An open letter to my fellow patriots

distressMy liberty-loving friends, we have lost.  We had our chance, and we muffed it. 

Gun rights activists fight the loss of gun rights, but not for the rest of the constitution upon which those limitations on government power depend.  Free speech activists protest their losses too, but they have no legal right to speak without the constitutions’ leash on politicians’ usual bans and prohibitions.  Tax protesters haven’t a legal leg to stand on when they dismiss our constitutions.  Without constitutions, you’ve got no rights to property, due process or even life, because without constitutions, there are no agreed-upon, legal, contractual or practical restraints upon political power.  And it’s the nature of political power to oppose individual rights.  We haven’t even asked for Rule of Law under the Constitutions since the New Deal and it’s “Switch in Time that Saved Nine.” 

In point of irritating fact, most of us have fought for one right while opposing another for decades.  Speech activists oppose the constitutions’ religious freedom, while gun rights activists typically oppose the constitutions in moral, drug and lifestyle issues.  We demand our unconstitutional claims on other people’s incomes (Social Security, Medicare…when we’re trillions in debt we’re stealing from our grand kids now, you know), and then whine that cops are driving tanks now.

We have stubbornly refused to unite over what it is that we all really want (Rule of Law under our existing constitutions, as written), while our enemies represent no more than humanity’s ancient default state of oppression, slavery, genocide and war.  They win by our default in disunity.  We have torn ourselves apart and have nobody to blame but ourselves.  Our government is a global crime ring, and it’s by our collective free choice, dammit.


But let us not be bad sports.  Our side lost.  C’est ça.  Finito.  Now we must all Move On.

For years I have championed Rule of Law, but from now on, I want to be a Good Socialist.andolini

Look at the positive side.  Authoritarians have always had the best uniforms.  Most people look good in a trim little cap, a neat military outfit with red epaulets and brass buttons.  And those shiny black boots sound so fetching as you’re running down side streets on a cold, rainy night, chasing down someone who just won’t fit in.

Think of the imagery.  Who else gathers thousands of cheering idolaters under triumphant banners and bold emblems?  Who else goose-steps a half-million troops with tanks and jet formations right through the heart of the capital?  What thrills!  Authoritarians have chutzpa! 

OK, I do so hope we don’t get stuck with a bad-hair ruler like the North Koreans got.  And murderous thugs like Che too often lack any cultural polish at all.  

But I, like Hitler and Mussolini, do enjoy fine cars, art, and well-choreographed young people.  I adore the martial music and stylized posters depicting gloriously happy workers.  I am ready to raise my arm in salute to our great Obama nation!

Dear friends, we must become the Übermensch; perfection in body, mind and… well, not spirit.  Who needs spirit when you have the state!

We must reject our fetish with freedom, and replace it with devotion to global citizenship.  We must grow past and even spurn the apron strings and umbilicus of “traditional” family ties and norms, in favor of service to the state!

No sacrifice is too great for this dream.  You may be asked to give your life, but the promise is no more sickness, no more poverty, no more homelessness, no more injustice.  You may have to report your mother to the authorities, but you’ll be rewarded with at least a strong liklihood of a warm embrace from the global collective, very soon; from each according to ability, to each according to need.

Forget the tear-filled past with its tiresome clinging to “right” and “wrong.”  Forget the laws and old ways that held you back.  Forget humility and restraint.  Forget the chains and cages of individualism and family, and embrace the Power of Pride!

We are now building a human bridge over the troubled waters of humanity’s brutal past; to embark upon a wonderful voyage so buoyed by promises, that you’ll be jubilant and grateful to give your all, right up to your very last, bullet-riddled and tasered, choking gasp.

Join me, my friends.  Let us erase and even reverse the boundaries between nations and faiths and social morality, and march triumphantly toward the cliffs of a new day…

…In matching outfits!


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  1. I just noticed your writing on Daily Paul

    Your musing is hilarious and brilliant!

  2. Thanks!

  3. HaHaHa, great letter but an even greater photo.

  4. I admit that the photo is Photoshopped. My hat doesn’t really have that big golden eagle on it.

  5. I disagree Andy! I don’t believe the side of Liberty has lost, after all we all haven’t armed ourselves and begun the fight. It does appear that the peaceful, can’t we all just get along, all 50 states stay together approach is going to fail though.

    I believe CTRL-ALT-DELETE is in order.

  6. Sean, we lose when we don’t know what to defend or fight for.
    From the “Tea Parties” I see neocons adding constitutional rhetoric to their blather, and people are falling for it.
    I still CANNOT FIND TEN PEOPLE who will set aside their silly side issues and stand for Rule of Law under existing constitutions as written.
    A few have said they’re with me on this, but then they go and waste time, energy and credibility on other, lesser matters (like taxation, transparency, etc.).
    I can’t find ten. And I think we need at least fifteen to make anything happen.
    The fight for “liberty” is a nonstarter. It is, afterall, what the Bolsheviks fought for. It’s what Nazis wanted. It’s what everybody wants; the trick is in who defines it, and what does it really mean?
    I want written rules, and I want those with governing power to obey them.
    Give me ten who want that such that they’ll actually do something to get it, and I’ll change my tune.

  7. I think you easily have 10 or 15 people. Are you sure they are not just waiting on some instructions on what to do and are otherwise occupying their time with 10th Amendment, FairTax, Tea Party, anti-stimulus or whatever other endeavors?

    My friend, you know I’m with you and have been for years.

  8. Sean, the problem is that spending time on anything else is destructive to our real goal.
    I understand the desire to think strategy instead of goal, but that’s killing us.
    And all I’ve been doing for decades now is trying to find those people. For whatever reason (I’m apparently more curmudgeon than motivator), I have failed.
    Several people have promised to help me with this “if only you do XXXXX with me first.” I’ve done all that, and promises have been broken.
    Can you assemble such a group of single-purpose people?
    I cannot.

  9. […] letter to Patriots from a former Indiana Gov. Candidate. An open letter to my fellow patriots We Declare Excerpt: […]

  10. That’s not even remotely funny- shoot me if it ever comes to this- I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not free. I got too scared when I realized I wasn’t free. To say I’m tired of this would be an understatement! The oppressive regimes can keep all their “neat little uniforms” and boots to themselves0 I have no use for them.

  11. Very nice post for the date.

  12. Dena, be careful about what you ask for. Historically, freedom is awfully rare; the freedom we’ve thrown away never existed before as far as we can tell. And what’s most typical for human cultures is, well, you asked to be shot if…

  13. Andy
    Once again you have it spot on. i think some say they want the Freedoms but don’t mess with My Bennie. Until I heard you debate in Indiana I didn’t have a clue. Being Free as the Forefathers intended is a bit more work than most are will to do, its a lot easier to live off others. (ie) 26yrs old and still sucking mom teat for health care. So Be it I say 26 to enter a bar also. and vote.

  14. I sometimes wish we could require a test, but then I remember who’d make up the test, and then I come right back to the problem: Politicians reflect We The People perfectly.

  15. I’m ready to stand up, you let me know what you need. Nothing is too much, as I would die for my rights and the rights of others that were assured by the original Constitution.

  16. All of us of like mind need to meet. We need to organize and make our will known.

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