No More Speed Traps Until…

Who: Andy Horning

What: Polishing the Badges of State Power

When: Thursday, August 28 at 6pm

Where: FOP Lodge 100 – 4711 Middle Road, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Contact: Andy Horning;



Restoring Legal and Moral Authority


Jeffersonville, Indiana –

I apologize for the late notice.  But don’t let the impossibility of attending this event bother you; I’ll go anywhere anytime to talk about this with anyone.  Call me on the phone.  Show up at my door.  This is important.

– Because our crime rates are rising…within our own government!  Judicial misconduct, bad cops, jury tampering/abuse, school building scandals (e.g., AEPA/Tremco no bid scheme), and of course lawmakers are breaking laws at every level and in every significant way.  As our government has broken the laws that protect citizens from oppression and war; and as citizens lose their jobs, homes and even lives for no good reason; it’s time to take a stand for justice and decency. 

Our government surrendered the moral authority to lay traps for decent citizens when politicians have trampled their own legal authority -the state and federal constitutions. 

I propose we stop issuing unmarked cars (like hot rod Mustang Cobras) at once.  I propose we stop entrapping and extorting citizens with speed traps and “infraction deferral” programs until our crime rates (civilian and government crime) are substantially reduced.

We must stop putting our police into ever-more adversarial roles against our citizens.  We must allow them to protect and serve instead.  And we absolutely must restore respect for law and order by policing our police and by governing our own government at last.





Andrew Horning, Libertarian for Governor

Freedom, IN 47431


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