We lose only by default

There really are enough freedom, peace and prosperity-loving people to win elections and thus self-rule.

We could end wars, curb corruptions, slash government down to constitutional size…we could achieve what we say we want if only we’d actually try.

How many are trying?  More to the point, how many want peace, prosperity and freedom, but make themselves pawns by inaction?  Sadly, I know a lot of people who refuse to get involved in fixing problems…on principle!

Let’s say you had a minor flambé mishap in the kitchen, and the fire spread to that Happy Home needlepoint thingy over your stove.  Let’s say there’s a fire extinguisher in your hand, but you remember that you Do Not Approve of home fires, and want nothing to do with them.  It’s a Principle Thing.  So you let your house burn down, but you think you did the right thing and it’s not your fault.  You’re not the fire.

spoonerSimilarly, just as you’d previously thoroughly explained to your neighbors that cutting grass is “initiating aggression against plants,” and that your house was not a paint-peeling eyesore when you bought it, you describe just how the fire that consumed half the neighborhood, is simply not your problem.

Then the next day the police call you at work and tell you that your drunken son drove through a sports memorabilia store, started smashing and tearing all Patriots-related objects yelling, “NEVER FORGET DEFLATEGATE,” so is now in custody.  You do vaguely recall that you have a child, but you carefully explain that you ignored him for decades, took no active role in his upbringing, and so this, also, is not your problem.

cropped-youOK, “principled” non-voters…  That was YOU I was talking about.  You may post Lysander Spooner memes on Facebook, but you’re actually serving your masters very well.  They love that you do not resist, you do not choose alternatives, you do not raise a finger against their corruption and abuse of power.

I’m actually happy that many ignorant people don’t vote.  I’d rather people who don’t do their homework, don’t care about facts, and who’re easily swayed by demagogues just stay home.  They’re not going to read this.

The preceding is directed instead at those inert anarchists, libertarians and constitutionalists who know better than what they do – or don’t do.NonVoters

Have you ever heard the saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing?”  Well, it’s about YOU.

Non-voting is NOT non-compliance.  It is surrender to evil.  It IS compliance.

I’m sorry if you’re offended.  Offense is not my intent; but there’s work to do, and we need all hands on deck.

There really are enough freedom, peace and prosperity-loving people to win elections and thus self-rule.

We could end wars, curb corruptions, slash government down to constitutional size…we could achieve what we say we want if only we’d actually try.

For too long I’ve watched as a tiny fraction of an infinitesimally small yet elite clique flog the entire world for their benefit, while vast, overwhelming numbers of people who claim to oppose the bad guys, either sit on their hands, or act like they have to play by rules that are not only unconstitutional, immoral and destructive…and hate the stupid rules anyway.

So there’s my next point:  Too many people who DO vote, do it wrong.

They’ve been told there are only two choices and all other options are a “wasted vote.”  Or even within those two private ruling clubs you must choose the one with the best “odds of beating” the other club’s candidate.

That is absolutely stupid.

Your vote is your choice.  It is the power of peaceful revolution…or a weapon used against you by others…or your poker chip in a game of chance…or your means of surrender to the Powers That Be.  Your choice.

You don’t get what you merely wish for; you get what you choose.

charlie-brown-and-lucy-with-footballAnd we’ve been choosing STUPID for too long!

Every !@#%&* election cycle, I hear politically active people talk a big game of Taking Back Our Government, and then finding every stupid excuse imaginable for voting for the same incumbents anyway.

Speak Truth

Let’s mean what we say we mean, OK?

“Yeah, I know.  But I couldn’t let XXX win!”  “If you vote for A, you’re really voting for B.”  “You can’t fight City Hall.”  “Yes, I chose the ‘lesser evil,’ but I didn’t want to waste my vote.”  “Hey, I’m working within the system.  You’re just a loser.”  “Change can only come from within.”  “Baby steps.  Change takes time.  You can’t get from here to there today.”  “We have to; there was no other ‘viable’ choice.”

(That word, “viable…”  It does not mean what they think it means)

charlie-brown-footballAnd so, every single Election Day, we all act surprised that things don’t turn out the way we want.

Every Single Time.

We keep voting the same way, thinking things will get better, not realizing that the problem isn’t the politicians we keep reelecting…The Problem Is UsTheEnemy.

I know election fraud happens.  My US congressional campaign team proved very significant fraud in 2004.  So…who’s doing anything about it?

I know it’s hard to fight bad laws, bad judges and a bad system.  I’ve been fighting such for decades.  …And with almost no support from the people who’d benefit most from my efforts.

I know the power of political parties/tribes.  I’ve been fighting that for decades too.  I’ve tried every attack angle I can think of, and will likely try again…but again…what I’m fighting, really, is the people that keep reelecting all our problems.

I know the system is corrupt, stacked, and a horrid mess…but that’s why we need to fight it.

This is no game.  It is your property, your future, your children’s future, and your home.

lucy-charlie-brown-footballIt is also your choice.

Don’t blame “the system.”  Don’t blame the politicians we reelect nine thousand times until they die of old age.

This is us, and it’s time we both accept our accountability, and use our power to fix it.