No more fooling.

The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Well, after a hundred years of continuous betrayal, I think that anybody even contemplating any vote for the fancypants, entrenched power parties has got some ‘splainin’ to do!

It’s as simple as this:

We’ve left the major parties alone with power for too long.  They’ve felt unaccountable because they’ve been unthreatened.  And just as “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom” (Prov. 1:7), fear of its citizens is all that keeps a government from becoming the oppressive, enslaving, genocidal monster that is its natural, default state.

Here is, I think, a good summary on the nature of power in politics (brilliant, in fact).  But the bottom line is that it is time to show some tough love; or, if that doesn’t work, some hard-nosed determination to put a leash back onto our junkyard-dog government.  It’s time to make politicians obey written laws as written, or it is time for us to go the way of all foolish nations.

We must choose which it’s going to be.

Don’t give me that “incremental improvement” stuff.  It’s not working.  Don’t ask for Term Limits when we vote for incumbents 98% of the time.  Don’t whine about “the effect of money in politics” when we vote for it almost all the time, and call people like me “underfunded.”

There are no shortcuts.  No easy ways out.  There is no strategy, there are no tricks.






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  1. Constitutions based on the Rule of law with Bills of Rights is logically the only governmental form that can restrain government violence. But ONLY when the law is enforced by the people and public servants are held accountable. This 230 year ‘experiment’ will turn out to be a dismal failure unless we do so…right now! You hit the nail square on the head in the interview! If you ever write a book, keep us posted in this blog! I will want a signed copy…:)
    We were once a shining example to the world, a republic based on rule of law, now we have become a democracy, based on the rule of the majority. This is a terrible disaster, given the literacy rate of this nation…one in four can not read…yet they vote! The two major parties have done thier level best to make sure this happens…motor voter nonsense! There is no understanding of what we once were as a nation, what we are supposed to be. The Constitution, history…one in four have not, nor ‘can possibly’ read…and the media will not tell them. Sports or Citcoms or ‘news speak’ is all that is available with the major network media!
    What we are experiencing is the government violence that has been granted by the majority rule. Rule of law has been left to the wayside for the time being. As long as we behave like a democracy we will have increased government violence, when we go back to the rule of law, government violence will be abated. The media, the two major parties, the corporations, the powers that be, they erroniously promote democracy and betray the constitution and it’s liberty. They steal from thier neighbor when they should, “love thy neighbor as thyself!”
    We the people have forgotten what Americanism is! We have also forgotten GOD. One more strike and we are out!
    I could rant for hours, but the alarm rings early in the morning. Later my friend.

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