Droning Muslims, and the Golden Rule

If all humans lived by the Golden Rule, there’d be nothing like what we call, “civil government.”

We have kings and bureaucrats and jails and armies for two main reasons:
1. Because some percentage of us behave badly.
2. Because we think that politics will somehow fix that.

Of course, there is not now, nor was there ever, a government that operated on the Golden Rule.  Governments are always, to some degree, corrupt. And that is because people (including politicians, of course) misbehave, all power is inherently for sale, and government is nothing but delegated violence.  

It’s force.  It’s the threat and use of violence, imprisonment, fines and death. That’s why a small corrupt government is much, much better than a big corrupt government.

charlie-brown-footballYou’d think that since human governments have a 100% failure rate, we’d have learned this by now. But we humans are a surprisingly dumb species. We tend to self-destruct in ways that make great movies, but bad reality.

So, let’s consider our current situation with the Islam that we long ago militarized for our own purposesmonetized for our own purposes, gave good cause to unite where before it kept itself divided against itself, and now consider our enemy.

Wait… Before that… let me interject one more line of thought:
The only people who ever threatened to kill me, personally, were USA Americans (no, not Mexicans, not even Canadians).  One was a black man who claimed I shouldn’t live in a black neighborhood.  But several were red-blooded Tea Party folk who said I should burn in hell for running against their Republican Savior.

The only people who tell me what I can do, can’t do and must do are USA citizens.   It’s my fellows who take away my dwindling freedoms, take my money, tell me what I can do with what little I can keep, and make sure that I know that whatever it is I think I own (including my life), will be taken away if I don’t follow their rules.

It’s my fellow Americans who divide us into three classes for the purposes of rights, privileges, electoral access, and in courts:

1. Rich People,

2. Democrat/Republicans and their cronies,

3. All the rest of us poor suckers who believe their promises and keep reelecting the people of classes 1 and 2. 

And it’s been only my fellow Americans who’ve lied and lied and lied to me about why we’ve been at war forever

With_Lawrence_in_ArabiaOK, so, back to Muslims, the North Koreans, Russians, or whoever our rabid Fear-Aggression Syndrome makes us see as the enemy du jour:
They think they’re right, too, you know. They’re convinced that their corrupt, self-destructing political scheme is right, and we’re the bad guys. And they’re not living by the Golden Rule any better than we are.
Are they our enemy?

Sure they are.
Who isn’t?
Just as hammer sees everything as a nail, a government, or by extension to the root…a human, sees everything outside its limits of power as a threat.

Even within our borders we make enemies of white men, Jews, gays, Democrats, Republicans…or people who aren’t gay Jewish white Democrats or Republicans. We’ve been dividing and subdividing against ourselves for so long that we feel we must tighten the cliques in order to defend them against all outsiders.

But this is why we suffer discord, fear, and violence.
We have politics because of our discord, fear and violence. 

And governments thrive and depend upon discord, fear and violence. Governments tend to stimulate and amplify that discord, fear and violence because that means more power and money for the individual politicians and cronies who comprise governments…

But hasn’t our own government, our own society, become a vastly greater threat to our personal freedom, health, security and prosperity? Shouldn’t we address this before we go picking fights with others?

Here’s what I recommend:
The Golden Rule.
TheEnemyExemplify the peace, freedom, prosperity and security that’d flow from better behavior – both personally, and then reflected in our governance (our government is, after all, just our reflection, our avatar, our sins amplified).

To whatever degree we do The Golden Rule, our debts, intrusions, deceits and aggressions would diminish, and everything else would get…better.  Other people would see that what we’re doing is working, and maybe try to emulate that to some degree.

Would that be so bad?
I’m not saying that we don’t have to go blow up half the world. Maybe we do. Maybe we’ve been equipping, funding, training and motivating enemies so well and for so long that now we really do have to unleash all the hell we’ve been summoning before it eats us up first.


But how about we try to do at least a little of what we say we’re all about, first?

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  1. Ben Franklin said, “it will fail, as all such constitutions have in the past, because of the essential corruption of the people. He pointed his finger at all the American people. And when the people become so corrupt, he said, we will find it is not a republic that they want but rather despotism ,- the only form of government suitable for such a people.”

