We never asked…

I intend to deliver the following to the Governor’s Office with a press conference at noon on July 4 on the east steps of the statehouse.

I believe this is the the most appropriate date (and a date upon which I’d staged yearly protests until 2008). I think it’s the most appropriate place to start for this Step One (a polite request to the correct officer).

I hope a good number of people, including you, can show up to join me:


Dear Governor Daniels,

We have read our state and federal constitutions. We understand their purpose and legal authority. And now we both understand, and suffer, the breadth and depth of our society’s transgressions against these fundamental laws.

These transgressions have occurred by public choice, and progressively over many generations, so we did not see the damage we were doing. But we do see that damage now.

It would be both tedious and unnecessary to detail the errors and resultant harm done, or to list our many reasons for wanting the illegality to end.

We will supply at least a partial list of serious grievances and injuries if that would help you remedy the breach of social contract that caused them. But our requested remedy is both simple and proven to work better for liberty, security, prosperity and justice than anything else yet tried in the history of human governance:

We ask only that you execute Rule of Law under existing Indiana and federal constitutions, exactly as these laws are written.

Governor Daniels, we want these laws to be enforced without exception, all the time, as soon as possible. They are few enough that everyone can know them; simple enough that everyone can understand them; and important enough that everyone, particularly agents and officers of government, should obey them all without exception, proviso or privileged classes, all of the time.

The laws leave no room for selective enforcement, or preferential treatment by corporate abstraction, class or process. All citizens are to be equal under the laws, and no person is above the laws. No legitimate political authority exists outside of that granted by the plain sense of our constitutions. All governing agencies, actions and rules that exist outside constitutional limitations are, by the clear words and purpose of the constitutions, null and void.

If any part of a constitution is so unclear as to prohibit enforcement, there is a constitutional process for clarifying it in print. But we herewith submit annotated copies of each constitution on the expectation that you will see little that is vague or open-ended in either contract. These annotated constitutions are also freely available online at:



We understand that as seriously as we have failed over the generations, it will take some time to restore legitimate authority to our civil government, and peel back the false accountabilities and destructive dependencies accumulated over generations. We propose that five years is more than sufficient to phase out all illegal political entities, processes, rules, precedents, actions and taxes; and to enact amendments and phase-out plans necessary to ensure full constitutional obedience.

Yet current budget and social conditions demand all possible speed, and history demonstrates an invariable and harsh penalty for delay. Please do immediately employ the legal and political authority that is yours, to restore what is, by law, ours.

Thank you

Here are a few specific conclusions drawn from a simple reading of the constitutions, and requiring immediate action:

  1. Precedents, in courts or in policy, are not law; nor are “Executive Orders” law. Only the legislative branch can write laws, and then only in the domain authorized. Courts may not write laws, bureaucracies may not write laws, and executives may not write laws. Therefore, all such illegal “laws,” regulations, orders, rules and mandates are null and void. They must be declared so, and denied enforcement, as quickly as possible.
  2. Baseless currency is illegal. Mandated, monopoly currency issued by unconstitutional transnational private banks, is illegal. Therefore, we ask for a restoration of specie payments and gold and silver-based currency as quickly as possible.
  3. It makes no sense, nor is it constitutionally permissible, to tax private property owners for our Common Schools. We certainly don’t need taxation to facilitate the current wide and deep discrepancies between rich and poor, and it is illegal. We ask for the restoration of a constitutional Common School fund as quickly as possible.
  4. There can be no serious doubt about what a Common School system actually is. No other education system is in the authorized domain of state or federal government. We ask for the end of any political involvement in education outside of what’s authorized as a legitimate Common School system; or at least amend the constitution to describe new limits.  

The following are additional thoughts for our consideration only:

Note: In case you’re wondering why I don’t address our Governor as “The Honorable;” titles like “The Honorable” or “Esquire” are specifically unconstitutional…and for good reason.
Note: some media folk (particularly the Indianapolis Star) will do their level best to cubbyhole you to something easily dismissed. Resist their attempts to brand us “Tea Party,” “anti-government,” “anti-union” or anything else in the news. Stay on subject. Do not allow them to draw you into another subject that they’ll quickly apply to all of us.
Please: Anything you say outside of Rule of Law under existing constitutions, as written, will ruinously derail our message. DO NOT BRING UP ANYTHING ELSE. No gay marriage, war, tax…anything but ROL under existing constitutions, as written.
Please: Dress nicely, and come neatly groomed. Be as pleasant and yet firm, as possible. This would not be a good time for joking around or bringing/wearing props. This is serious; we must be serious, solid citizens.
DO NOT FORGET: We are the pro government people. We want to govern our government, restore legality to our lawmakers and justice to our judiciary. We are the ones who are legitimate, correct, and on the legal side of the law.

PLEASE NOTE: This is more of a mea culpa than a protest. We The People have what We The People have chosen repeatedly through the past hundred years. We must admit the error of our ways, and choose better. We have no cause for anger…not yet.
Extra Special Double-Note: I repeat: we have gotten into our mess because nearly everybody has chosen it, progressively, and over generations. Most people still cannot imagine what kind of trouble we’re in. If they could, they would not believe that they’re to blame. Remember, we’re not asking so much of our politicians as we are of We The People. We’re asking voters/citizens to change themselves. It is a big enough task to get people of extraordinary political understanding to join us… let us try to show patient understanding to those who still just don’t get it.
PS: I wrote that last note largely to me.

Here’s the key thing:

Tell everyone you know to check out the letter to our Governor, send it to their state legislators, and ask them to add their in-person support to our little endeavor.

