Job Creationism debunked

All my bilious rumination against the media aside, I am pleased that the Indy Star printed what I’d submitted for their Voices pages:


Politicians tend to lie.  Citizens tend to believe.  The tragic, interminable history of what happens when governments go bad and citizens go silly is reason enough for a healthy condition of mistrust.  Governments are, at best, protection rackets.  They always extort some opportunity and wealth from citizens even when properly restrained to only protect our rights, property and life from others who’d take them away.  Government is a suppressive force, not a creative one.  So I’m sorry if this is news to you, but the political promise of “job creation,” is hogwash. 


A hundred years ago, there were no government “services” as we know them today, and government was leashed to solely a constitutionally limited, protective role.  Americans became the richest, freest and most secure people of all time because people naturally want to do well for themselves, and they were allowed to do just that. 


The genius of the founders was unequivocally proven.  Freedom works better than anything else ever tried.  That’s why it’s the law (see it in black and white at; it’s my Platform). 


But Americans fell for a “New Deal,” slowly devolving back to our brutish default of rulers versus ruled.  Government isn’t about protecting you anymore.  It’s about robbing Peter to pay Paul; with every election cycle merely an exercise to determine who’s Peter, and who gets to be Paul.  We’ve fallen so far toward this pre-Hammurabi authoritarianism that even the word “privatize” means the concentration of profits into the ruling class, while spreading their losses to you.  Now, if you make fat campaign donations and hire a lobbyist, you can live well on other people’s labor. 


This hurts Hoosiers more than most Americans.  Hoosiers once made 106% of the nation’s average salary, but we’ve lost twenty percent to that average in the past three decades.  Just in the last 4 years alone we’ve lost 72 electronics companies with over 11000 high-paying jobs; not to foreigners, but mostly to other rust-belt states.  These jobs have been only partly replaced by much lower-wage service industry jobs fueled by our political fixations on foreign corporations, sports and gambling.


So I’m running for the constitutional office of Indiana Governor because freedom is still the law.  I would govern government, not you.  I think it’s about time.


Prohibitions against firing bad workers increase resistance to hiring.  Such prohibitions are illegal, so I’d remove them and let the hiring begin.

Hiring illegal immigrants is attractive because doing so evades the mandatory costs of taxation, regulation, insurance, pensions and of course litigation.  I’d remove these illegal impediments to hiring Hoosiers, and bid illegal immigrants, ¡adios!

Because there are no impediments to buying foreign products made without our handicaps of taxation, regulation and litigation, we are competing against the world blindfolded with both hands tied behind our back.  I’d remove these illegal impediments too, and let prosperity happen.


I would massively cut taxation, regulation and litigation for everybody, not just for the elite.  Not only would businesses do better in Indiana, but so would the people that work for businesses.  Small businesses would no longer be at a disadvantage to the politically-connected corporate giants.  No more political class versus peons.  No more losing a home to property tax.  Everybody, including politicians, would be equal under the law.


Hoosiers would thrive because they could, and because they want to, and because nobody would stop them anymore.




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  1. nice post.keep the same good work.

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