Let’s Clean Up our Mess

In an OP-ED for Indiana Policy Review I lay out the steps to clean up our mess:

  1. End the duopoly.
  2. Drive away the moneychangers.
  3. Stand down the Empire.

Nearly all of what we call “issues” — the unraveling economy, a ridiculous healthcare system, rising prices, even militarized police and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — are just symptoms and side effects of a much worse problem.

It makes all our talk of ideology, libertarian versus authoritarian, or even “left” versus “right,” whatever those mean anymore, not just irrelevant but a costly distraction. The problem is corruption; we have a crony-network-crime-ring running the nation and much of the world. Here is what can be done about it in three steps:

First, take away the unconstitutional special powers and immunities seized by the private clubs called the Democratic and Republican parties. We shouldn’t have parties at all, really. Equality under law is fundamental justice, and mandated by Indiana Constitution’s Article I, Section 23. So let’s defrock these charlatans and thieves. Let independents and third parties have equal rights to election-related commissions and ballots. End primary elections, which implicitly provide more money, public attention, free advertising and media promotion to only Democrats and Republicans at the actual expense of all alternatives. End the special powers and immunities of precinct committeemen, which only Democratic and Republican parties are allowed. In case you think that having written special powers and privileges into Indiana Code make the self-appointed “major” political parties legit, Indiana Constitution’s Article I, Section 25 makes it clear that legislation cannot transgress the constitution. Read it; much like the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, it’s the single most important sentence in Indiana Law.

YOU!This first step must be taken by voters, of course.  Current officeholders will not voluntarily step away from power – you must fire them.  Then we can move to step #2 after you hire people who actually want to move forward.

Second, kill central banking as it currently exists. Yes, audit the Federal Reserve Bank system, repudiate unconstitutional/illegal debts and otherwise clean up the mess. Andrew Jackson was right —  moneychangers are inherently “…a den of vipers and thieves…” and we must rout them out.  But moneychangers, as opposed to mere bankers, are never free-market enterprises; they require political authority to become monopolistic.  And our “Fed” was required long ago to primarily fund our government…not serve the needs of business.  Sound money is critical to freedom, so ending the accounting tricks and thieving traps of political/private hybrid central banks is the single most important step. That’s why it’s constitutionally mandated by the Indiana Constitution’s Article 11 Sections 3 and 7, as well as the U.S. Constitution’s Article I, Section 8:5, and Article I Section 10. But it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to address the bankers until we take away their two-party puppet show diversions. Look at the campaign donations from the financial sector and you’ll see why this is step two.

Third, stand down the Empire. Our fear-aggression syndrome isn’t just costly and destructive, it makes us less secure, less prosperous, and certainly less free. Not only have all our wars since WWII been unconstitutional but the actual design of our military has been unconstitutional since 1903 by the federal constitution’s Article I Sections 8 and 10, Article II Section 2, the Second and Fifth Amendments, as well as Indiana’s Article 2 Section 9, and Article 12 (the whole thing). This also should be done immediately, but it’s unlikely that most people will see just how bad it has become (and how right Dwight Eisenhower was about it) until we unmask this monster by taking away that crony-network-crime-ring. Also, look at the campaign donations from the military-industrialist sector. Look at how no state of sustained warfare can exist without debt-based fiat currency. You’ll see why this is step three.

Joe Biden, proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day, said: “Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism.” Very well, let’s make 2016 the year we do that right.


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  1. So apparently all comments have been deleted.
    Good to know.
    Just like I have said before, you deny the one solution provided by the founders in the Constitution, Article V, while claiming to be a strict Constitutionalism. Then substitute that which is not in the Consitutition, nullification/noncompliance, as your own solution. Rather elitist, and ends up supporting the progressives since you detract from the Constitutional approach, their enemy.
    Nullification/noncompliance, now like then, leads to Secession and civil war. Quite the opposite of the intended purpose of the Constitution as delineated in the preamble.

  2. Yes, I deleted a long, tortuous and counterproductive thread.
    Again, I mean no disrespect. But you’re wrong. You’d apparently already read why I think so, so I’m guessing this will be a long, silly discussion also.
    I’ve read the constitutions, state and federal. Have you?
    Nullification/noncompliance happens all the time. Presidents, legislators and judges do it routinely, for example, at all levels of government. That pretty much nullifies your whole argument about the constitution being a leash on anybody.
    Besides, you’re saying that Jefferson and Madison (who was, unlike your earlier arguments, apparently, a rather key player in the development of our federal constitution!) don’t know anything about constitutions and you do!
    I’m sorry, but this just isn’t going anywhere.
    If you read my annotations in both Indiana and US Constitutions, and can cite specific areas of disagreement, then we may have a discussion. Otherwise, I’m just not falling for this “we all have to obey our lawless leaders” nonsense.
    What’s worse, is that asking our present politicians…the ones disobeying the Rule of Law…to rewrite the constitutions to their liking is a bloody awful idea.
    Our constitutions are not as flawed as we are!
    Our constitutions, as written, are excellent. We just have to insist upon using them.

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  5. […] this around. The fix itself is simple enough, and mostly written-down already. The most important three steps […]

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