For Auld Lang Syne

Well, as some of you have guessed, I’m done blogging.  I see no point in preaching to the choir or banging my head against the reality that there are just too few of us who care about the constitution to effect any sort of workable defense.  And it looks like I have to leave the state anyway.  There’s no work here for me, and nothing to hope for politically.  I’m sorry to say this after spending the first fifty years of my life in the Hoosier State, but unless something changes soon, I’m outta here.

So here’s something of a closing statement:

Our Governor is a good man, but I don’t think he knows what’s coming.  If he did, he’d be immediately and radically chopping through state government, using our constitutions, state and federal, as written, as “The Blade.”

Of course we’ve all become dependent upon and accustomed to the unconstitutional, destructive and violent “programs” of an authoritarian state.  Nobody alive today remembers real American Liberty.  But soon, that won’t matter.  Most of what we’ve come to think government does for us will disappear as our money blows away liked scorched grass.  What will be left is a ruthless, selfish, well-armed and lawless thug – our ancient default state of rulers versus ruled.  The Land of The Free is already gone.

We’ll need to be introspective, retrospective, and a little inventive if we want to save anything at all from what used to be the US of A.

Here’s a start for our Governor: get the state out of the licensing business, and hand the job over to insurance companies and specialized groups such as motorcycle associations and racing clubs.  After all, insurance companies have a fiduciary interest in making sure that drivers know how to drive and riders know how to ride, and special interest groups’ existence depend upon their reputation for safety and education.  Yes, the Governor has cleaned up the licensing function probably as well as can be done for a government function.  But the inherent problem here is that there’s no real, tangible, monetary or structural reason for the state to do a great job.  So it won’t. 

However, companies with a vested interest in your safety (their reputation and profit) would of course do better, and without a taxpayer dime.  Good, safe drivers would get higher-grade licenses and lower rates.  Thrill-prone teenage rednecks would have to prove themselves roadworthy before endangering the rest of us…and they’d pay for their testosterone-laden odds.  Maybe the best drivers would earn higher speed limits.  Living road hazards would walk.  And all this freedom and common sense would be for profit; not for a numb and soviet bureaucracy.

What to do about our welfare state?  No problem.  Same thinking as above.  Get interested experts back into the game by getting politicians (and their involuntary collection plate) out.

Churches and voluntary associations lost their social relevance, numbers, prestige and money when politicians started competing with their services.  Even now, groups like churches, Rotary Clubs and Habitat for Humanity do a better job than FEMA or FSSA could ever do.  So why not get on the phone with these few, tattered and dying groups and say…it’s show time; build up your membership – we’ve got work for you to do.

Those of means would join these groups not just out of a desire to serve their fellow man, but also for networking, parties, prestige…selfishness as well as selflessness all rolled together in humanity’s best enterprise to date: freedom.

When I warned of our impending troubles eight years ago (and I hit the timing right on the button, I’ll add), I said we’re running out of time.  In the 2000 gubernatorial race I’d proposed cutting 7.5% out of government each year until the national/international problems hit.  This would have put Indiana in the catbird seat compared to all other world economies.  Some said my proposals were too radical.

Well, we’re out of time for what seems now like moderate trimming.

Government will cut everything we think we want, but keep all the guns and bombs we fear.  Count on it.  Don’t count on Social Security or “universal healthcare.”  The money will be gone.

It’s time now for us to figure out how we’re to live.

I suggest we do it like Americans.


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  1. Thank you for all you’ve done. I for one will dearly miss you. I hope that you won’t find it necessary to leave our state.

  2. I also worry about work my friend. The auto industry has been hit pretty hard. I am working 3 day weeks, and by projected sales numbers, perhaps for the next three months. This is optimistic though.
    I hate to see you leave us. I have learned a great deal from you about being a libertarian and a Constitutionalist.I am glad I googled the Indiana State Constitution one summer day and stumbled in here…:)
    GOD bless my friend, and thanks. The best vote I ever cast was for you!
    I know the fire of liberty burning in your veins, I doubt this is last we hear of Andy Horning…:)

    On one of my extra compulsary days off, I may come out just to shake your hand and thank you in person…:)

  3. Thanks, Harry. I’m not sure where I’ll end up yet. But we’re losing liberty, security, health, wealth and justice so fast…and I see so few people that care…that I think it’s time for me to just concentrate on my family’s future. It’s looking pretty grim.
    Take care, my friends. Let’s stay in touch.
    We must hang together, or surely we will, well …you know.

  4. I do understand.Looking at State Constitutions, I would go the long way around Illinois…:) I think the best State in this Union politically would be Montana, Texas as a close second.I have been thinking also. Depends on work.

    I am somewhat hopeful about the Campaign for Liberty movement, I hope it gains much ground over the next 2 years. It has too! It simply has too! I am going to give the CFL 2 years at 110%, if we get no where, I may do the Montana thing. Or if I should lose my job, may do it sooner.

    I have often dreamed of going off the grid in an RV…Freedom Road…:)

    Yes, we should stay in touch my friend…:)

    Where-ever life’s journey takes us, GOD bless to you and yours!

  5. Here is a preacher blasting heavily at the Fed with both barrels. This is good. 5 parts. Here is the link to part 1. enjoy…


  7. Travis,
    Liberty isn’t dead yet.

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