Nobody likes “I Told You So”

Here is a younger, much skinnier Andy saying pretty much the same things I’m saying today…and predicting the troubles that you see unfolding before your eyes:

If we had cut the budget by 7% per year as I’d proposed back then, we’d be in good shape today.  Now I’m afraid it’s too late for gradual cutting.

I really, really hope I’m wrong about what’s about to smack us upside the head.

I’ve never so badly wanted to be wrong.


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  1. I have been following the bailout debackle all last week. The Republicrats really show their true colors on how they voted for this. A “protection racket” is right. I am glad this happened though before November 4th and not after. Here is an awesome clip from Peter Schiff’s radio show I think everyone should listen to, this is scary stuff:

    [audio src="" /]

    I have forwarded this clip out to everyone I know.

  2. This is telling. I got this off of Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty Blog. Who was it we bailed out again? This is a list from the top 10…TOP 10…corporate PAC contributions to Obama and McCain. I ask anyone to explain which candidate CitiGroup Inc supports? Both? and to top it Lehman Bros CEO is trying to justify getting a $350 million bonus! This whole deal is the shaft pure and simple! Here is the shocking top 10 PAC contributors to Obama and McCain, cut and pasted from CFL blog:

    Top 10 Corporate PAC Contributors:

    Goldman Sachs $739,521

    UBS AG $419,550

    Lehman Brothers $391,774

    Citigroup Inc $492,548

    Morgan Stanley $341,380

    Latham & Watkins $328,879

    Google Inc $487,355

    JPMorgan Chase & Co $475,112

    Sidley Austin LLP $370,916

    Skadden, Arps et al $360,409

    Merrill Lynch $349,170

    Citigroup Inc $287,801

    Morgan Stanley $249,377

    Wachovia Corp $147,456

    Goldman Sachs $220,045

    Lehman Brothers $115,707

    Bear Stearns $108,000

    JPMorgan Chase & Co $206,392

    Bank of America $133,975

    Credit Suisse Group $175,503

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