Will Native Americans take this country back? I may hope so…

Well I’ll be doggoned.  Look at this. 

Some brave (no, really) people went and did what I only wish the rest of us would do.  The Lakota are subtly yet boldly fighting for sovereignty through economic independence by issuing “the world’s first non-reserve, non-fractional” gold/silver currency. 

While it’s certainly not the world’s first, it is, as far as I know, the world’s only real money today.


Now, how does one become Lakota?



When will we learn?

Here’s an interesting article; but this graph says it all:

This says it all

This says it all


It’s been long understood by anybody who thinks, that poverty and hunger in lands of plenty is solely a political problem…ungoverned government literally robs and kills.

Well, I struggle to think of any serious civilization problem that doesn’t share the same root.

Ultimately, of course, the disease of ungoverned government is a social/moral problem.  Citizens are always to blame for their government.  Whether by numb voting or lack of resistance to oppression, we get what we tolerate, and too much tolerance has become our personal problem.

While we’re told we must tolerate more and more…who’s to blame when we, like sheep, just do it?

We’re to blame, that’s who.

Unless we destroy the monsters we’ve created (the “Federal Reserve” and the unconstitutional monstrosities we call “government”) and replace them with truly governed government, then we’ll meet the fate of all fools.

That’s not good.