income/property redistribution business too…

  12. (Re: Jan 29th Post) How doe taxes strangle the Church? Churches don’t pay taxes, do they?

  13. Everybody pays taxation, both hidden and direct. Nobody is free.
    Churches, like just about everybody/everything else, do have special tweaks in their taxation that depend upon their behavior. If they shut up and behave, they get special breaks. Google “churches, IRS, crackdown” and you’ll see some of what this is all about.
    All citizens, candidates and corporate entities face similar crackdowns for “illegal” political speech now. Look up McCain-Feingold’s particulars, just for example, and you’ll see some of this. I’ll not even start with the Post-9/11 stuff…
    The chain of abuses and usurpations is long and growing heavier by the minute.

  14. Will do, Andy.

  15. I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment regarding the thinking of marriage as being a between a man, a woman and Caesar. And while I do not consider myself a Christian I do consider myself a follower of the teachings of Christ. This disclosed I will simply say I believe it more accurate to describe marriage as between a man and a woman, you can add ‘within God’ if you wish but for me the is unnecessary as all things are within God.

  16. Why I do not think marriage is a right, equal treatment is. I think that it is great if you want to elimate marriage all together but I think that will take a long time. Right now, what I think is important is equal treatment something regular people can understand. After everyone has equal rights in marriage then we can elimate the instution all together.

  17. Why would you want to eliminate marriage?!?!

  18. So you are saying you are against SJR7, defining marriage as one man, one woman? If so, I say amen to that. The state(s) should eliminate “marriage” certificates altogether and document “Domestic partnership” instead for all the legal reasons marriage currently implies. That way, the couple, man, woman or goat, can call it marriage, a partnership, or whatever. Defining marriage based on a single verse in the Bible is crossing the line of church and state. I am a Christian and live by the Bible as best I can, but I know that there are more than two genders or orientations (“normal” man and woman are just at each end of the continuum), and God doesn’t create mistakes. Let’s not legally discriminate against or punish people with gender differences.

  19. Yes, this is a refreshing take on the subject. Caesar has stolen what belongs to God.

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