OK, so now what?

Contrary to popular rhetoric, The United States of America is not “about the people.”  American citizens are not any sort of unique species.  We have no genetic or otherwise inheritable advantage over any of the people who’ve collapsed cultures over the previous millennia.

The USA is a legal entity defined by the Constitution for the United States of America, and that entity is long gone.

Similarly, Indiana is not about “Hoosiers;” but is instead a legal entity established, limited and clearly specified by the Indiana Constitution.  That “free and independent” state (Article 4, Section 16) is long gone.

Over time and by ignorance we have replaced our constitutional republic with our default state of authoritarian idolatry.  The relative freedom, peace and justice we’ve enjoyed under the rules of our constitutional republic have also been replaced by the lawlessness, violence and injustice that seems hardwired into us as a species.

We must now either decide to fight this default state and replace it, or not.

I expect that we will not fight, as it is an exceedingly rare thing to oppose our naturally oppressed and oppressive nature.  We’ll likely continue to embrace destruction until some desperate, needy, hungry future race decides to link arms and fight for something better.

The biggest disappointment of this past election season is how many intelligent, patriotic people:

  1. Did nothing.
  2. Started a “new organization” whose only effect was to divide and conquer…ourselves.
  3. Said “it’s too late for the ballot box; it’s time for the ammo box!”

There are too few of us for such dereliction of duty. 

  1. If you see what’s coming, you are a fool to do nothing.
  2. We have too many organizations already.  We need to get to know each other as people, and work together for a common cause…the constitutions, as written.  I’ve found that this is the best common ground.  Our constitutions aren’t perfect, but they’re doable, and better than anything else ever tried.
  3. If you can’t even decide what you want, then what’re you going to do when the smoke clears?  If you can’t even elect the government you want, then what do you suppose will devolve when you’re out of ammo?

My friends, I see only one course of action possible, as I think it’s too late for others:

We absolutely must get to know each other; not as “personalities” involved in various “organizations” (silly abstractions and idols that they are), but as human beings with proven, effective, wonderful dreams about human cooperation, economy, peace and freedom.

We can still make those dreams reality if we try.

But we must join together as people, and insist upon the laws proven most just and practical.

It’s no good to say “atta boy” to political candidates and then wait for the next go around.  We must start today to do the work begun eleven score and twelve years ago.

If you’re up for this, don’t tell me “I’m behind you, Andy.”  I’ve done what I can do with the few people I know.  I want to know what you’re going to do.  We need an army for justice and liberty, and we need it now.  That means no more “celebrity” or “personality” politics.  It’s show time.  All hands on deck.  There’s no more time to waste.

  • Do you know of schools/classes/groups willing to hear how a constitutional republic is supposed to work?
  • Do you know politicians who seem open to our message, or may need only a nudge to openly support our cause?
  • Do you have money, time, influence?

Well, let’s get together and make some plans.  Soon.


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  1. Excellent post!!! Excellent blog too, Andy!!!


  2. The first part of your post is brutally honest and straight to the point. The globalists have all but driven the sword through our heart! But, besides them, we have almost welcomed the coup de grace as a people.We have lost our identity as a nation! The globalist conditioning is all but complete. But it is not over until the fat lady sings!
    I have focused myself on the Campaign for Liberty during the campaigns and with your lead. And after the election and the smoke cleared I returned to them, and will always remain vigilent, I remain steadfast with them. I have not, nor will not stop arguing for liberty!
    Knowledge is our greatest weapon against the globalist agenda and here is a treasure trove of knowledge. It would take years to read all this, so to my fellow patriots…turn to page one and read like there is no tomorrow! Read for the future! NOW is the time to read and to teach! TEACH! We need to make it our goal to teach 30 people within the next year, each! Knowledge is were the power is. It is through knowledge that we can take our country back, our money back, our liberty back!


    If each of us can train and teach 30 people within the next year (that is less than 2 per month) then we can have a real chance in 2010 to impact the elections! 56,000×30 is what? 1,680,000 people!

    I pledge to train and teach 30 people in one year! More if I can! Then if each of these 30 can train just one more that is 3,260,000! This is winning in 2010!

    I can taste victory now…:)

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  4. Yes, our group up here in SB wants to hear how a constitutional republic is supposed to work. How can we set that up?????

  5. I have time…

  6. Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog

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