Nothing Else Will Do.

The good news is that more and more people “get it.”  The bad news is that those few of us comprise a tiny, tiny speck.  The rest, even including 90% of those who are in almost every way our allies, have a maddening mind block against the very simple concept of government on a leash of written law.  They somehow cannot understand even asking for Rule of Law under existing constitutions, as written.  An analogy goes something like this:

I’ve just staggered into a pub on the edge of the desert, and as I fall to the floor, I cry out for “WATER!” 

A fellow pushes a napkin into my hand and says, “Is there anything else you need?”

“Thank you for this fine napkin,” I say, “but, I NEED WATER!”

The fellow walks away mumbling something like “…@#$%?! fringe zealot.”

A sympathetic young woman hands me a box of crackers.  “Ignore that guy.  Here you go.”

I smile numbly and dryly croak out, “Thank you, but I’m very, very thirsty.”

A hundred well-intentioned people load me up with chocolate, beef jerky, clothes, a violin, etc., etc., et cetera until, at long last, as I’m about to take my last breath, a bright young Purdue engineering student, the last fellow in the room, and who’s been watching the whole thing with increasing curiosity while hardly touching his glass of St. Bernardus says…

“Hey, wait.”  He seems to have struck an idea.  “Do you mean that you need water?

I’m barely able to speak.  “Yes,” I say, “but, can I finish your beer while you get me some water?…”

Here’s the thing:  When you’re dying of thirst, not even an Alfa Romeo Giulia convertible will help.  You need water.  A dusty bag of concrete mix is not simply unhelpful, it actually hurts as it sits there on your back.

Am I making this plain enough?  I do not want “tax relief.”  I do not want a new law.  I want to hold every level of government to the already written, already law, already proven to work constitutions…as written.

No “interpretations” from the bench.  No caveats, provisos, ifs, ands or buts. 

Our politicians (and the powerful few who control them now) have stolen our constitutionally-defined nation and I want that back.  We only have liberty and self-determination when government stays on its side of the law.

I’d like to hear from you about this.

I don’t know if anybody passes any of it around to others, but I don’t see staggering numbers of people reading this blog.  But I’ve gotten emails and calls (often the not-so-nice ones) from people that I know can’t be reading this blog regularly.  And there are enough of you out there that I’ve never heard from that I’d like to now know how I’m doing in the most important sense, and whether I should bother to continue.  In fact, even if you’re one of the very few who’ve told me “I’m in,” please respond again.  It will determine what happens next, as far as I’m concerned.

This time, contact me at

Do it quick.  We’re all dying of thirst, you know.