Constructive Destruction for Indiana

Who: Andy Horning

What: Overhauling State Government

When: Saturday, August 16 at 2pm

Where: Crawfordsville Public Library, 205 S Washington St., Crawfordsville, IN

Contact: Andy Horning;



Helping Citizens, not Government


Crawfordsville, Indiana –

Andrew Horning, the Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, will lay out a plan for Indiana citizens, not for Indiana Government.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to make that distinction, as our “government” has become an OPM-addicted (Other People’s Money) parasite. 

The constitutionally authorized government intended to protect citizen lives, property and rights from those who’d take them from us, must be restored. 

To do this, entire agencies and powers and costs and prohibitions must be eliminated so that Hoosiers can rebuild what’s been stolen over the last 70 years.

Does this mean Horning agrees with other plans to “streamline” government by consolidating more power into fewer hands?  Not a chance.  The complete opposite, in fact.  Horning aims to do what’s been proven to work better than anything else ever tried in all of human history.

Come to the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County’s Convention on Saturday, August 16th at 1:45pm to hear about real leadership, and tough love, in a time of need.




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  1. Will this speech find it’s way onto You Tube?:):):):)

  2. Not unless I can get a videographer!

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