Our ancient habit of failure

I am running for the constitutional office of Indiana Governor.  That job is all about governing government, not governing you. 

The good news is that I am running for that office unopposed. 

The bad news, however, is that the overwhelming majority of voters don’t care about constitutions, and will almost certainly choose a “Governor” who’s job and powers are unrestrained by any laws, or even customs.  I don’t blame the candidates for that.  No, I grieve for what it says about just who Americans have become.

Despite Obama’s lofty rhetoric about “the American spirit,” modern Americans are no longer the self-governed patriots who kept their politicians on a leash, and who placed their trust in God instead.

Nope; just as foolish, barbaric people have done for thousands of years, we have once again bowed low to the Golden Calf of State.  We are not the Land of the Free or the Home of the Brave.  We are the Land of the Fearful, and the Home of the Dependent.

In other words, we vote for, and bow to, human kings.  Minor kings, major kings…their power is limited only by the king(s) above and the tolerance of oppression below.  Our tolerance is nearly unlimited, and their kingly power reaches into every aspect of our lives in a most destructive way.

They tell us what we can and cannot eat; who and how we marry, hire, live and die.  They take our money because we think they know best what to do with it, and they decide who works, how we work, and how much our wages are worth. 

Of course with that power comes a lot of greed, deceit and supplication. 

This is where the Golden Calf thing becomes truly grim – because such a political faith/ religion requires priests that today we call “lobbyists.”

As with the ancients, it’s all about robbing Peter to pay Paul, once again.  And your job in this Brave New World is to do whatever you can to be more Paul than Peter.  You join or form a special interest group in order to collectivize your power under a lobbyist to get a piece of the pie.  But as more special interest groups are formed and start their battle for the best priests and the best parts of the pie, the Golden Calf itself and the priests who serve it take a bigger and bigger cut.  The pie itself gets smaller through corruption, your piece of it becomes a smaller percentage; so you work harder and harder for less and less until, ultimately, the bread and circuses don’t work anymore, and the whole thing topples.

I’m afraid that our triune Golden Calf god (comprised of Democrat, Republican and Federal Reserve Bank) has won another, perhaps final victory over us.  Obama has turned away fears of his arrogance and terrorism ties with a really good speech (is a teleprompter another sort of god?  Hmmm.); and McCain has brushed aside conservatives’ righteous disgust with a pandering pick for Veep. 

(She’s a fine woman, and if she were the GOP’s pick for President, I’d think a lot differently about this election.  But they’re suckering you in knowing you’ll hope McCain dies or something.  Don’t fall for it.) 

You’re not even voting for President these days, you know…you’re now voting for his funding mechanism, his entrenched party’s leaders, and a system gone terribly, tragically wrong.

So I’m guessing that once again, we’ll vote the way we’ve been voting, and the Golden Calf will grow bigger, fatter, hungrier and more oppressively intrusive until, maybe 18 months from now, you’ll see just what the Federal Reserve and all our new debt instruments (credit cards, 40 year mortgages, etc.) have really wrought.


Please turn us away from this ancient pattern of destruction.  Demand Rule of Law under the state and federal constitutions which are already law and have been proven to work better than anything else ever tried.

Don’t let us fall back to ancient failures older than Hammurabi.  Don’t let them tell you that their schemes of shifting more power into fewer hands is “modern” or “a fresh start,” when it’s as old as the fall of Adam.

Do you want change?  Well, you’re headed for it one way or another.  You can choose change that goes the way of all fools, or you can do better.

Choose wisely.



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  1. Well said. There is a good quote by Ron Paul, which says that if our politicians followed the constitution, we would not have to worry about who we elected.

    We need many more constitutionalists to run for office in this country.

  2. We have some really good Constitutionalists running…they just don’t get any media coverage! Hopefully alot of Ron Paul revolutionaries will decide to throw thier hats into the political ring this next time around…on all levels…I am toying with the idea myself…:)
    What we need is a Libertarian “Contract with America”!
    I try to remain optimistic and have a positive outlook, but I must admit I am afraid for this country. JFK spoke the famous words “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” But that is how people vote today, what can they get from government. Be it social security, welfare, medicare. They vote for themselves largess from the tax payers. But even heavy taxes will not cover the fiasco of the above mentioned socialist schemes. Or the Fed can print money out of thin air, however method these schemes are continued, either the taxpayer can pay for it today, or our great grandchildren can pay for it tomorrow, and everyone pays the inflation tax. Or…
    we can vote for men like Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Eric Schansberg and Andy Horning.
    Bottom line, the Constitutions need to be followed, or this country will fall. There is no other option, follow the constitutions.
    Great entry Andy, very thought provoking…:)

  3. Well said, as usual.

  4. Yes, my dear friends, we need many, many more constitutionalists to throw their hats and hearts into liberty and justice. And pronto!
    I’m pretty thoroughly beat up, both personally and financially, by my quixotean tilting-at-windmills. I would really, really like to pass the banner to stronger people who can actually make my fading dreams a reality.
    I do see positive signs that didn’t exist fifteen years ago. But I also see signs that scare me like never before.
    Please do round up as many as you can muster and get crackin’.

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