Let’s chase the fox out of the henhouse

Please do me a favor and write letters to the editor, to your local radio and print broadcast, regarding a terrible, destructive, unconstitutional and criminal scam that’s been worsening for the past one hundred years.

The private clubs we call the Demoratic and Republican parties have, as you know, granted themselves special status, powers and advantages.  Taxpayers are forced to pay for political primaries that involve only Ds and Rs, and which give them a year’s head start in public attention, fundraising, and organization.  Only Ds and Rs can have Precinct Committeemen, people with many quasi-governmental powers, yet none of the restraints.  Only Ds and Rs can be on election-related committees – only they count the votes, make appointments and fill public office vacancies.  Only Ds and Rs can have electors, who really choose the President of the United States of America.

All that is immoral, unconstitutional, corrupt and destructive.

I’ve been advised that, while my case is rock solid on fact, merit and law, no court in Indiana, federal or state, would hear my case; at least not until there’s some public attention on this ongoing crime.  Without at least a little public attention, my suit would almost surely be immediately dismissed “with prejudice” as are so many other complaints against our rogue leaders.  So I take my case to you.

Please consider the gravity of my charges; and consider that you and your loved ones are also affected by our society’s worst, and potentially fatal problem.

If you’d like some supporting information to mull over, besides the links above, these might help:





I sincerely thank you in advance.

Liberty or Bust!

Andy Horning

Freedom, Indiana


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  1. Thank you, Andy Horning, for taking the lead on this effort. As a Republican County chairman I have seen first hand exactly what you’re talking about from the inside of that organization.

    There is no reason for the Republican Party (and Democratic Party) to force the taxpayers to pay for its primary election. That is Special Privilege #1.

    It’s unfair that only the Republican Party and Democratic Party get to pick who runs our elections. But that’s what’s happening. County election boards and all poll workers are appointed by R and D county chairmen. Can we really expect to prevent election fraud against a third party or independent candidate with this flawed system. That’s Special Privilege #2.

    It’s unfair that only the Republican Party and Democratic Party get to pick who will be on a recount commission if a candidate requests an election be recounted. Can we really expect a third-party independent candidate to get a fair recount under this flawed system? That’s Special Privilege #3.

    It’s unfair that only the Republican Party (and Democratic Party) gets a guarantee that, if one of its elected officeholders leaves office early, that is can ensure it is always backfilled with one of its own party members. In other words, state law only allows those two political parties to hold a caucus of their precinct committeemen to replace that officeholder. Why aren’t they under the same rules as other political parties and independent candidates in this regard? That’s Special Privilege #4.

    These types of special privilege are forbidden by the Indiana constitution. These types of special privilege unfairly allow us in the Republican Party to consolidate political power by tilting the playing field in our favor. In other words, we’re winning by cheating.

    Instead, let’s win by persuading the voters that we have the best ideas. We’re all sick and tired of this kind of cronyism. Conservatives within the Republican Party know full well what it’s like to get shafted b alsoy our “moderate” establishment GOP leadership over and over again. So we should be supporting this effort by Andy Horning to fix it through our court system. After all, we can hardly expect our legislature, made up of only Democrats and Republicans, to voluntarily fix the problem. Very few of those “Republicans” in the general assembly are conservative or principled enough to do so.

    I call on my fellow conservative and libertarian leaning Republicans to take advantage of this opportunity that Mr. Horning has provided to make their voices heard. Rarely does an opportunity like this come along to affect real change and fix what we’re all so sick and tired of putting up with.

    It is within our power to do this. All I’m asking is for you to take 5 minutes and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper saying that you support Mr. Horning’s law suit against this broken political system. You have my permission to “plagiarize” any part of my posting here if you’d like.

    Let it never be said that we stood by and did nothing.

  2. Very well-said. Thank you!

  3. The Founders left their posterity, and Naturalized citizens, only the ballot box to correct the House in Congress by not reelecting Representatives that dishonored the Constitution’s Oath of office, see Article I, Section 2, Clause 1.

