In real life, if you miss the interview, you don’t get the job.

What is up with all the gubernatorial forum cancellations?  There was supposed to be a “Step Up For Kids Day” gubernatorial forum today.  It was cancelled because an incumbent couldn’t make it.  There was to be another of the traditional, gubernatorial “Kid’s Election” (an event that I won in 2000), but one of the more influential candidates had to back out, so they cancelled the event.  Actually, both of the other candidates couldn’t make it to the Robin Run Retirement Home forum this Sunday; but doggone it, I’ll be there anyway. 

I know of several other abortive/rejected attempts at gubernatorial fora.  I suspect that there’ve been events killed that I never heard about. 


Why should candidates have so much power in determining how voters conduct their job interviews?  Elections are for voters, not for candidates.  Why should we allow candidates to say “no” to the job application process desired by the people charged with the authority to hire…or fire?

Why do voters put up with this?

I sure don’t know.

What I do know is that in 1999, Mayor Goldsmith had already said he wasn’t running, so the race was without an incumbent, and pretty competitively balanced between Republican and Democratic parties.  Even after the hotly contested primaries, we had five candidates for Mayor, and we had something like 46 mayoral debate/forum/Q&A events in which practically all of the candidates participated almost all the time.

That was a democratic process!

I can’t understand why voters don’t demand it every time.

But then, I live in hopes that times are a changin’…

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  1. This reminds me of when Andre Carson skipped two community forums in the special election campaign because he was hanging out with Nancy Pelosi in D.C. I guess the voters reward candidates for not showing up.

    I was personally disappointed in Andre’s absence at the forum I attended. I also felt he was vague in his discussion of policy (so is Jill Long Thompson), so my vote went to Sean Shepard.

    After watching Tuesday night’s debate for governor, I am again convinced that the Libertarian candidate is the best choice for the job. Great job, Andy!

  2. I think many people have thier minds made up before the candidates are even mentioned or the issues are even debated. “Grand paw was a democrat, Daddy is a democrat, I’m a democrat too,” kind of BS. I was that way when I and my old man was a republican. And it is wrong, sooo very wrong!
    Although I was a single issue voter, gun rights, how many pro-gun democrats do you know? But this is the game the two parties play on us all, rights vs. rights, class vs. class, They prop up scary and scarier, who will the voters choose? Scary of course, ‘scarier’ is just to radical…’right now’! And the establishment can still take a right away or more real wealth from the people. I know thier game!
    Thank you Andy for running for office, or I wouldn’t be voting at all. It is good men like you, who don’t play games with our rights or our money, who just want the right things done that make it all worth while. GOD bless my friend…:)

  3. Thank you both!
    Remember, though; this isn’t just my campaign. We need every able bodied patriot to campaign for governed government. Write letters, go to meetings, talk, shout, whisper and do mime…we need to spread the word that liberty works, and we need it now!

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