You want term limits? Fire the incumbents and hire a BUNCH of new politicians.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Horning, Libertarian candidate for IN08

July 29, 2022

Freedom, IN – Now that most “laws” are written by unelected bureaucrats and few in D.C. seem worried about our government’s growing power, spending and debt, it seems the only job for US Congress critters, other than naming post offices of course, is to get reelected. And the key strategy to keep getting reelected is to keep your head down, don’t make waves, don’t have any unscripted public appearances, enjoy your new D.C. friends, take the money and run silent, run deep.

But that’s not how any of this was supposed to work!

I used to oppose term limits on the US Congress. But mostly because of unconstitutional state and federal codes that grant unfair power and money to incumbent parties and politicians, I would, if elected, immediately propose term limits (among many other restraints on politicians).

But that wouldn’t solve the problem of politicians who don’t live in the district, and insulate themselves from the people they’re to serve. So I’d also propose we (hang onto your hat) increase the number of US House Reps. far beyond the number set in 1929 based on the 1910 census, but also far less than James Madison’s proposed constitutional limit of, based on today’s population, 66,000!

Hang on. Hear me out…

  1. We have the technology to do this. I’ve worked remote since the 1990’s, and many more do today. Consider how much different your access to federal politics would be if your representative was almost always in your district, and geographically much, much closer.
  2. A lot of our reps don’t even show up to work even half the time, and there are only from around 160 to 190 days when they’re expected to show up anyway. Being closer to constituents, with less excuse to play hooky, would promote more accountability.
  3. Pet pork projects and sleazy behavior would be much harder to sneak past so many more representatives that aren’t so buddy-buddy, and don’t hang out at the same golf courses.
  4. Most of Washington D.C. is a theme park for corruption and political puppet masters. We really want to get our representatives out of that town.
  5. More representatives would make both the House, and thus the Electoral College, more representative of our population in geography, demographics and ideology.
  6. It’s pretty dirt-cheap for large special interests to buy out a majority among only 435 reps. Even the military-industrial and financial complexes would have a much harder time purchasing thousands of reps who lived and worked closer to their constituents.
  7. We’d be much more likely to actually know something about the people we hire for the job if they were more accessible to us before Election Day.
  8. With a few thousand reps close to home and more accessible, we wouldn’t need so many tens of thousands of new and heavily-armed IRS agents.

Liberty or Bust!
Andy Horning
Freedom, Indiana

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