Horning Economic Plan

While they’ve not granted me nearly as much coverage as they’ve bequeathed to entrenched-party candidates, my hat is nonetheless off to WTHR-13 in Indianapolis who, at least this once, covered one of my press conferences.  Here’s a story the other media missed (Thank you, Kevin Rader), and here’s a copy of the press conference handout that WTHR actually linked to their website:

Politicians have been protecting themselves, their cronies and their money for so long that their whole robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul scheme is on the verge of collapse – and they’re taking us all with them.  This is not good.  But we still have time to prevent the worst.

In the 2000 gubernatorial race I said we should cut government spending by 7% per year, push back against Washington, DC’s profligacy, and restore the legitimacy and practicality of constitutional governance in order to prepare for the financial crisis now upon us.

Now we must act more quickly and aggressively.  It is perhaps too late to avoid pain, but we still have great opportunities.

Indeed, we can become the Switzerland of the USA if we only insist upon the constitutions to which every politician has already sworn an oath of obedience:


  1. Cut property tax by at least 50%.  This would be done mostly by removing public school costs from personal property tax, as Article 8, Section 2 already requires. 
  2. Forbid the foreclosures and usurious tax lien sales on residences driven by property tax (see Article I, Section 22 of the Indiana Constitution).   
  3. Unconstitutional spending must stop immediately!  There will be no more corporate subsidies, as such are forbidden by Article 11, Section 12.  Article 10, Section 5 forbids most bond issues.  And Article 13, Section 1 forbids much of the state’s debts.  And instead of embracing the costly mandates and taxes from the thieves in DC, we must insist upon the federalism mandated by both state and federal constitutions.
  4. Invoke the Sound Money policy described in Article 11, Section 3 of the Indiana Constitution.  We now have the technology to quickly acquire gold and silver as backing for this marketable trade currency (see http://www.goldmoneybill.org/), and to verify a sound yet profitable fractional reserve for safe lending practices.
  5. We must reactivate the voluntary service organizations that were once the heart, soul and helping hands of this nation.  I would do my level best to encourage voluntary organizations (churches, Lion’s Clubs, women’s service groups) to roll up their sleeves, put out a call for new members and get busy.  Government will no longer compete with these groups, and will instead get out of the way.
  6. Rule of Law.  It should now be evident that politicians must be kept to their oaths and kept on a leash.  We need politicians to concentrate on their real, valid, necessary jobs to keep peace and security.  I would focus government on the protection of our property, rights and lives as though government has no other job.


Our current crop of politicians has chosen to inflate the “bubble” even more, rather than to fix the problems now.  They’ve chosen to more deeply mortgage our future when we can no longer afford that.  At best, their promises have failed.  More likely, they’ve lied to us.  It’s up to voters to fix this by firing the liars, cheats and thieves, and by choosing a better, legal, proven course for this nation.


Andy Horning

Freedom, Indiana


Indiana Greenbacks? Liberty Dollars? …Why not?

I almost always agree with Ron Paul.  Excepting his commitment to the GOP (I tried it once), I could be his understudy.  His travails against central banking, in keen particular, are right on the …er …money. 

Article 11, Section 3 of the Indiana Constitution says this:

If the General Assembly shall enact a general banking law, such law shall provide for the registry and countersigning, by an officer of State, of all paper credit designed to be circulated as money; and ample collateral security, readily convertible into specie, for the redemption of the same in gold or silver, shall be required; which collateral security shall be under the control of the proper officer or officers of State.

I’d love to see a debt-free currency issued in competition/ replacement of Federal Reserve Notes.  …Did you notice our constitution’s gold/silver valuation requirement?  Very nice. 

As Governor I would insist upon citizens’ right to barter using whatever unit of barter it chooses (such as the “Liberty Dollar” which, in 2007, was illegally stolen in Indiana by our “federal” government agents).