Fanny, Freddie and other Parasites

Imagine some smooth huckster ignites a salvo of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and Ponzi Schemes so extensive (and propagated at times with force) and that become so successful, that the originator is not reviled, but is in fact revered in history books. Over time, several other hucksters pick up the gambit, add to it’s complexity and breadth, and keep it going over generations until essentially the whole nation is suckered in up to our eyeballs. 

What if these schemes invoke so many moral hazards that they’ve changed the way we build cities, where we live, which businesses succeed (rarely) and which fail (ever more frequently), and how we care for people from birth to after death.  Imagine the scams have destroyed public transportation, education, healthcare and the family farm.  They’ve sapped our entrepreneurialism and individualism.

On the eve of the scheme’s collapse, some people learn what it’s all about.  What’s to be done, they wonder?  What should the government do?

Well, you know you don’t need to imagine.  The schemes are real, and we’re on the eve of their complete collapse.

Apparently, the government’s first thought is bailout.

I say it’s time we end the scams instead.  No more bailouts.  Freedom to succeed requires freedom to fail.  

And who’re we kidding; bailouts have always saved the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.  That’s wrong.

Let risk-takers assume their own risks.  Let us keep what we earn, take risks as we see fit, and succeed or fail on our own merits, hard work, and prayers.

Let’s govern government.  Get it off our backs and out of our faces so that we can stand tall and be the Americans we once were.

As a newborn nation we whupped the global superpower not just once, but twice.  Unleash John Wayne.  Leash politicians.  That’s America.


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