Would you like to be frightened?

My previous blog contained what I think is an interesting, informative graph.  Here’s one, on the other hand (here’s the article it came from), that does more than sate a little curiosity.

If graphs could bare fangs and snarl, this one would:

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

What always happens after a graph does this?  We are headed for a housing market crash very soon…maybe just weeks.  And it will ripple far beyond the banks and lenders.

My friends, we don’t have a lot of time to put this right.  We’ve already waited too long to avoid pain.  We must, if we care for our children and our children’s children, govern our government.  We must radically, constitutionally chop political powers, agencies and “services” if we’re to keep this nation out of the hands of tin-pot dictators or collapse.

The constitutions, as written, would work.  What we’re doing now is not working. 

Please do remember that when it comes to human governments, failure is not just an option; it is a certainty.  Let’s try to put it off for a little while, at least, as societal collapse makes a horrible mess.


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  1. This one is gonna hurt the economy bad! Real bad! If the people thought $4 a gallon gasoline was bad, just wait until these $1.2 trillion get circulated into the market. I am still wondering when the other $42 trillion will be coming back from overseas as foriegn investors lose ‘trust’ in the dollar? We are living in troubled times, the horse with the scales will ride.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if it’d just “hurt” the economy. A little hurt would do us good. My fear is this will go waaaay beyond hurt.

  3. And if you like drawing correlations and being scared by graphs, there’s always this fabulous collection which never fails to intimidate.


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