…You think TAXES are a problem?

Before all the “Tea Party” events swirl through the news, there’s something I have to get off my chest.

Despite what you’ve been told about the cause of our Revolutionary War, you’ll be half-way through our Declaration of Independence before you see taxation mentioned, and then only in regard to imposing taxes on us without our consent.

After that, guess what?

Taxation doesn’t appear again.

Even “taxation without representation” (not in the Declaration, and the phrase was popularized later in the conflict) isn’t so much about taxation, as it is about colonists’ right to proxies in the seat of power.

Taxes are a symptom, not the disease.

You see, the real reason our founders declared independence from England was King George’s “refusal to assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.” The Declaration cites the King for 27 violations of rights that Englishmen were due by written law. It was Rule of Law instead of rule of tyrants that our founders wanted — not anything unreasonable or even new.

Of course, from the moment the US Constitution was made law, politicians resisted its limitations on their power, such that by 1799, just ten years after ratification, both Madison and Jefferson wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions to reassert federalism …or face annulment and dissolution of the union!  

They demanded Rule of Law under existing constitutions as written…and they meant it.

Right now, we do not operate under Rule of Law by the constitutions as written.  We are, at best, under Common Law, or law by judicial decree.  There is a good place for Common Law.  It’s not a bad thing.  But where legislation and constitutions apply, what’s in play is Civil Law and Statutory Law.

The difference in practice is huge.  And as predicted by our founders, if the borders are breached, the mistake is ultimately fatal.

But what’s worse is that we are actually, in my opinion, under a state of lawless power.  Unelected bureaucrats write most of our laws, and have the power to judge and execute them.  Police, who can’t possibly know all the rules anymore, have been made increasingly militarized, empowered, and unaccountable.  And the people really running our government aren’t on any ballot, or even employed in any visible agency.

Right now as you read this, no political power is any longer bound by any written laws.  As the courts are servants of the greater political/finance and military-industrial machines under a practically invisible ruling class, there are no real limits on political power at all.

So you have no rights.  You have only conditional privileges, with increasing conditions, and decreasing privileges.

Forget the laws plainly written down, the rules are what is enforced by guns and jails and spies and drones and fines.  And that’s all ad-hoc, arbitrary and ever-changing.

You have no second amendment because you have no constitution.  You have no first amendment because you have no Rule of Law.  You’ve got nothing that can’t be taken away from you.  Not your property, your rights, or your life.

I’m scratching my head wondering why we think we have any other issues?

But no. We divide and conquer…ourselves.

Second Amendment advocates campaign against our constitutional right to sin (drugs, prostitution, etc.) without civil punishment.

Those who call themselves “First Amendment Champions” typically oppose the very first right mentioned in the First Amendment’s five enumerated rights.

We each have our favorite rights, but we doggedly, stupidly, deny others theirs.

And so we have none at all.TaxDay

And we think, on Tax Day, that how much of the Fed’s monopoly notes we feed the meter is, in itself, a problem?

Taxation out of control is only a minor symptom of a fatal disease of debilitating, wasting corruption, and we’re running out of time.

Right now we can communicate with amazing ease.  We can travel unimpeded.  We can form groups and meet.  But because we won’t even ask for constitutional Rule of Law, these are not rights; they’re conditional privileges with increasing conditions and decreasing privilege.

Soon, we will lose these privileges to the degree that opposition to our oppressors will be very, very difficult.

You think I’m kidding?  You think I’m in mouth-breathing hysteria mode beyond any reason?  You think that happy days are, as the experts tell us, just around the corner?

I hope you’re right, and I’m very wrong.

But what I see is that our government is blowing the great bubble even bigger for one huge, stinking, bloody pop.

Read any history book.  Then look at current events and see that those who’ve been wrong every time before are today called “pundits,” “experts” and “leaders,” while those who’ve always been right are called “fringe” and “losers.” Our language and culture is increasingly debased, perverted.  We’re turning the excelsian hope of 1776 into the dystopian muck of 1984.

Look at all the fallen nations before us and imagine what they must have been thinking in their final days.

I’m betting they all thought, “surely not! That could never happen to us!”

Well, on a happier note, God is in control.

He knows that we’re not!

In that, I find some comfort.