    Citizens have no other constitutional force to use against the federal government. Citizen petitions to government, or courts, letters, and calls to Officials have no power to force government compliance, see Article V.

  4. I’ve no idea why you keep saying that; it’s not how USA history has ever worked. Politicians (all politicians…judges, lawyers, cops) are subject to social forces/neighbors. Protests have always been powerful. What do you think the Civil Rights Era was all about? Votes come after protests. Votes are moved by letters. In fact, the votes are always the last indicator of change.

  5. I agree with the title of this article “Let’s chase the fox out of the henhouse”; and replied with the force citizens have that is written in the original Constitution to chase the fox out of the hen house.

    I did assume “Let’s” is the citizenry and the fox is the House in Congress; because Representatives of the House are the only federal Officials the founders wrote in the Constitution that citizen’s vote elect.

    I did assume the fox was not the President because citizen have no force at all to chase the President out of the henhouse. Citizen’s vote does not elect a President and never has. Electors elect the President since 1804, and electors are appointed by the States.

    Senators and Representatives, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support “this” (original) Constitution;

  6. I must ask…why so much insistence that we’re powerless outside our vote? Our founders never intended any such thing. We The People have the right, power and duty to reform our government whenever such action would further our interests. We are the government. Our actions matter.
    In fact, you must see that the most power citizens have had on government has been demonstrated by those who acquired and used the means to simply buy it.
    Most of the power in government wasn’t elected…it was purchased outright.
    That’s what I’m trying to turn around.

  7. Citizens are powerless to do anything at all to the federal government, except by what is written in the original Constitution. Citizens can’t make a federal law (Article I, Section 1, clause 1), and can’t amend the Constitution (Article V).

    Citizens have a Right of Grievance and a Right to Petition, neither are law and neither amend the Constitution. There is no method for citizens Grievances or Petitions to force government compliance.

    Citizens have a Right to alter the federal government only by voting to not reelect Incumbent Representatives every two years – original Constitution, Amendment XVII is unconstitutional by granting, or delegating, citizens the Right, or power, to elect Senators; striping the States of their voice in the federal government.

    Citizens Rights did not come from government. Citizens have one right that came from the Founders and written in the Constitution at (Article I, Section 2, Clause 1) to choose Lawmakers (Representatives) of the House in Congress.

    Also, citizens have one other Right, as a Juror, to forbid the court unjustly punishing the accused. That Right came from the 1215 Magna Carta and is written in the Constitution at; Article III, Section 2, Clause 3.

    The Founders did not have the power to elect the King (their Lawmaker). The founders could get no concessions from the King and that is the “reason” for the revolution. The Founders gave citizens the exclusive Right to elect federal Lawmakers to the House. Thereby, eliminating the forgoing reason as a cause for another revolution forevermore.

    Federal government corruption and usurpation continues only with the complicity of the House in Congress, House corruption and usurpation continues only with the complicity of citizen Voters.

  8. First of all, we’re not using the constitutions at all, so all you say is merely academic discussion; the fact that we disagree is irrelevant as long as the constitutions are irrelevant. Second, that’s not how the USA ever worked. At all.
    And you didn’t answer my question: Why does this seem to be so important for you to say? I remember we had this back and forth already some time ago.
    Our government has been bought out – completely in violation of the constitutions. Do you deny that?
    And if we can agree on that much, why are you arguing that we’re powerless? That seems to be a cop-out rationalization for inaction in the face of injustice.

  9. I agreed with the statement of discussion “Let’s chase the fox out of the henhouse.”

    I did not agree with the vague language used in the statement; and went on to explain what is written, on the subject matter, in the original Constitution and giving the Article where it is written.

    What is your disagreement with what I wrote, and the Articles I mentioned? Please give reference written in the original Constitution to support your disagreement?

    I am happy to reply to any question on any other topic, but suggest one topic at a time and under a different heading than “Let’s chase the fox out of the henhouse.”

  10. Allan, I can see we’re not going anywhere with this. …Just like last time. Sorry; I’m done trying.

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