Indiana Greenbacks? Liberty Dollars? …Why not?

I almost always agree with Ron Paul.  Excepting his commitment to the GOP (I tried it once), I could be his understudy.  His travails against central banking, in keen particular, are right on the …er …money. 

Article 11, Section 3 of the Indiana Constitution says this:

If the General Assembly shall enact a general banking law, such law shall provide for the registry and countersigning, by an officer of State, of all paper credit designed to be circulated as money; and ample collateral security, readily convertible into specie, for the redemption of the same in gold or silver, shall be required; which collateral security shall be under the control of the proper officer or officers of State.

I’d love to see a debt-free currency issued in competition/ replacement of Federal Reserve Notes.  …Did you notice our constitution’s gold/silver valuation requirement?  Very nice. 

As Governor I would insist upon citizens’ right to barter using whatever unit of barter it chooses (such as the “Liberty Dollar” which, in 2007, was illegally stolen in Indiana by our “federal” government agents).


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  1. Most people, when they hear the truth about central banks and the Fed either get fuming mad about it, or bury thier heads in the sand further in denial. Really, it is a very HEAVY truth. Our nation has been squeezed since 1913. This is really a very diabolical set up between the Fed and the Congress. The major reason behind me never voting the worst of two evils again. I figure, if a congressman isn’t against it, he is for it. Ron Paul is the only Congressman I have ever heard in my lifetime who has brought this subject to light.
    The nation’s wealth has been sold, our stable gold and silver replaced with pieces of paper that are worth less today than they were yesterday. When people realize exactly what inflation is, and how it is caused, and it’s impact on gasoline, food, heating oil, etc… they should rebel. If the truth behind the Fed and what it is doing doesn’t stir a revolution, nothing will.
    What is going on now. The printing presses are running 24/7. We have no money in our coffers, zero, zip. Yet we still finance a major unconstitutional war in Iraq. Threatening another in Iran. The Fed bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,We had a “stimulus” package, and another one in the works. Spend, spend, spend. This money has to be printed to cover these things! Medicare and Social security are solvent as well. Print the difference.
    I would love to see a stable replacement for Federal Reserve notes myself. Indiana has it in it’s constitution to make green backs backed by gold and silver, but I can’t see Mitch Daniels driving an effort like this or our current general assembly either.
    We are, all of us, getting the final squeeze, I think.

  2. I am going to have to ammend my last posting somewhat. I have seen a 3.5 hour expose on the history of central banking. The red pill, I almost choked on watching it!
    Forget gold standard! Almost all the worlds gold has been stolen by the world’s central banks…yes this is worldwide. Fort Knox has not been auditted since the Eisenhaur administration! Why? The answer should be obvious. It is either totally or mostly gone! Gold is easy for central banks to horde and deflate in circulation.
    Silver is a better backing for Constitutional money. It is far harder to corner the silver market, it is 15 times more abundant than gold, and can’t be deflated from circulation easily. Greenbacks are safer than hard money for the stability of constitutional money. A treasury can hold X amount of silver and gold, this is the peoples wealth, a set amount of greenbacks can be printed to represent the peoples wealth. No inflation / deflation of the money supply to manipulate the markets!
    It is amazing to me, that the simplest of things, a barter tool such as gold and silver, i.e. money [supply] can either free a nation or enslave it! The borrower is slave to the lender. The relationship between the money supply and the economy is so simple a concept. Inflation / deflation vs. boom and bust vs. recession / depression yet so few understand it.
    Our Indiana State Constitution, note it’s restriction. That State ownership of the money supply, as opposed to private ownership. Also, it has further restrictions, it must have backing by specie…i.e. gold or silver coin! A person must be able to convert an Indiana dollar into an ounce of silver from the Indiana State treasury upon demand! This is stability, this is real wealth.
    The Indiana State General Assembly would have to vote this measure to become law, but I can’t see that happening without a Libertarian sweep and Andy Horning at the lead!
    I also have to add, the US Constitution calls for Congressional [state not private] control of the money supply, yet we have a private owned bank controlling all of this! Why? Ungoverned government!
    It is sad but true, Lincoln’s greenbacks was probably the only time in Constitutional history of this nation that central and private owned banks did not control the money supply of this nation. Read the last two paragraphs again!
    Any stand by the State of Indiana to print greenbacks would be supported 1000% by this hoosier! The Liberty Dollar was a constitutionally correct form of barter by my estimation, the Feds stepped way out of bounds to halt it!
    I would attach the 3.5 hour google video I saw but I don’t know how. The link can be found in the Campaign for Liberty website. Don’t watch it unless you really want the red pill! Trust me, it is a heavy video and sent me reeling for a couple of days. Truth is really stranger than fiction.

    PS “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be victorious” – Sun Tzu

  3. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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