Here’s the plan


It should now be apparent that for the past hundred years our own government has advanced a campaign of theft and violence against us on the canard that it’s for “the common good.”  Flying in the face of this commonly believed fib is the easily observed fact that we have not solved any problems at all despite worsening taxation, prohibitions and wars. 

We’ve not had a year’s peace since the War to End All Wars.  Surely the “war on…” drugs, poverty and homelessness have been busts.  With the FDA’s suppressive power we have more “snake oil” con men and dangerous, counterproductive drugs than ever.  We are working longer hours, taking fewer vacations and spending less time with our children than just thirty years ago.  Shockingly, there are probably at least 150 thousand actual slaves (not tax serfs – actual chained-to-the-worktable, arrived-in-shipping-containers slaves) in the USA right now.  The CIA estimates that 50000 slaves travel into or through the USA each year.  Human trafficking is up several hundred to a thousand percent in just the past ten years!

We are less secure and less free than ever.  We have immeasurably more crime and corruption, less access, less control over our lives, and even our health statistics are tipping downward at a time of marvelous medical technology.

Why do we so numbly submit our lives, wealth and rights to a protection racket that does not protect?

We should not need more motivation.  I assume that if you’re reading this, you already know that something must be done. 

But not just any action will do, since history shows us nothing if not that humans mostly fail and rarely succeed; and that both success and failure is by invariable patterns set at least several thousand years ago.

So here is my summary of the problem and what’s to be done about it:

Problem: Politicians and their agents act in violation of all of the laws that protect us from them.

Solution: We must stop that. 

It really is that simple, and we have not even tried it.  Our attempts to strategize and pick apart our social disease into only marginally-related “pragmatic” bits have been counterproductive to the effect that we have so far divided and conquered …ourselves.  Democrats and Republicans who should ally against their common foe are instead locked in a battle over idolatry, deceit and ignorance.  We do not even expect our leaders to obey their oaths of office; nor, in most cases, do we have any idea what the oaths say, what they mean, or to what laws these oaths pledge obedience.  We must converge upon this solution- to demand Rule of Law under our existing state and federal constitutions…as written. 

Here is how, I am convinced, we must solve our problem.

  1. Read and completely understand your state and federal constitutions.  If you have questions about what you’re reading, I volunteer to help.  You should become confused when you first read these contracts.  I did.  I thought, “what the heck do these have to do with the way our government works today?”  Bingo.
  2. Do NOT write letters, call your congresscritter, protest or hold press conferences about tax policy, the Fed, drug laws, public schooling or any other distraction.  Concentrate.  Think.  Every millimeter we give to our leaders becomes a mile.  We must not any longer allow them to divide us against ourselves with equivocal sub-issues and dubious solutions.  As long as politicians violate every law that protects us, we have no issue other than this: we cannot tolerate this anarchy, this ungoverned government.  We have one issue only: wrestle our lawbreakers down to the law.
  3. Do employ every strategy, medium and means you can think of to address this problem: we must have Rule of Law under existing constitutions …as written.  If you have no idea what to do, ask, and I’d be happy to help.  But I’m betting you’ve already been doing things for lesser goals that’d be enormously helpful if directed toward Rule of Law under existing constitutions as written.  Go to meetings, talk to friends, whatever…use your mind and body and time in any ways that seem useful.
  4. DO NOT allow yourself to be divided against your allies and dragged into an argument about details when we must first address the basics.  Don’t even give the Second Amendment or Gay Marriage as an example of anything.  No matter how well-intended, it only allows people to pigeonhole and dismiss you.  STAY ON POINT: our politicians even admit that, in the words of Henry Hyde, the US constitution is “…inappropriate, anachronistic; it isn’t done anymore.”  You don’t need examples other than the admitted lawlessness of our politicians.  They arrogantly declare that they’ve snapped their leash!  This is unacceptable, and it’s time we say so.  Loudly, repetitively, and with pitchforks and flaming torches.
  5. Report back any observations, suggestions or whatnot that you think would help.  Report to all allies and friends in this cause.  Share ideas and experiences.  Let’s talk.  A lot.  It may not be so easy to communicate for much longer.
  6. I have proposed various constitutional compliance timetables over the years.  Nine years ago, when I predicted we’d have ten years before The Big Trouble hits (and no, The Big Trouble hasn’t hit us yet…you’d better hope I’m wrong about what’s coming) I’d said that we could offer ten years.  I don’t think we can do that now.  I’d love to hear discussion on this, but I now suggest that in our current crisis, with so many people hurting, that we demand government strips down to its constitutional skivvies within two years.  That means full by-the-written-word constitutional compliance.  No decoder keys, no fudge words from the bench, no cheating.
  7. Do you want a leader?  I’ll not shy away, but don’t miss my point: we have too many leaders, too many organizations, too much wasted money and time without converging on any common goal.  We must converge all our energies, passions and talents upon a single goal.  There are too few of us, and we have too little time to do anything else.

