Radically Reasonable

Besides the complaints about jobs, money and immigration that now seem ubiquitous on this planet, the Brexit supporters complained about the “unelected bureaucrats” in Brussels who write laws for all of Europe. This ruling cabal of commissioners was called things like, “…overpaid and arrogant, but opaque and unaccountable…”

USA wonks nodded their smug comprehension, apparently thinking that at least we elect our lawmakers on this side of the pond. At least our lawmakers can be fired.

But we don’t fire them. Nor can we; because most of our laws aren’t written by people authorized to write laws. And we didn’t elect them.

And, no, I’m not even talking about the lobbyists who write most of what Congress makes law.

You see, while the “lawmakers” in the US Congress are of course overpaid, arrogant, and almost completely corrupt, they’re practically irrelevant now.

Unelected bureaucrats in innumerable federal agencies (DOE, FDA, FCC, USDA, IRS…) and even private organizations with governing powers like “The Federal Reserve System,” make thirty times as many regulations as does the US Congress, though Article I Section I of the Constitution for the USA restricts all legislative powers to only congress. Even if counting only those regulations that affect USA citizens directly, bureaucrats wrote sixteen times as many laws as did the US Congress.

Some say the rapidly growing regulatory burden amounts to around $15K per year for every USA household. Whatever the actual cost, unregulated regulation is literally criminal, and very destructive to our prosperity, independence, opportunity and of course, freedom.

What’s worse is that these agencies are also, quite unlike our US Congress, heavily armed against us.

They have been granted legislative, judicial, and executive powers (armed with SWAT teams and military gear…the USDA has machine guns! Even the federal DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION is armed now!!!) without checks and balances, without an electoral accountability, and without any constitutional authority.

And this doesn’t even count the UN



I propose we limit lawmaking to only lawmakers, as the constitution demands.

I propose a sunset rule or constitutional amendment – a 10-year expiration date for all non-constitutionally specified agencies, laws, powers and programs to gracefully remove, or at least review for reinstatement, everything that’s not specifically written into the constitution.

I propose a Rule of Law reboot, to affirm that politicians must obey laws too…at last.

I propose we stand down our global military “whack-a-mole” machine, and concentrate on defending our homeland instead of browbeating and manipulating the world.

I propose that our government issue only sound money as constitutionally required, and allow free market trade and monetary alternatives as our constitution also demands (Amendments 9 and 10 in particular).

All this is what we’re supposed to be doing anyway. It’s what many of us think is what’s happening now.

It’s unfortunate that this sane, legal, proven sensibility would be nothing less than a revolution.

What’s fortunate is that it already belongs to us. We need only to choose it on Election Day.



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  1. I shake my head when I see somebody with an “I Voted” button or on social media say they voted when all they did was voted D or R. They just wasted a vote. Make you vote count: Vote Andy Horning!

  2. “But we don’t fire them. Nor can we; because most of our laws aren’t written by people authorized to write laws. And we didn’t elect them.”

    Constitutional fact is citizens can fire every Lawmaker in the U.S. simply by voting to elect the Incumbent’s Opponent. “we didn’t elect them” are you claiming citizens have not chosen Representatives of the House in Congress every two years ever since 1789? Article I, Section 2, Clause 1, “The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States,”

  3. I think you may be missing my whole point, Allan.
    I wasn’t referring to elected lawmakers at all. Most of our lawmakers now were never elected.

  4. “Most of our lawmakers now were never elected.”

    My understanding is only U.S. citizens have the exclusive power to elect every State and Federal Lawmaker in the U.S. How else do U.S. Lawmakers get in office?

  5. The way things are, ain’t the way things ought to be!
    I don’t even know why you’d think that only elected lawmakers make laws. That’s just not how the US of A works anymore. The constitutions, state and federal, are what you and I want, no doubt; but they’re the opposite of what We The People have been reelecting over and over again.
    Please read this post again. You’re really missing what I’m writing about. Click on the links. Follow it through.
    You’ll see.
    And, hopefully, you’ll get really mad about what’s become of our nation.

  6. Why talk about what citizens can’t do? Citizens do in fact chosen Representatives of the House in Congress every two years, do they not? The House in Congress is the most powerful branch of the federal government; the House has the power of the federal purse (Article I, Section 7), and the power of impeachment (Article I, Section 2, clause 5).

    The Framers gave their posterity, and fellow citizens, the power of the ballot box to elect federal Lawmakers to the House in Congress, because the Framers did not have the ballot box to elect their Lawmaker King. If the Founders had the ballot box over their Lawmaker King there would not have been an armed revolution.

    Electors elect the President, and Electors are appointed by the States, do they not and are they not? and the President is not a Lawmaker, not a King either.

    America has a criminal (unconstitutional) government for over 100 years; what do you suggest we, citizens, do to correct this unconstitutional government?

  7. Why are you talking about Congress? Did you read the blog?
    Allan, you always post pretty much the same thing about voters having (only) the ability to choose congress. In this case, that’s totally irrelevant. That’s not what the blog is about at all.
    I wish things were the way you think they are. I really do! But they’re not.
    And I’ve often written about what citizens should do about their rogue political class, but you always come back to (only) the ballot box as though that’s our only peaceful means. It’s not.
    Ultimately, whether change happens by force of arms or force of will alone, the will to change must come first. And that’s what I’m mostly trying to help move along.

  8. Well untangle our use of words. “voters having (only) the ability to choose congress” – what else does citizen’s vote do in Congress, aside elect Members or not reelect incumbent Members?

  9. Allen, we have to become activists, in the design of Andrew Horning, to make people understand what is happening and what the power of the vote can accomplish if done properly. No incumbents, only constitutionalists elected. Then congress might have a backbone again and start weeding out and shutting down the agencies that have assumed the roles of lawmakers. We HAVE to get the balance system back.

  10. […] is, itself, supposed to be governed. Regulators are to be regulated. And justices are supposed to be just. That is how the police are to be […]

  11. […] Article I Section I, Article II Section I, Article III Section I, and Amendment IV, bureaucrats in executive agencies are granted even more power to write rules, judge their efficacy and infractions, and at least recommend, and ultimately […]

  12. […] Constitution’s Article I Section I, Article II Section I, Article III Section I, andAmendment IV, bureaucrats in executive agencies are granted even more power to write rules, judge their efficacy and infractions, and at least recommend, and ultimately […]

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