Andy goes to the Lone Star State

¡Ya salgo para Houston!

Well, I never wanted to leave my Freedom Farm, but God has other things in mind for me.  As I can no longer stay in Indiana, I’ve flipped a coin (one with a secession-leaning state on either side).  So life is taking me and my little family to Houston, and the thing for me to do, is embrace it.

So, I’m renting the farm out – one trillion-fillion Federal Reserve dollars per month, Or Best Offer.  Actually, it’d be dirt cheap to the right person; I’m just trying to minimize my losses.  We’ll auction off a lot of stuff we’ve accumulated over the years.  We’ll sell all the animals we can sell, and then probably donate Doofus to science.* 

Anyway, we’ll sell down to our clothes and Bibles and head to the land of Ron Paul.

In some ways, nothing will change.  I’ll still be able to walk anywhere without being recognized.  I’ll still be toward the bottom of the peon, political-outsider, tax-serf class. 

Oh, and I’m still not giving up on Rule Of Law under existing constitutions, as written.

But some things will change a great deal.  I will miss all the friends I’ve made in Indiana.  I’ve made some very, very good friendships.  I hope y’all stay in touch.  Or maybe join me for the secession.  I don’t know if we’ll ever find a church like Bloomington RP, but I’m entrusting that one to God. 

I need to make a special thank you and farewell to the Indiana Libertarians.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the convention this past weekend to accept the award you’d generously bestowed.  I will miss you all a great deal.  But more importantly, I’m not quitting – I’m only changing tactics and locations in the ongoing quest for Liberty and Justice for All.

While Southern Indiana summers are hot and humid, Houston does get even hotter.  And we’ve had remarkably few hurricanes in Indiana…  Yikes.  I will greatly miss the quiet, verdant beauty of our Freedom Farm…

Of course there’s Dr. No.  And I’ve been very encouraged by what I’ve seen of the Oath Keepers’ Texas connection.  I’m hoping that, while I’ll not run for public office again, I’ll be more effective, and in a better context, in my struggles for right and truth.

Doggone it; I’ve been a Hoosier (whatever that means) for over a half-century.  I don’t know how I’ll do in cowboy boots.

Please pray for me.

Oh, and if you’d like a Doofus, let me know…


*About Doofus – My son Hark was the one who first discovered that the so-called “puppy” we saved from destruction was no puppy at all.  He is actually a “pliffle” – a coarse lampoon of the noble canis lupus familiaris known as Man’s Best Friend.  This species of perdition, callus doofus dammitis, may look something like a dog, but unlike any dog that ever lived, he’s completely useless, annoying, unbelievably persistant and …sticky.   Yes, he’s affectionate, but you’d rather the pliffle just go away


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  1. […] of preserving the Constitution and Rule of Law is leaving for Texas. Our loss, their gain. Too bad. Andy goes to the Lone Star State We Declare __________________ ~*~No matter how responsible she seems, never give a monkey your […]

  2. You take care! Please leave this blog open for awhile, I want to study ‘The Brief’ very carefully, to better understand the arguements.
    My daughter would probably like Doofus, but the legal positivism runs amok at my collectivist apartment complex. Evidently for ‘the greater good’ no pets are allowed here.
    If I should lose my job (heaven forbid) Texas was one of my choices as well…:) If I ever catch wind of a “Andy Horning for Governor of Texas” campaign, I’ll move there just to give you a vote…:)
    GOD bless to you and yours, you are all in my prayers, even doofus…:)

  3. Thanks, Harry. I suppose there’s no reason to close this at all. It’s cyberspace, afterall. Where I sit doesn’t matter. Heck, I once blogged from Amsterdam…
    I wouldn’t think too hard on the Brief. I wrote it years ago, and it was intended for a “court of law” (hah!),not a citizen tribunal, which is what I’m convinced we now need.

  4. What was on the other side of the coin? I feel like Montana and New Hampshire would be much better than Texas. Texas is a huge state with a huge corrupt government, topped by scary Rick Perry. Regardless, I wish you and your family the best. It’s too bad that Indiana will lose such a great activist. We will miss you.

  5. Ditto indglass.. please share your thoughts on the sides of that coin.

  6. I have read Montana’s Constitution and Texas’s, Andy got the better flip with a strong State Constitution…:) Although the political climate in Montana is very favourable towards the 10th amendment. I count two nullifications very close together, Federal Real ID and gun regulations… nullified. This is a good sign and a good reflection on the citizens in that State. Texas also has Ron Paul. Either side of the coin would have been a win-win. Montana can get very cold in the winter and Texas has potential for hurricanes. One can live with these things with the right neighbors…:)

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