And now for something really bad.

Having once run for Congress as a Republican, I thought that I had become numb to the politically disgusting and immoral.  I had assumed that since I had met so many vile and despicable people (the money men, the party leaders, and other apparatchiks of evil) I could no longer be surprised by the wicked, sneaky and woeful incompetence of our political subspecies.

Well, I was wrong. 

I knew about the IRS’s Whistleblower-Informant Award; a bounty system whereby the worst people of society spiff each other.  Extremely evil, of course, but well-within what I know to be the character of Satan’s minions.  But there seems to be an aspect to this that I’d never heard of before.  One that makes me think that Satan himself must shield his face from the IRS.

I’d recently been sent an email and read a few corroborations on the internet about a scheme by which whistleblowers are encouraged to cheat, break laws or lay a trap such that an innocent person can be “found guilty” under IRS “law.”  The IRS web link I’d seen as “proof” was no good; either the page was taken down (for obvious reasons) or it never existed.  But a friend of freedom (I’ll not mention his name since it could tend to get him audited) sent me another page link that seems to have been retooled.  Yet on it I still found things like this:

If the whistleblower planned and initiated the actions that led to the underpayment of tax, or the violation of the internal revenue laws, the award may be reduced.

…The award may be reduced?!?! 

Here is the scenario as culled from both the page I read, and the one apparently deleted/changed:

You’re an accountant for a large company, and you’d like to make some big money the easy way.  So you cook the books against your employer, and then tell the IRS about it.  You don’t go to jail or get fined…your employer does!  And you get up to 30 percent of the tax/penalty money!

What a deal!

Oh wait…I forgot.  You don’t get the full 30 percent if you’re the one who “planned and initiated the actions that led to the underpayment of tax.  You may get only 15 percent, the minimum payment for LYING, CHEATING and STEALING FOR THE IRS!

Why isn’t this in the news?

Why are we so worried about Ted Stevens and other corrupt politicians while we let this one slip through the slime of politics?

My friends, we have work to do.  And we must work fast.

Our servants have become our tyrants, and there’s only bad history in that.


Oh, and before I forget (or because I forgot), pease note the following:

The Horning-Kelly ’08 Campaign Committee Meeting/ Pitch In is this coming weekend, Saturday August 2 at 10am  at Sahm Park under the shelter.

If you’d like to become part of the force for liberty and justice, if you’d like to defend Rule of Law and oppose Rule of Tyrants, then join us!



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  1. This doesn’t surprise me a bit, the scenario you suggest is very believable. I never did like the IRS. I once heard they could be on the streets collecting revenue within one month after a nuclear war! A NUCLEAR WAR! And they would be out looking for taxes! What the hell?! Forget about food and water for the victims, they want revenues!
    Then I hear Sodrell is supporting an effort to increase taxes by up to 23% on gasoline and food in HR 25! Are these people nuts or downright evil? Or both? This is exactly the wrong time to raise taxes! He forgets something very important about the fairtax. He is supposed to get rid of income tax before he attempts to bring on a consumption tax. He wants both! How much blood can this guy think he can squeeze from a stone? I really fear for this nation, we need to govern these people in government like yesterday! This is why I am voting for Eric Schansberg and yourself! Daniels and Sodrell are the problem. you guys are the solution!
    I’ll try and make it to Sahm Park Saturday, looking forward to it…:)

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