Where are Samaritans when you need them?

I’ve had it with “religious leaders” spewing socialism.

If Satan has a Bible, I’m sure this is in it: that people should, with all the best intentions, delegate their own, personal role on earth, to politicians.

Where in the Bhagavad-Gita, Torah, Tipitaka, Bible or Koran could you find such evil sophistry?

Universal Healthcare isn’t charity – it is putting a gun to your neighbor to make him do what you won’t do yourself. Social Security isn’t caring for your mother – it’s the hole you personally push her, and your children, into to assuage guilt and allay fears. And you already know that “Homeland Security” has nothing to do with peace and liberty, right?

Our nation’s founders intended that citizens should defend themselves; not just against petty criminals, but against all enemies, foreign…and domestic, as citizen militias. They intended that our churches and voluntary associations, working without the armed aggression of politics, would comprise the departments of Health, Education and Welfare, so that the abstract and erratic junkyard dog we call “politics” would stay in the junkyard, restrained by the tall fence we call Rule of Law.

All of this required that individual citizens, personally, serve the needs of their neighbors; and that we remember, with cold chills, the true history and nature of politics, and people.

Imagine a man was just starting his Corvette after a sales call in northwest Houston, when he was beaten, stripped and left for dead where his car used to be. A TV preacher saw the man, and noted that he really should call 911, but this gave him a sermon idea, so he hurried on. A well-regarded politician saw the man, and said, “dang, I sure don’t want to be seen with a naked man!” And so he also scurried on. But a Mexican, fresh over the fence and scared, hauled the man into his rusty Corolla, took him to the hospital, and even gave his contact information to the ER admitting staff, just if he could be of any help at all, or could pay in any way, for the man’s care.

Who should we emulate? Are there any lessons, in any religion, that tell you otherwise?

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  1. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?


  2. No, I knew nothing of it. I’m afraid I know too little to assess accuracy from “update” when it comes to anything in sanskrit! But it looks interesting.

  3. Oh…I’ve downloaded the free PDF. I make no promises.

  4. I’m sure it was not your intent but this blog is a perfect example why Libertarians are unique to Republicans and why Republicans shun Libertarians. Taking that stance in that context it is fair to say that if the Libertarian movement is only to convert one of the two parties it would be easier to convert the Democrats. I have been in Libertarian outreach for nearly 10 years. Democrat voters are not socialists, just malleable. I have converted more Democrats to pro free market Libertarians than I have Republicans that think they are already there. Last year I changed my voter registration from Libertarian to Republican for the first time since I was old enough to vote and only to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. The way the Republicans attacked Paul was more harsh than they did Obama. He and we are called the “fringe cooks” because we are tolerant while the main stream will let a man die naked in the street to save face. Nobody with a heart seeks tyranny. Sometimes I think Republicans embrace tyranny so long as it is their version. The Democrats I know have hearts. They just don’t know how compassionate liberty is. Your above blog is why I have hope for “liberals” and none for the future of what our side calls the better of two evils (the Republicans). I, just like you, have my reservations and prejudice against people, that’s natural, but I, just like you, will never ask my government to filter those reservations for me. This is the difference between myself and the Right. Since most registered Democrats are not socialists. Perhaps we are courting the wrong party.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, Guy. Mostly in private, I’ve said pretty much what you’ve just said for the past 15 years.

  6. George McKenna makes a similar point in describing the Democratic and Republican (present vs. prospective) party positions on abortion.

    Click to access mckenna1.pdf

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