More than One out of Two…

You know, it’s kind of funny. We’ve had very few USA Presidents under whom Nothing Bad Happened, and those presidents are generally called “do-nothing” Presidents. Under Rutherford Hayes, for example, the nation thrived and grew like no nation ever before or since, yet he’s swept into the dustbin of Do-Nothing Presidents.

However, there are those presidents who drag us into terrible turmoil, typically by design and deceit, trashing civil liberties and leaving a wake of poverty, crime and lost dreams…and these are the lionized, canonized Presidents whose names are spoken with hushed reverence: FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and maybe someday, hopefully after I’m dead, George W. Bush.

I take that back. There’s nothing funny about this.

Since Teddy Roosevelt (a truly bad one in my book – he gave us anti-business laws, a wave of new “federal” agencies, the first “universal healthcare” proposal, income tax…income tax!…and a whole lot of foreign policy madness that dogs us still), government has been growing fast.

Interestingly, the fastest bloating/rate of “government” (remember that the word “govern” means restrain) expansion started after WWII, and now has reached such a level of depravity that today, over one-half of the nation lives off of political largesse.

Police, armed forces, political agencies, welfare, etc., etc., et cetera now consumes more than one-half of our nation’s wealth…

Over one-half.

That means for every one person making a living, there’s at least one person siphoning off tax money for his/her living.

That’s more than one-out-of-two.

Over one-half.

And I’m talking about YOUR taxes.  …YOUR money. 


Has that ratio hit you yet?

Well, don’t let it tarry for too long in your head, because that ratio is getting worse as we speak…