Thoughts on the Presidential Election

Enough with the strategizing, poll-watching and fears of “the wasted vote.”  Here’s what each Presidential Election vote really means:

A vote for Obama:  Nothing.  Everybody hates George Bush.  If you think that your vote is finally putting racism behind us, you’re wrong.  Very wrong.

A vote for McCain:  This vote shows that you are a battered-spouse Republican.  The GOP can do anything to you and you’ll come back begging for more.  You are more than masochistic, however; you’re damaging yourself, your party, and all of your neighbors.  Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Seek help at once.  On the other hand, if you’re a Democrat voting for McCain, I have to say that you’re pretty clever.  …Kill the enemy from within, and all that.

A vote for Nader:  You’re an ardent socialist/collectivist of course.  You are aware that the major party machines are bad, and that “special interests” are problematic, but you don’t really understand why that is, because you flock to special interests yourself.  You may even want to shoot gun rights activists.  You’re a little confused, but you’re not really hurting anybody with your vote.  It may do some good, in fact.

A vote for Baldwin: You are a fine person, and I would like to know you.  You really want the constitutions/ Rule of Law, and are willing to write in a vote that may not even get counted (yes, our elections are rigged to a degree).  You have my respect.  I know I’m running as a Libertarian but I confess I’m conflicted.  I really like this man a lot.

A vote for Barr:  You’re sick of the entrenched and corrupt major parties, and are making a stand for the constitutions/ Rule of Law.  This vote will be counted, and the major parties will be watching with sweaty palms.  Good for you.  There’s lately been a very unfortunate, mishandled misunderstanding and miscommunication between the Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin  and Bob Barr camps, and that has me even more confliced.  Haven’t we conservatives divided and conquered ourselves quite enough? 




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  1. I like G.W.Bush he is the first POTUS to actually win a war since Roosevelt and he sent me a check for $1200.

  2. Well, actually, the USA hasn’t even declared a war since WWII. The myriad other shoot-’em-up actions were not legally declared wars. And that $1200 check actually cost you about a half-million bucks.
    I don’t know GWB personally. But in assessing him as a President, I can’t think of anything he’s done right.

  3. I feel the same way about Baldwin. However, voting for Barr goes against a lot of my principles because of his record in Congress (voting for the Iraq War, Patriot Act, authoring DOMA, etc.). I know he has reversed his positions on these, but it’s hard to ignore a voting record, especially when so much of it is in the last eight years.

  4. What is a POTUS? The stimulus package has been printed out of thin air. I used mine to pay bills. Ingenious actually by the central bank, print money out of thin air, give some to everybody, then most of it comes back to the banks. Politicians look good, banks make money, inflation goes up and the oil companies get the wrap for it.
    I heard the messages of Ron Paul and Andy Horning. My votes only go to principled individuals who want rule of law and the constitutions followed. Those who respect the rights to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.
    I must say that I am at a crossroads concerning the Presidential race. I want Ron Paul. I will more than likely write him in. Chuck Baldwin, if he is on the ballot in Indiana, I would vote for in a heartbeat, but if I am going to do a write in it will be Ron Paul. Like the previous poster, inDglass, concerning Bob Barr…I do not like the Patriot Act, not one bit. Bob has always been a good 2nd amendment supporter though. I want the entire constitution and the bill of rights supported.
    As far as Obama and McCain…never again will I vote the lesser of two evils. This election, I will vote with a clear conscience. When the $@#%& hits the fan no one can blame me. Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Andy Horning, and Eric Schansberg…I have good choices this election, votes I can feel good about…:)

  5. I understand the reticence about Barr. I surely do. I believe his reversals are sincere, and I believe the laws/ballot access/luck put him in a vastly superior position to Baldwin in terms of efficacy in fighting for liberty and justice. He’d be no “incremental improvement” or small change. He’d be a real change.
    Yes, I wish Baldwin were on the ballot here. I wish Ron Paul had been the GOP’s pick. But by Election Day we must do more than wish.

  6. Oh, and POTUS is President Of The United States. SCOTUS is Supreme Court Of The United States. And FLATUS is what they both amount to these days.

  7. Did you manage to catch a full hour of Bob Barr on the Glenn Beck show tonite? I do agree with your assessment that he is sincere in his reversals. I understand he recieved the NRA endorsement as well, which is awesome news. He has grown on me. I need to visit his site and check out some more about him. Check and see what kind of You tube videos I can link to emails…:)
    Glenn asked him what amendment was his favorite, he replied the 2nd. Although I do agree that the 2nd is a very important amendment, I think the first 10 would have been a better answer. These first 10 amendments are all interconnected in importance to sustaining this republic and it’s liberties.
    I am now in a real quandary concerning my choices,a Ron Paul write in,or a Chuck Baldwin write in,or Bob Barr who is on the ballot. Any of these gentlemen would be a welcome change of coarse for this nation! I have now until November to make a decision…and it is a tough one.

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