Old @$$ parents, step aside. Teens rule!

distressThe political state called the United States of America, as delimited by its Constitution for the United States of America, is long dead, dammit.  There is no authority, no real laws…only rules.  Lots and lots of made-up-as-we-go, ad hoc, for-sale-to-the-highest-bidder(s) rules.

While I’d love to reignite that Spirit of ‘76, put a leash on politics and live our lives as individual, free people at long, long last (we never did it right, you know), my fellow old @$$ Americans want none of that, and have, like almost all old @$$ humans before us, fallen into the trap of fear, aggression, envy, greed, sloth…and a ruling class.  And as with all human societies before us, we’ve started the proverbial lemming dash toward the cliff and into the historical abyss of stupid people doing the same stupid stuff again.


However, as this is our collective choice, and I’m unable to dissuade the collective We The People from this historically old @$$ self-destruction, I’d like to offer a suggestion that may make our national immolation a little more pleasant:

CourtesyFlushGet rid of the US Congress.

Yes, I mean it.  Let’s just get this over with.

The US Congress is less relevant to our lives now than are pottymouth teens and cerebrally vacant pop stars.

Most regulations/rules are written by unelected bureaucrats now. The POTUS has found a pen. Judges have always felt they’ve got legislative and executive powers, and the rest of us have long since agreed.

So let’s admit we’re not a Republic anymore, and just be done with the zombie hearings, histrionics, stupid “make a statement” legislation, pontification, and terrible, misleading, fearmongering campaign ads.  Nobody pays any attention to debates, or cares a whit about facts anyway…so let’s drop at least the most visible Hatfield v McCoy tribalism, corruption and useless distraction, and render 535 vestigial organisms extinct.  We can find some other way to rename roads and post offices.

Put them out of our misery.

We probably wouldn’t even notice.

And it’d certainly make Primary Election cycles much more tolerable.

How, you may ask, could we do this? Wouldn’t it take an Act of Congress?

Nah.  Nothing does.  Not budgets, wars…nothing requires those people anymore.  They’ve happily made themselves superannuated cartoons of needless frippery.

This whole world of grownups and formalities and stuff is done. We’ve been telling kids that The Future Belongs to You, You Are Who You Want To Be, and You Can Do Anything long enough that we all apparently want it to be true.

We grownups are clearly not up to our accountabilities.

This guy can lead us to a Brave New World!!



YOU!C’mon teenagers, you know we messed up…It’s Your Turn to Finish The Job!



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  1. Yes, the sky is falling, but I don’t share the roll over and play dead scenario. As long as citizens have the exclusive use of the power of the ballot box (to elect Representatives for the House in Congress every two years), and the power of two jury boxes (to dispense justice to the criminally accused) the Republic has a chance for survival.

  2. Sky is falling? Not at all!
    I’m trying to help.


  3. Trying to preserve the constitutionally created Republic and citizen’s liberty, Rights, and Freedoms under the 1788 Constitution? I think not.

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