When will we learn?

Here’s an interesting article; but this graph says it all:

This says it all

This says it all


It’s been long understood by anybody who thinks, that poverty and hunger in lands of plenty is solely a political problem…ungoverned government literally robs and kills.

Well, I struggle to think of any serious civilization problem that doesn’t share the same root.

Ultimately, of course, the disease of ungoverned government is a social/moral problem.  Citizens are always to blame for their government.  Whether by numb voting or lack of resistance to oppression, we get what we tolerate, and too much tolerance has become our personal problem.

While we’re told we must tolerate more and more…who’s to blame when we, like sheep, just do it?

We’re to blame, that’s who.

Unless we destroy the monsters we’ve created (the “Federal Reserve” and the unconstitutional monstrosities we call “government”) and replace them with truly governed government, then we’ll meet the fate of all fools.

That’s not good.



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  1. A good analogy about voters is the frog placed in a pot of cool water, then start the heat. He won’t jump out until he is dead and the water is boiling. This is 99.7% of American society. I base this number on the 1 million votes out of 300 milion or so Americans Ron Paul recieved during the primaries. Or roughly 0.3% of the voters jumped out of the hot water.
    I have been trying for a few months to explain to others what you show in the graph. (I am going to attach that graph on quite a few emails)…:) I keep a prototype currency of a 30mm “copper” 20 Amero coin in my pocket to always remind me of what is coming down the pike and what we may lose. And lose soon. (you can get them on eBay). The NAU is coming!
    Some people have been raising the warning concerning the Federal Reserve for decades, only to be scoffed as “conspiracy theorists”…well the graph doesn’t lie. They also warn of Ameros and the NAU…conspiracy theory? Ron Paul dares speak against it! Google it, I triple-dog-dare you. The borrower definately becomes slave to the lender. Inflation is starting to take a major toll on the economy.
    C’mon people, jump out of the water, it is getting quite hot!
    We need the rule of law yesterday! We need to rain in the would be tyrants, vote them out! Vote for your rights and liberties! Vote for the rule of law! Vote for Andy Horning! (and write in Ron Paul while you are at it…:))

    If the time to govern our government isn’t now, it never will be! We can really make a difference if we vote with a clear conscience for only those like Ron Paul and Andy Horning, vote unwaveringly for principle. Any other vote is a vote to stay in the pot of increasingly hotter water.

  2. Andy, it’s amazingly ironic that you posted that graph today. Just yesterday I was Googling to find a graph that showed EXACTLY that.

  3. Looking closer at the chart you present, notice an inverse relationship between gold and two dominant fiat currencies. When dollars or euros spike, gold spikes in the opposite direction. This is most pronounced around 1/1/2002. One would think that the exchange value for gold vs oil would spike and dip similarly with dollars and euros vs oil, But it is opposite? Interesting indeed. What is your take on this particular trend with the chart? I need to think about this one a bit. Hmmm, are we printing money out of thin air to buy oil? A spike on the chart indicates inflation, a dip, deflation…everytime the dollar spikes, gold dips…Is someone buying oil with gold? What am I missing? There is a simple explaination for this, right?

  4. R3volution Minuteman,
    The graph shows how much of each trade unit is required to buy a quantity of oil. So the spikes you refer to aren’t any absolute value of gold; they’re the market response to higher dollar prices turning into actual drops in price relative to gold.
    The way that works is that when prices get too high, the seller has to drop the price. When the dollar (still the major trade unit on the oil market) drops too low because our !#@$?! Federal Reserve oppressors print too much of their funny money, the oil producers actually have to drop their “price” relative to gold in order to keep their dollars coming in at the market rate.

  5. I was happy to come across that chart a while back on, of all places, thedailygreen.com, under the headline “Maybe Ron Paul Was Right”. Picked it up on my Google news feed (which has one tab filtering for Paul articles).


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