Unfortunately, we get exactly what we want…

Update:  Here’s a much more civilized version of what’s written below: http://www.news-sentinel.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100407/EDITORIAL/4070332 

Well, I got all agitated over a very bad idea from some very good folks, and sent a response to several people.  So I might as well air it out here.  In case you don’t know, Indiana HB 1065 acknowledges anti-constitutional “federal” and state firearms restrictions as law as it attempts to legalize what’s already legal by the clear wording of both state and federal constitutions.  It also, not incidentally, pushes aside property owners’ rights. 

It’s of course intended to be a positive step toward individual gun rights, but it’s yet another “incremental,” and “pragmatic” step backwards.  It is, in other words, why the good guys are losing, and why we’re quickly reverting to our ancient, crude and ruthless authoritarian default state.  Anyway, here’s pretty-much what I wrote a few days ago:

Indiana’s HB 1065 is a good example of everything bad…with us.

If we would only insist upon the constitutions, as written, then why in the world would we allow such a thing as HB 1065 to weaken the constitutional mandate? Have a look at Article I, Section 32 of our state constitution (https://wedeclare.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/indiana-constitution-book.pdf).

It is crystal clear:

The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.”

Why water that down? Why not insist upon it?
We vote for friendly demisocialists like Mitch Daniels because we’re idiots (today’s note: I have nothing against Mitch; it’s the people who voted for him that bother me). We rally around anti-constitutional bills as though they’re our friends because we’re idiots. We cast aside those who’ve been right for those who’ve always been wrong, and we throw away the best laws ever written for blithering nonsense that’s never worked.
Do we really think that new laws are better because they’re new? Why do we think future politicians will pay any more attention to them than to the foundational law that is the very basis of the lawmaking process…and to which they already swore an oath of support?
There are no shortcuts. Either we return to the constitutions as written (even if we have to write new ones), or we’re done…as a nation and as a free people.
Words must mean what they say. We must mean what we say.

We must know what we want, and say what that is…
People who promise to obey a flag and then step on the constitutions are not just stupid idolaters; they’re marauding oppressors.
I’ve personally seen an angry mob fire a mayor and city council.  I’ve seen angry letter/email/phone call-wielding people pass bills, defeat bills, and even overturn laws.  Having twice had 2.5 million people tell me to buzz off and take my constitutions with me, I know where the real power lies.

I’ve met the enemy, and it’s us.   …Not our ideological foes…us.

We who claim to love liberty need no other enemies as long as we oppose what’s already been done on our behalf.
We can fix our problems anytime we want to. But we apparently don’t want to.
We rally around half-@$$ self-destructive nonsense and refuse to unite over what we really want.
Sigh… I tried.

But it’s not up to me.
I can only watch as otherwise intelligent people do the same dumb things over and over and say that it’s the only way to go. As we plunge headlong into failure and oppression, the rallying cry is “that’s just the way it is!

The law is already written that would make you free.  If you compromise, you can only lose.


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  1. Pretty much sums it up, eh?

    I join you in your ..

  2. sigh.. I join you in your sigh. (I don’t know why that didn’t show up)

  3. Sigh…
    I knew what you meant…
    Sometimes you need only the ellipses…

  4. There was only one person who ran for governor in Indiana that I felt I could trust with my liberty, and that was you, Andy Horning.

  5. Thanks! But I am what’s called a “frequent candidate” (i.e., loser)…

  6. As an older guy I rarely find myself waxing optimistic but here goes . . . Andy Horning has changed things. For one thing, he has changed me considerably (important, perhaps, only to me). I am much quicker these days to set my arguments on a constitutional base. Also, as an older guy whose memory stretches back almost to the Dust Bowl (OK, I interviewed people who were in the Dust Bowl, which, incidentally, was real climate change), I have seen many, many miraculous changes in men and organizations. They all started with people like Andy and his readers. That said, your discouragement is troubling to us all. Stop it.

  7. Unfortunately the Constitution won’t keep me from getting fired if this bill isn’t signed and I get caught with a gun in my car. I have written Daniels 4 times and will keep writing.

    Vote for a new Senator who will honor our Constitutional rights. Don’t vote for the RNC’s anti-gun, carpetbagging, Virginia lobbiest Coats. He voted to ban my Smith and Wesson 9mm in 1994.

  8. Steve, first of all, nothing will keep you from being fired if an employer wants to fire you. And only unconstitutional laws would make an employer who wants to keep you, fire you.
    But if we were to insist upon constitutions as written, this would be an entirely different nation, and the anal-retentive, legalistic and collectivist world we live in now would be only overseas. Second of all, no new law is going to be either obeyed as written, or work as intended as long as the unwritten yet operative rule is that the law is whatever a judge says it is today.

  9. Well, Craig, the bright side is that if I’m right, then in our lifetimes we’ll experience a place and time that has nowhere to go but up!
    OK, so on the downside, there’s no longer anything for me to do in politics. I certainly can’t make a living with it, and I’ve sacrificed enough for a mob that, at least 98% of them, couldn’t care less about all that I think is precious.

  10. Andrew, I know you’re a “frequent candidate” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run. The political waters are very different now than they were.

    And even though you may not have won, you got the message out. The first time I saw you was a televised debate in Indianapolis, and my husband and I both agreed that you were the only one on the stage that night made sense.

    I could never take the risks you have, so even if you never run again, I wanted to say thanks for what you’ve done.

  11. You can probably guess that I love to read messages like that, Angela. Thank you!
    But I don’t see the hopeful signs that others do. I see us swinging back between Hatfield and McCoy, but never toward common sense and constitutional Rule of Law.
    The “Tea Party” has been overtaken by Glenn Beck-like flag idolaters who know the word “constitution,” but have never read it.
    But anyway …Thank you sincerely.

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