Liberty or Bust!

Andy Horning

Freedom, IN



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  1. […] Well, we've never even ASKED to put this right… We never asked… We Declare […]

  2. Andy,
    I’m not from IN but no matter, what you have written applys to all citizens of our country as does our Constitution, the Law of the land.
    I live in Live Free or Die NH although originally from Lexington MA where that first shot for freedom rang out.
    So many, have done so much, for so long we owe them our gratitude and a debt that can only be paid by upholding and preserving those freedoms and responsibilities that our Constitution provides.
    By living by that living document we ensure our country will prevail.

    Yours in Liberty,


  3. […] Why don’t we quit fussing over symptoms and finally cure the disease? We have what we’ve chosen; we need to choose better. If we want rule of law under existing constitutions as written, we’ll have to ask for it. I have a petition, a proposal, and a timeline for compliance here: https://wedeclare.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/713/ […]

  4. […] We never asked… […]

  5. Your smaller govt less taxes schtick is getting tiresome. One more generation and you will have the same percentage of supporters as the Whig party.
    You people on the fringe of society have no idea how to govern a country of 300 million people.
    2012 can’t get here soon enough.

  6. So who’s making you read this? If you’re tired, go back to sleep. But if you think that we fringe folk are wrong, prove it. I can see proof all around me that your lawless, ancient, rule-by-kings sucks, and is failing violently (again as always) all around us right now.

  7. Andy, I’m with you. If we can stop the madness in Washington, and in our various state governments, much of the issues could resolve very quickly. For example, the out of control Federal Reserve’s constant intervention in the monetary system and devaluation of the dollar, with no silver or gold backing, has not only wreaked havoc at home, but abroad, as well. The idiocy of a president making law from the white house, and even entering into war without congressional support is as illegal as it is maddening. Entitlement programs are out of control. And when a member of congress can have a 62 percent increase in personal wealth in 2010, amid a country wide recession, something is severely out-of-whack. Like I said earlier, I can’t be in Indiana on the July 4, or I would be standing right beside you, However, I am in touch with my senators and representatives from Texas, and in touch with my governor, Rick Perry. I push the same agenda. Just GET CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGAL, folks. That is the starting point!!

  8. You’re right, Mike. But as you can see from “Former republican’s” comment; it’s not really Washington that we’re fighting.
    We have exactly what We The People have chosen.
    People like Former republican want to be governed, so they will be governed with an iron fist.
    You and I may not like that, but it’s probably true that the most comfort we can find in being right is that their wrong won’t last much longer…

  9. Welcome back Andy. As you can obviously see, Indiana has not gotten any better. Been fighting this fight almost as long as you have. Getting older, getting wearier, beginning to get my second wind. I love the fight. Best entertainment in town. See ya there.

  10. Yep; see ya there, cossack. A good time will be had by all…

  11. An Introduction to “The MOVEMENT” :

    The purpose of the pages to follow is to provide enough information
    to convince ALL the absolute necessity to become actively involved
    in preserving – although for most of us – restoring our way of life.

    The only way to achieve this is to mount a “Movement” to:
    • Convince our neighbors, irrespective of existing political
    ties, of the absolute need to SCRAP the existing political
    system by creating a NEW UNIFIED MOVEMENT to
    • Inform each registered voter of the mechanics of what’s been going on over the past decades – and of those behind it; to
    • Provide enlightenment and insight as to how our monetary
    system works; to
    • Eliminate its manipulation by the small, ‘elitist’ group of
    bankers out to ‘rule the world’ at the expense of the loss of
    our sovereignty – by way of their Control of a ‘One World
    Government’ … a/k/a “The New World Order”; and to
    • Do away with the influence of the Special Interests’ over
    Congress by replacing* those presently taking campaign-
    Contribution- ‘bribes’ … while trading our freedom for votes;

    * This will require finding and qualifying individuals willing and able to
    serve in Congress to make the changes necessary to restore the individual freedom losses we’ve experienced, and learning how to satisfy the require-ments for gaining “ballot status” IN EACH STATE.

  12. Have ya’ll thought about participating in your free state Republic. Check out republicfortheunitedstates.org …… you have the foundation of knowledge, the right and proper goal and the obligation to restore what we have let slide from our present state of affairs. We The People are the only hope, God help the man who thinks what is in place is the solution instead of a government of and by the people.

    walking in ight amongst the darkness —Ken—

  13. Ken, I’ve not heard of that group. I may look them up…or not.
    I must confess that I’m depressed by the huge number of organizations out there that, seemingly, propose good things, but have the effect of dividing and conquering ourselves.
    Once you get a President, a Chairman, and start asking for money, you’ve pretty much lost me, I’m afraid.
    We’ve made idols of orgs. We’ve delegated our real-world interests to abstractions for too long.
    Isn’t that delegation to abstractions (like government/politics) the heart of our malaise?
    We must act.
    I’m not opposed to our apparently human need of leaders and structure.
    But let’s keep it close and personal. Let’s meet the people we intend to work with. Let’s make our actions in the real world.
    There are many, many reasons to push away from the keyboard and get physically reconnected…
    I hope to discuss some of those reasons with you in person very soon.

  14. An ex-pat Hoosier checking in from West Virginia- Keep your powder dry.
    We do, and fully intend to defend our food stores when the collapse comes.

    Steve A.

  15. Amen! We have a US Constitution and state constitutions that pretty much mirror our Republic’s blueprint of checks and balances.

    Our elected representatives in all branches and state and local have generally violated their oath of office to obey and protect those constitutions. Treason and still no one in jail?

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