A Modest Proposal to End The Madness

So perhaps now we can all agree that today’s Powers That Be – the self-appointed “Two Party System” that’s been expanding its powers unchallenged since WWII, is a destructive, unjust, wholly corrupt, costly, devolved-to-garden-slug embarrassment.

It’s also unconstitutional, in case anybody still cares about that.

I propose a solution.  Let’s end it.

Yeah, we have lots of problems for which I suppose we all have some solutions.  But I think this is one we can agree on:cropped-liberty

The two private clubs called the Democratic and Republican parties have been left alone with power in a dark room for too long.  The system is broken, and it’s not going to fix itself.

While the phrase has been repeated innumerable times in declarations, constitutions, speeches and laws, it’s not entirely true that “all men are created equal.”  Some humans want to rule, too many are too eager to be ruled, and only a few of us don’t want any part of this follow-the-alpha tribalism and strife.

But everyone should be equal under the law.  No special deals, no special people, tribes, classes, castes or clans with respect to governance.  Every human gets the same deal when it comes to treatment by cops, judges, legislators, executives, bureaucrats, and…ballot access laws.

That sort of equality is law under both state and federal constitutions.Remember

Indiana’s constitution says it well in Article I, Section 23: “The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens.”

charlie-brown-footballI’ll cut to the chase scene – The Democratic and Republican Parties are private, 527 “nonprofit,” and unreasonably tax-exempt and unaccountable organizations that never should’ve been allowed to grant themselves special powers, immunities, privileges and ballot access unavailable to any other people.  They’ve become a single crony network of corruption and destruction so costly, profligate and deceitful that you have to lie to yourself pretty hard and repetitiously to excuse this mess or fall for the lies any longer.

I’ll not bother to cite specifics here (that I’d be happy to beat to death if you ask), but just for example, there is no way possible for an independent candidate to get on Indiana’s primary ballot.  It’s almost always automatic for (D) and (R) candidates – but totally impossible for independents.  It’s not impossible for other party’s candidates to get on the primary ballot – but it’s so much more difficult than the (D) and (R) special access that no other party can do it.  Only (D) and (R) parties can have precinct committeeman.  And critically/absurdly, no other party’s members can be on most election-related commissions.

In short, only the members of two private, unaccountable and tax-free groups have colluded to grant themselves actual powers of government in violation of both constitutional rule of law, and fundamental principles of justice.

Indiana is among the three or four worst states in terms of unconstitutional ballot restriction and partisan chicanery.  And among these worst states, Indiana has the best constitution.

So, here’s what I propose:  An Indiana state court case to remove all special classes of people for ballot access, and fulfill the terms of state and federal constitutions, and fundamental fairness.  Same rules, no exceptions for anybody or any group.  Simple.  It’s already the law.

All we need is people.

We need people to help organize protests, write letters, gain media attention, occupy social media, and help bring a constitutional challenge to the Indiana Supreme Court.  Money would help, too, of course.  We need people willing to do at least a little for at least one of these actions.

We need to build and activate a focused political campaign team.

Not a lot of effort from any one person, hopefully; but it would be focused on a single goal of changing Indiana’s ballot access laws to declaw/defang/de-stink Indiana’s self-appointed “Major Political Parties,” and break their stranglehold on Indiana politics and media.

It’ll be fun, wholesome and successful if we gather a crew of focused people and build some momentum.

Whether you approve of the results or not, you’ve got to hand it to the LGBT movement.  They very quickly overturned centuries of law and social practice with determination and focus.  And that movement is focused on a low-single-digit percentage of the society.

How could we be less successful when our fundamental laws and centuries of judicial reasoning are already on our side, and everyone would benefit?  …Everyone.

Come on.  I know a lot of hard core Democratic and Republican faithful who admit this train has gone off the rails.  You do too, right?

Who’s up for this?

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  1. My Goal is to create a netwrok of liberty minded patriots in each of the 435 Districts of the United States of America to inform District citizens of Article I, Section 2, Clause 1, “The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States,”.

  2. Need four volunteers, that want a constitutional government, to serve on a board of directors.

    The board will determine the name of the group and write the purpose and by-laws of the group, and then search for and appoint and educate volunteers to work in the field. (ahampton@suddenlink.net)

  3. Yes, thanks for the positive suggestion. However, I am well awrare of what “they”, and U.S citizens and abolishist, want, they are against the Constitution since 1788. The Board will be responsible to educate the citizen, particularly about citizens “powers” as mention in Amendment 10.

    Political Party’s are not needed for citizens to elect State and Federal Lawmakers.

  4. Have you had any volunteers? I think your idea is grand. I do not think I have the education to be of any service on a board. I would like to share this post but I do not see how?

  5. No; nobody has volunteered. I’ve gotten more than a few attaboys, though… 😦
    Thank you very sincerely!
    It’s pretty easy to share the post by just copying the link (https://wedeclare.wordpress.com/2019/08/02/a-modest-proposal-to-end-the-madness/), and there are, at the bottom of the post, buttons for sharing directly to Twitter and Facebook.
    Oh, and what Allan is proposing in his replies are not what I’m talking about. There’s no board or special organization required.

    Thanks again!

  6. Sorry I didn’t see the link. I will share now however. It is tough to try to unite the people, unbelievable. I am dealing with a family member’s illness presently. I have been and will be in the foreseen future be in Chicago attending to his hospitalization. When I get back home whatever I can do to help you I will. I am just letting you know that I am not a leader type. If I were this tragedy would not have happened to me. I need to learn to use my mouth for what it was made for!

  7. Wow; I’m sorry about your troubles!
    Dealing with life comes first, of course.

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