Politics isn’t cool. It’s deadly.

It is the all the rage to blame “big corporations,” “profit motivation,” and “the influence of money in politics” on our social problems.  But that is a dangerous self-deception for at least three reasons:

  1. Corporations are not creatures of a so-called, “unregulated free market.”  On the contrary, corporations are inherently political creations with special legal privileges allocated by politicians, and intended to thwart the absolute accountability in truly free markets.  The “corporate veil” is a layer of protection against evil decisions, in other words.
  2. Corporations can’t buy influence that’s not already for sale.  It’s politicians who’re the influence peddlers.  Politicians are in fact the agents of all large-scale injustice.
  3. Yet Americans have no problems that voters haven’t repeatedly chosen with a greater-than-98% incumbent reelection rate.

We citizens need to understand our power and accountability.  The last thing we need is an imaginary whipping boy.  Our economic and social troubles will abate only when, or if, we come to our senses, act like grown ups, and quit putting our faith in politicians.  Politics isn’t cool and it’s never safe.  After all, the history of politics is the history of oppression, slavery genocide and war.  The whole point of constitutions is, in fact, to put politicians (not corporations, and certainly not you) on a leash.  

Do something unusual on Constitution Day.  Read the Constitution.  You’ll find that:

1. You’ve been lied to for long enough.

2. The truth really can set you free.

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