The Real High Tech

Return to Prosperity and Freedom

Policy Paper #1


Summary: I propose we remove “public investment” and “job creation” from our political lexicon and political powers.  These words amount to demonstrable lies; and the actions pursuant to these words have been an inexcusable, unconstitutional and immoral transfer of wealth and opportunity from citizens to a rising political class.

As a specific example, Hoosiers have been robbed of good-paying, high-tech jobs by politicians who serve lobbyists to the detriment of citizens.

I propose we as quickly as possible restrain political powers to only those authorized by the Indiana and USA constitutions; as applied to this proposal, particularly mindful of the restraints imposed by the Indiana Constitution’s Article 1, Section 25, and Article 11, Section 12.


Discussion: Politicians just love to talk about “Job Creation” as if they have anything to do with it.  More embarrassingly, they talk about “High Tech, Good Paying Jobs” as if they have any connection to reality in this matter.

I’ve made my living not in politics, but in technology, since 1979.  That means I’ve been fighting politicians since 1979.  Politicians have been driving away good paying jobs, particularly from “high tech” endeavors, and particularly from Indiana, for decades.

Let me explain…

Before Detroit was Detroit, Indiana was the automotive superpower of the USA.  Indiana-made Studebaker, Cord, Stutz were lauded worldwide… and of course Duesenberg (origin of the phrase “that’s a deusy!”) was right up there with Alfa Romeo and Bugatti in terms of quality, power and prestige.  We had the very best right here in Indiana; even in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing in the Indianapolis 500.  That early technical prowess and notoriety solidified an engineering infrastructure that lead to Indiana’s ascendancy in electronics, the keystone to all we call “high tech” today.  Just after WWII, Indiana was the number three state in the nation in electronics innovation and wealth.

The number of firsts developed/produced in Indiana is impressive and long.  Just for example, the first transistor radios and first TVs.  The air traffic control system, the stereo and scientific calculator.  The first video games and the first VCR.  The first 1Mb chip.

But that’s all history now. 

The electronics industry is well-over three times the size of the automotive industry (second only to agriculture), and is still the fastest growing in the nation.  Nationwide, electronics employment has doubled over the past twenty years…

But in Indiana, electronics employment dropped by over sixty-five percent!

I don’t have figures more recent than 2007, but from 2004-2007, we lost 72 companies and 11000 jobs.

Before you cry “China” or “Wal-Mart,” you’d better know that we’ve not been losing these jobs to Asia or even Europe as you might have been told. 

No, mostly we lose these jobs to other states like Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee; and even Connecticut!  Well over half the jobs lost go to other rust-belt states, many with higher tax/living/labor costs than our own.  They’re not leaving for the mountains of Colorado or even for the sun and palm trees of California.  The number one state destination for Indiana electronics companies is Ohio. 

In the next three years, you’ll see some very big names in Indiana high-tech business leave the state. 

All of these lost electronics jobs, from management and engineering to warehousing and manufacturing, were great-paying jobs. 


But it’s not just electronics proper that’s been leaving.  Just as when an “anchor store” leaves a mall, lots of businesses ancillary or even incidental to our electronics infrastructure have gone or are leaving as well.  We may soon have a vacant mall.

I’ve made my living in medical imaging technology; much of which was developed here in Indiana.  The particular medical ultrasound and imaging companies that I’d worked for did get bought out by foreign companies/conglomerates, but just as many similar companies moved to other states.  Also, Indianapolis used to be the nation’s insurance capital, and was the third-largest state in international banking.  These industries also moved to other states, not overseas.

But hey, how ‘bout them Colts!

…And how about our 1980’s attempts to become the nation’s amateur sports capital?

We have spent a lot of taxpayer dollars on mall builders, foreign auto manufacturers and of course professional sports.  While we’ve made gambling illegal because it’s a sin, we’ve poured tax money into it because it’s what politicians think is a good investment.

How’s all this “public investment” working?  How’s it working to “Run Government Like a Business?”  How do our politicians fare as venture capitalists (using your money, of course)?

Indiana’s average personal income has dropped compared to the national average.  Hoosiers once made 106% of the national average.  Today it’s 88%. 

With all the talk of “job creation,” our unemployment rates have gone up. 

Politicians have been cooking up “economic stimulus package” programs for the past 30 years at least.  According to recently adjusted figures that account for dollar devaluation and true estimation of inflation, we’ve not only seen zero economic growth in that period, we’ve actually been in a decades-long, and now accelerating, recession.



Since 1979 we’re working 20% longer hours and are taking two weeks fewer vacations.  We spend far less time with our families, and the voluntary/fraternal associations that once provided this nation’s non-church-related charity, built parks and schools, and ran many hospitals, are dying.

The single-worker family is a rare thing now.  Retirement now depends mostly on politicians when that was rarely the case even through the 1950’s.

Per capita crime rates are several hundred times greater than a hundred years ago, while our debts and foreclosure rates are unprecedented in all of human history.

Despite the technology that makes life easier, life is getting more difficult, stressful, and brutish.  Our life/death statistics are getting worse and worse compared to other nations.  In many cases, we look bad compared to even third-world nations.  Americans are even getting shorter compared to other peoples of the world!

Surely you already know that things are terribly out of whack here!

This is the nation, after all, that rose from the ashes of our War Between the States to become a global superpower in a single generation.  No nation ever did that before or since.  The USA was the richest, to be sure; but mostly it was the nation that proved that liberty works better than anything else; with the poor and recently immigrated rising to prosperity just by the ability to keep the fruits of their labors.

Here is something I know you do already know.  Politicians often lie.

Here’s something you may not know.  You don’t have to vote for the ones who lied to you.

You should not believe their appeals to “update” government with more power in fewer hands.  After thousands of years of proof, you should know that, still, the newest, freshest and best thing in human government is the Rule of Law under our constitutions, as written.


Conclusion: Voters and the media upon whom voters depend should consider the hundred-year record of entrenched political party betrayal, and the means by which they have stolen our global preeminence, liberty, security, health and wealth; and vote for the restoration of what has been proven to work. 


Andrew Horning, Libertarian for Governor

Freedom, IN 47431


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