Shaking the muck out of DC

In light of all the madness in DC today, I’d like to make a counter offer:

1)      Rule of Law Reboot: A resolution reaffirming that the US Constitution is a civil law contract, to be obeyed as written.  What’s not clear must be clarified by written amendment.  What needs to change needs to be changed by written amendment.  Details are here:, and here:  And, remember, the constitution is the authority; it’s not just a “serving suggestion,” or starting point for an endless stream of prohibitions, mandates, handouts and theft.

2)     Monetary/Banking reform: Our petrodollar scheme was a dangerous gambit, and it has led to needless (and undeclared/unconstitutional) war, massive debt, and impending monetary system collapse.  We must fix this.  We must audit “The Fed” (counterfeiting crime ring), if for no other reason than to restructure and repudiate debts, and create an entirely new, genuinely private central bank, and insist upon constitutional money, under the direct control of Congress and the Treasury.   I’d strongly support something similar to the “Free Competition in Currency Act,” which was reintroduced in this Congress by Rep. Paul Broun (H.R. 77)

3)     Stand down our global military-industrial empire.  I want a very strong military…but one dedicated and focused on only defense of our actual nation as delimited by our federal and state constitutions.   No nation building.  No nannying or bullying.  No global policing.  And it’s time we overhaul our military development and acquisition processes.  They’re embarrassing.  I propose we cut as many nations as possible loose from both our purse strings and browbeating.  Re-institute the constitutional design (quite like the military systems of Switzerland and Israel) Peace, commerce and friendly skepticism with all nations, entangling alliances with none.  In other words, stand down our global military-industrial empire.

4)      Of course nullify PPACA/ “Obamacare.”  But I want politicians out of our healthcare system entirely.  More details here:

5)      A resolution reinforcing that, in the constitution as actually written and amended, there are only seven federal crimes that apply to citizens outside of Washington, DC (1. counterfeiting, 2. piracy, 3. high seas felony, 4. offense against the Law of Nations, and, 5. treason.  Tax and postal crimes are implied, but unfortunately, unspecified).  Other federal crimes must either be the result of a trans-state-border dispute (murders, other State crimes crossing state lines, for example), or are not federal crimes at all, and the wrongly convicted would be freed.

6)     Pork (“earmark” or localized spending added to bills) is unconstitutional, and it’s time we call it the crime it is.  Farm subsidies, corporate welfare, federal block grants that should originate and end within the states…they all must stop.  I will squeal whenever I see pork.  That alone will keep me busy.

7)     TERM LIMITS!!!  I used to think that this is voters’ job.  And of course it is.  But voters aren’t doing it, and there are too many reasons why it’s easy for voters to screw this up.  First of all, there are $everal tremendou$ advantage$ to incumbency in money, power and time that make it difficult for anybody to compete fairly.  Second, the media is all about the status quo – it’s their major source of income.  Third, there’s a cultural expectation that the job “belongs” to the incumbent, and everybody else is a “challenger.”  Sigh…  So, we need term limits on everybody – including Supreme Court Justices.  They’ve granted themselves faaar too much power and sanctity.

8)      I know that the federal constitution isn’t perfect.  But I really hesitate to even mention amending the constitution, given who’d be sitting next to me in congress.  But since I’ve been asked about this, here’re some amendments I’d propose if I thought they could be ratified intact:

a)      Sunset Amendment: a 10-year expiration date for all non-constitutionally specified agencies, laws, powers and programs to gracefully remove, or at least review for reinstatement, everything that’s not specifically written into the constitution.  Our laws must be simple enough to understand, few enough to know, and important enough to enforce without classes or exceptions.  So a regular “spring cleaning” is required.

b)      To more specifically forbid central banking and “monopoly money” in both senses of the term (money backed by nothing, enforced by government monopoly on currency).

c)      To nullify the 16th Amendment, which essentially pays for only central banking anyway.

d)      To very specifically limit the authority grant of Article I, Section 8:3 (the “Commerce Clause”) to only disputes/issues between states, and not within states.

e)      To clarify or even nullify the misinterpreted and increasingly dangerous “Law of Nations”, or jus gentium (Article I, Section 10).

f)       To modernize references to the Navy (Article I, Section 8:13-14; Article II, Section 2:1, the 5th Amendment) and “high Seas” (Article I, Section 8:10) to delimit authority and armament in the air and space as well.