You wanna talk inequality?

As defined by Ind. Code § 3-5-2-30, there are two extremely unequal classes of citizens in terms of political and electoral rights, powers, privileges and immunities in Indiana:

  1. Those associated with the two private organizations called “Major Political Parties” (Democratic party partisans and Republican party partisans), and,
  2. Everyone else.

This violates Article I, Section 23 of the Indiana Constitution – “The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens;” and the equal protections clause of the USA Constitution’s 14th amendment – “No State shall . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

So, today I mailed in my $400 check and complaint to the Terre Haute Division of Indiana’s US Southern District Court to seek remedy of this violation of both Indiana and federal constitutions.

Should I win the suit, the benefits would apply to all citizens of Indiana.  After all, the non-MPP-associated citizens now greatly outnumber those who get the special perks and immunities.  Many Hoosiers feel disenfranchised by a system they know to be corrupt and sold-out and bought-off long ago.  Many have stopped voting, and worse, stopped caring.  Most feel pretty helpless.  An increasing number are talking violence (which is pretty stupid talk if they won’t even change the way they vote!).

This is so unnecessary…

Attached is a public-distribution version of the complaint as sent to the US Southern District Court, Terre Haute Division.

Please start talking about the horrible, criminal, unsustainably bad political corruption we suffer.  Talk about this case, and everything that relates to the sellout of our nation by politicians and their owners who feel no pressure to change anything.

Remember; while our so-called approval ratings of politicians have dropped to an all-time low, incumbent reelection rates have risen to all-time highs.  It’s stupid to say we hate this mess with our mouths; then say we love it with our votes!

BWLadyLibThere is only one poll politicians and their operators care about, after all; and that’s the one on Election Day, when We The People foolishly keep reelecting and reelecting the same !@#$ crony system, same incumbent politicians and parties, over and over without any electoral clue that we’re upset about anything.

And courts are much more swayed by public mood than by law.  We need to change our sheepish, fuzzy-headed, misinformed and yet divided-against-ourselves mood.

Get madat the right people!

Write letters to the editor, break taboos, talk about it with acquaintances, express it in interpretive dance and music…we must get the message out that we have bigger problems than deflated footballs and absurd POTUS candidates…and that we can fix this one. 

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  1. Want to thank you and wish you good luck in your fight for equality in elections. It will be very interesting to see what comes of this.

  2. FYI..

  3. Thank you! I’m of course hoping my timing is right, and the public mood demands it…
    I live on hope these days…

  4. Kind of disagree with “…..without any electoral clue that we’re upset about anything.” Especially at the federal level, it is few and far between that you see many of them coming home to their districts/states and holding a true “town hall” meeting. They don’t want to deal with the anger. Good Luck!!!

  5. Cindy, you’re underlining my point. Expressing anger in public meetings, and then voting for them anyway on Election Day, is worse than silly. That anger sure doesn’t show in our election results!
    Why should the politicians bother show up to hear our anger if they know we’ll vote for them anyway…no matter what?
    They’ve got no incentive to change anything as long as we keep voting the way we’ve been voting.

  6. Good work.

  7. Thanks!
    Now we wait and see…

  8. Right on, U.S. citizens have lost their American mind. However, the federal Constitution designates Electors as having the Right to elect the President, and the States appoint Electors from the general population of citizen voters. The Founders gave the citizenry only the Right to elect Representatives of the House in Congress every two years.

    It would require a constitutional amendment to change the status of Electors.

  9. Well, since the 17th amendment, The People elect US Senators too, as well as legions of other politicians, who, in turn, erect massive bureaucracies and layers of unaccountability around themselves.
    But that’s not what my suit is about. I’m going after the foundation of this scam. If we were to take away the special powers the Ds and Rs have granted themselves (mostly since the 1970s and 80s), you’d see massive changes elsewhere, as people would suddenly find that we have options other than the crony network status quo.

  10. All Lawmakers, federal and State and some judges, take the same oath to support the Constitution. The Founders gave the citizenry the exclusive Right to elect Representatives every two years. The 17th amendment deprived the States of their voice in the federal government and gave the Right to elect Senators every six years to the citizenry.

    I would rather put emphasis on electing Lawmakers every two years rather than every six years.

    For a fact citizen’s mind-set must change.

    Good luck in your suit.

  11. More than luck, I need public pressure! I need people to talk about corruption as if they don’t like it!
    Laws, constitutions, morals…these mean nothing to politicians as long as they mean nothing to citizens. Only public will moves politics in reality.
    Thanks…I do need luck. I need divine intervention. I need people to wake up!