Be prepared that we may have to inviolate international treaties that, admittedly, are constitutional.  Such treaties have been increasingly used by the nefarious to destroy the constitutional design, and Obama is going gangbusters against us right now.  But other than these treaties, our leaders have no legal authority to fight back.  And by usurping our rights, stealing our property, shortening our lives and destroying our nation, they’ve relinquished all moral authority.  We’re right, they’re no more than criminals.

That is all.  Any questions? 



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  1. Brother, I am with you! I am behind you, I will campaign for you, I will help you any way I can help you!

  2. Thank you, Brad!
    You know, I think that, just maybe, we can proceed now…

  3. I’m on board, Andy, but I haven’t done my homework yet in terms of the Indiana Constitution. Are there any books you would recommend that would help as resources alongside the actual document?

  4. Here’s the whole Indiana Constitution with my annotations:
    I think the annotations are helpful, but I haven’t changed any of the actual text. No, really…it really says what is in this document. Pay particular attention to Article I Section 25.

  5. Andy’s explanation of the Indiana Constitution is permanent link on HFFT blog.

    Andy, I’ve learned a lot from you so far. Don’t ever quit.

  6. Thanks, Melyssa!
    I wish I could quit. Many people wish I would just quit. But soon enough, we’ll all be tested. I consider this cramming for the Final.

  7. Consider placing a big fat permanent link to your annotated constitution on the front page of your blog.

  8. Thank you Charles!
    You know, I’d had almost no interest in that thing when I’d posted it during the last campaign. But recently, people seem interested in constitutions…
    There may be hope after all.

  9. Don’t go gettin’ optimistic on us.

  10. Don’t worry; it never lasts.

  11. That’s better.

    And you’re right again.

  12. Thank you Andy for sucking me back in. I am inspired once again.

  13. Ok, so let’s get to work.

    I have started with the federal Constitution due to my own conviction that federal law is much more dangerous than state law (or it’s much more difficult to run from). As per your suggestion I read, and understood, (to the best of my ability) the Articles of the Constitution. I did not get into the Amendments, it’s been done, and I would rather break them down one at a time.

    In reading the VII articles, I was shocked to find how few prohibited powers there were in our branches of government. There are several passages where it is defined what they are supposed to do but very few describing what they are prohibited from doing. The executive branch was especially vague to me. I can see how abuses could be easily gone unchecked. There are several duties bestowed upon the President but few restrictions. The only such vulnerability is that of Congress to impeach from power or to become convicted for treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors. Other than that the president, based on what I read, has all power other than that stated in the constitution. The only written law I see as being in blatant violation was in the oath of office (which is written law). Article 2 Section 1:

    Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:
    “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    If preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution is the duty of the President, and the only authority to hold the President to his duty is Congress, I fear our “Common Goal” will be far more difficult to achieve than I thought. I hope I have a better reading tomorrow night.

  14. Great start, Guy! But don’t miss the whole point of the constitutions…they are the SOLE AUTHORITY of our government. If the power isn’t in there, it doesn’t have to be prohibited. What’s missing is implicitly denied. Read the Tenth Amendment, which clarifies this.

  15. Oh, and don’t forget the more basic point that all powers that involve us (and all government powers do), step on our rights if not authorized.
    In other words, it’s OK if congress does whatever the heck it wants to in the halls of power. But they can’t legally leak their disgustingness all over us.

  16. I am in full agreement with you. How do we bring Congressmen to justice for violating thier oath of office and passing illegal and unconstitutional laws? I look at the Patriot Act and the warrantless wiretapping. I look at the abuses of the 1st and 5th amendment of Janet Napolitano’s definition of ‘right-wing extremists’ to include everyone who disagrees with the Obama administration. We have the rule of law of the 4th amendment which has been blatantly and openly violated with the Patriot Act. Many of the cronie congressman who voted for this ’emergency legislation’ did not even read it before they voted on it! Under what constitutional authority does Congress have, to give the Executive branch the authority to trash the 4th amendment? I say they do not have this authority.
    What can we do to bring these criminals to justice? How should we proceed? I have been recently trying to wrap my thoughts around citizen grand juries, Can anyone start one? How? Maybe put pressure on State Attornies to start grand jury proceedings on any and all Congressmen who voted ‘yeah’ for the Patriot Act. Can State assemblies initiate impeachment proceedings on Federal Congressmen or Senators?
    Also, what is the scoop on ‘sovereign immunity’? Where did this come from?
    As far as international treaties go, does the President have the constitutional authority to over-ride a protected right under the bill of rights, if his sworn oath (included in our compact) is to protect the Constitution?
    Where should I focus my homework?…:)
    I, like you, realize we are racing against the clock, I often wonder if 2010 is enough time to get the right people elected, maybe we should clean the tank before trying to introduce new fish…:)
    It is my right, and my duty to demand my congressman follow the Constitution, it is the only government I consent to, and to throw out those that do not.

  17. Of course by ‘cleaning the tank’ I do not in any way advocate armed rebellion. I am referring to grand jury activity, impeachment, and recalls. i.e. legal procedures, or any other tools we may have. Chaos and anarchy would be the only result of a rebellion and the Bill of Rights would be permanently lost as a result. We can not give the government reason for more emergency powers, we have enough of this already.

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