How We Fix This Mess

I like talking ideology. But right now, talking about socialism versus fascism versus libertarianism versus the Two Party System is like discussing paint colors while your house is on fire.

coming-money-trustForget ideology; that’s not the problem.


Corruption is the problem. Almost everything else is just a symptom of that.

Let’s be clear about what our nation’s “corruption” really is. We have an unconstitutional (illegal) ruling class that’s intentionally violating our most fundamental laws (legal, moral, economic) to fill their pockets though it harms the rest of us.

That’s called crime when any of the rest of us do it.  When it’s done abusing power in violation of oaths of office and causing economic distress and pointless death it really ought to be called treason.

We can’t determine to what degree and in what ways we’re being harmed because so many  of our rulers systematically and habitually lie to us about everything. So it may not be off the table to include mass murder in the list of crimes.

The unregulated militarized monster we only call “government” is really a crime ring that’s “too big to fail.”

So let’s fix it.

Here’s how:


1. Stop voting for it! And by “it,” I of course mean the global crony network whose puppets we call The Two Party System.  No, I don’t mean just Democrats and Republicans.  I mean the system of cronies and unfair legal advantages that’s more corporate than it is political.  Don’t give this monstrous mob your approval on Election Day. And do NOT, by default, grant its wishes by staying home on Election Day. Anybody left alone and unchallenged with unchecked power for too long becomes corrupt, and almost all of us have been blowing electoral kisses to the same Powers That Be for over a hundred years nonstop. STOP THAT!!
2. Vote against it. Yes, we’re supposed to vote against people. Remember, this is revolt with your vote! When your house is on fire, you need to kill the fire, not swap it for another.  So first, fire the crooks! Vote for anything or anybody but the puppet show you know to be corrupt!

rememberRemember, even the very best Ds and Rs (and there are some great people in those parties – like Thomas Massie, or Justin Amash, for example) are powerless against this mess without more allies, and your help.  They cannot fix their party, or the people who control it.  YOU must vote against all of that!

NoGunOur nation’s founders understood that elections are messy, corrupt and problematic in themselves; so elections’ purpose is very focused – they’re for peaceful revolution. That’s why we vote; so we don’t have to shoot politicians the way our founders did.
YOU!3. Use your vote as a weapon, or somebody else might. Seriously. It actually happens that people who don’t vote often show up voting…even after they’re dead. If you think staying home is a protest, you don’t understand how bad things have gotten.

4. Then, and only then, is a discussion of ideology and ‘isms something better than a time and energy wasting distraction.

In summary: Vote as though it’s war! Because, of course, it is.



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  1. Now you are taking “citizens” fix it. Constitutional fact is the only force (constitutional force) citizens have in the federal government is the ballot box, and only to elect, or not reelect incumbent, Representatives of the House in Congress every two years.

    U.S. government corruption (crime and usurpation) “”””continues””” only with the complicity of the House in Congress (House has the power of the purse, Article I, Section 7, AND the power of impeachment, Article I, Section 2, Clause 5).

    House corruption “continues” only with the complicity of citizen Voters. Citizens elect, or not reelect incumbent, 435 Representatives of the House in Congress every two years, Article I, Section 2, Clause 1.

    America’s major political problem is a constitutionally and religiously ignorant citizenry. I recommend vote out every State a Federal “incumbent” Lawmaker come November, accept no excuses, just do it, and advocate doing it.

  2. Once again Andy you hit it out of the park.

    Your the only candidate that has written and has spoken out consistently about the unfortunate truth of our reality, we are far less free than our fore fathers but luckily I’m moving to your district in time to vote for you.

  3. Thanks, Dennis!

  4. Voters are not forced to vote to reelect the incumbent Representative of the House in Congress every two years, nor any State incumbent Lawmaker. The problem is not the 1789 Constitution, the problem is the citizenry,Voters and non-voters alike.

  5. True, but voters don’t like being told that!
    We must gently persuade…somehow.

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