  2. Amendment 10 articulates the 1789 Constitution delegates powers, and certain powers are reserved to the people. What are those powers written in the 1789 Constitution that are reserved to the people?

  3. Your wording is, I think, a little misleading. Certain, finite and few, limited powers are granted to the federal government by the federal constitution. Everything else is reserved to the States and people. Between amendments nine and ten it’s clear that the federal government has only the powers specifically granted to it; all others are denied. While actual humans have all rights and powers not specifically denied them in writing.

  4. Amendment #10, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    “Powers” Delegated” “Constitution” (1789 Constitution) “Reserved”. The question remains the same; what “powers” are reserved to the people? (and written the 1789 Constitution)

  5. Amendment #9, The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    Amendment 9 is about Rights and articulates nothing about “powers”. Rights have no power in government; Reference Article V (citizens cannot amend the Constitution).

  6. Except, of course the power to reform or replace government, fire its representatives, or do whatever the heck else suits us.
    There might be blowback, of course…but you seem to forget where all government power comes from!
    I hope you’re not trying to blame politics for our failure to control it…

  7. Remember…government is an abstraction that exists only in our heads.
    People are real.

  8. And, here, in Amendment 10, powers are, in fact, attributed to people.

  9. Yes, attributed to the people, what are those powers “written” in the 1789 Constitution attributed to the people?

    All government power comes from the people’s 1789 Constitution.

    What other power in government do citizens have? To keep and bear arms is a Right of “defense” from physical attack, the same as 1775 Lexington defending from the Kings attacking army; and is NOT a citizen power “in” government.

    Citizen’s Rights have no power “in” government, Article V explains citizens cannot alter, change, or amend the Constitution. Three fourths of the States have the power to amend the Constitution but restricted by Article VI, Clause 2 (“shall be made in Pursuance thereof”).

  10. You’re missing the whole point of the constitution!
    It’s to limit politics…not us.
    If you think the constitution created human beings instead of human beings creating the constitution, I don’t know what we can discuss.
    All human power is from humans. Government is literally a figment of our collective imagination. Governments come and go…they ALWAYS go. 100% failure rate.
    You’re attributing waaaaay too much power to that abstraction, when, really, it has nothing but words and our wills to breathe any life into it at all.
    Why are you so set on delegating away our accountability for our messes?
    Our government is us. We are our government. There is no government without us.
    All power is from us. All of it.
    The constitution grants that as the truth. It was We The People who ordained and established both the federal constitution, and the monster that was born from its violation.

  11. Laws and Rights are abstract too, and do not enforce themselves. A law does not, cannot, prevent crime.

    The people are NOT government. the people cannot legislate (Article I. Section 1, Clause 1). The people cannot even tell government what to do officially. The People’s Constitution tells government what it can and cannot do officially.

    Yes, citizen Voters reelect every two years the monster that was born from “Congress” violation of the Constitution’s Oath of Office (Article I. Section 2, Clause 1. The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States,)

  12. I know you to be a good guy, Allen; but you’ve got some odd ideas about humans versus abstractions. And it’s also odd that you think the constitutions, state and federal, are even in force. They’re actually pretty irrelevant – except politicians use them more against us than we invoke constitutions against them.
    I wish we’d use constitutions properly as intended. But we don’t. And that is our choice.
    It’s always our choice.
    We humans have all the power over how we live. There is NO DODGING THAT ACCOUNTABILITY, unfortunately. You can’t blame constitutions for our bad behavior.

  13. Thanks, I believe you are a good fellow too. Seems to me our disagreement centers around strict interpretation of some of the wording of the 1789 Constitution. For instance Rights and Powers.

    “our (citizens) bad behavior” is more like constitutional ignorance rather than bad behavior. Citizens do not know the “powers”, in government, reserved to them by the 1789 Constitution.

  14. Well, I certainly agree that most people are ignorant of their rights and powers; under the constitution, and otherwise.
    Most of us want to blame others, or some procedure, or law, or something…rather than take personal responsibility for our society.

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