  12. Amen Andy!..wish what you are saying didn’t have to be explained. People need to read, read, read and start with Andy’s annotate Constitutions.

  13. American know that the mainstream news media hate Rand Paul, Rand Paul is a threat to the GOP NEOCONS WARMONGERS they need to make sure that Rand Paul is discredit and ridicule and stop him from being the Republican President at any cost. they are spending millions on this campaign to kill any opportunity from Rand Paul to become the President. They use the propaganda machinery of the NEOCONS to accomplish this. FOX News is the leader of the network components of the propaganda machinery of the GOP NEOCONS WARMONGERS. We the people must understand that this election it is not about political parties, is about our future as a country and our freedom. The best candidates that will help the American people to take our country back, are Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. They know the root of our problem and have the solution to fix this economic crisis.

  14. Well, of course I strongly disagree. Those two candidates have freely chosen to wear the Team Jacket of the status quo, and have never even mentioned doing anything about the corruption of their parties. They won’t, can’t and wouldn’t do anything about it.
    Sure, we have problems with the banksters and militarists…but the people who bought out or government aren’t the ones who sold it, right?
    So, if they do know what our problems are, it doesn’t matter, because they are not the fix.

  15. They are not the fix, is correct. One person in any government office or position doesn’t have the power to fix anything. Laws must be enacted by Congress to fix anything and, also, the House must start a Bill to raise the funds to pay for fixing the problem.

    Any Official exercising a power not delegated to them, by the Constitution, is a usurpation of power and in that case the House has the power of impeachment to properly address usurpation of power. Government corruption (and usurpation) continues only with the complicity of the House, House corruption continues only with the complicity of Voters.

  16. Actually, Executives already have all the laws they need to set things straight…in fact that’s their only job. They swore their oaths to the state/federal constitutions, and they’re violating them every day currently.
    Ditto judges. They are also politicians who’re supposed to obey constitutions, and they also violate them every day.
    It’s not just legislators.
    A single constitutionalist state Governor could turn a lot around overnight…if only voters wanted it to happen.

  17. Well, first of all, I commend you for volunteering to beat your head against the wall. I know I certainly don’t have the stamina for it. I really get a feel for your energy in fighting the good fight.
    When I read other libertarian’s writing, I try to read it through the eyes of a person that just hasn’t got “it” yet, as well as through the eyes of my own opinion.
    I did this with your piece well. I agree whole heartedly with what you said. But, then again, I already knew what you were talking about. When I went looking for specifics and factual information so that I could share it with others, I found only links. I will go back through when I am done reading this but, I really believe that many if not most people do not bother to click links. They expect the author to have given the information that’s important and the links are for emphasis.
    I believe your goal is to inform as many people as you can of the injustices and absurdities of our current status quo and the best way to do that is get them engaged in things that are specifically going wrong. I’m cheering for you all the way.

  18. Thank you!
    Perhaps you can understand that, as a guy who’s been beating my head against the wall for some time (which has no doubt caused some cerebral trauma by now), I may not see what’s missing in what I’m posting. What am I forgetting to put here?
    Yes, I’d like to inform people, and I have often been told that I in one way or another miss the mark by either aiming too high or saying too much, or not enough…or maybe I’ve said it so often that I forget that I’d not posted it in years…
    I’m open to suggestions!

  19. “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves ; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” – Thomas Jefferson

  20. Amen, Shalon Springman! Andy, you still ROCK!

  21. Here’s my latest comment I tried to submit on Ogden’s blog article regarding your case. It’s been several hours, and it hasn’t appeared, so I’ll publish it at the source.

    “Explain to me how letting party bosses, instead of the primary electorate, aids voter choices?”

    What party boss? What primary electorate? You’re presuming the very thing in question.

    No publicly funded primaries. If a club wants to hold a meeting at the Chuck E. Cheese, well, freedom to associate, and all, but their proceedings will be unknown to any government notice, sanction or recognition.

    Straight to the general with every election. Anyone who wants on the ballot is on. If the Republican Party or the Audobon Society is sweet on a candidate, bless their hearts. Let them send out whatever mailings and drycleaning coupons they want.

    No party names on the ballot. Just people. Perhaps 1,000 people. Random draw for ballot position.

    “You really believe that a primary wouldn’t give Libertarians more publicity than they currently receive?”

    That’s not really of most pressing interest to me. What I want to know is if Primary Day could have 1,000 possibly ballot choices under current law.

    “There is nothing in the statutes I have found that prevent Libertarians, or any other party from asking to be included in the primary.”

    Cool. Let’s flood the primary day with shell parties and destroy the value of the day by making it so burdensome and expensive to conduct that they give up on it.

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