Must we die before this stops?

It only takes about twenty minutes (maybe an hour if you’ve never read a constitution before) to read the whole USA Constitution, archaic syntax and all.  It’s pretty short.  The Indiana Constitution is much longer.  With my (not so brief) comments, a Table of Contents and an Index, it comes out to 42 pages.   It’s not like reading a novel, but it’s still readable in a single sitting.

HR 3221, or the deceitfully named “the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008,” which passed through the House of Traitors yesterday, and is on the way to the Traitors’ Senate for a vote tomorrow, is about 600 pages long. 

In six hundred pages, you could easily fit the USA Constitution, the Indiana Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and my favorite Robert Heinlein novel.


What’s in all those pages that will be signed into law?

Well, a lot; and none of it is good.

For instance, all credit card transactions will thenceforth be reported to the IRS.  Why?  Because nobody will stop this.

The national debt ceiling will be increased up to 10.6 trillion dollars.  Why?  Because nobody will stop this.

Those quasi-government-agency/bad-ideas-badly-executed-by-corrupt-millionaires, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get bailout provisions, of course; but the bill contains no help at all for the millions of Americans actually harmed by all this crazy spending, debt and bureaucratic tomfoolery.  Why?  Because nobody will stop this, and nobody but liberty zealots like me will even read it.


What really cuts to the quick is that, chances are good, after all this madness slams home, most voters will still trudge (their cars will be out of gas) in tattered clothes, unemployed but still loyal to the party machines, into voting booths in November and do what they have always done.  Why?


I haven’t the foggiest idea.



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  1. Andy…it looks like our traitors in Congress worked on Saturday to push this legislation through.

  2. Yep; and they removed the “language” intended to protect us against eminent domain takings. So the bill is entirely, 100%, congressionally certified evil.

  3. People do not change the things to which they have become accustomed for light or transient reasons. People are creatures of habit, and many habits aren’t really good for people.

    I regret it very much but, yes, many people are likely to die, in concentration camps, in death camps, tortured to death by their own government, in the name of preserving the authority of the state and the power to intervene in the economy. Nor do I believe that a majority is going to convince itself that the right path is the path of free markets, private property, and individual liberty. I’m doing my best to organise those few who seem to agree with The Boston Tea Party.

    But, I will say that there are promising developments in the world, especially in the areas of economics and technology. Truly private economic transactions are now happening on a daily basis – events which cannot be detected by anyone else. This development is very important, because if an exchange of value for value takes place and no one else can tell it happened, then it cannot be taxed, regulated, nor prohibited.

  4. Promising developments, to be sure. But I don’t think they’ll happen fast enough to overcome the “rational ignorance” and torpor of the average voter.
    I do pray, though.

  5. The media has alot of influence over the voter. The two party game, as I see it is a game of fear. First, the voter is exposed to ONLY the two party candidates on the media, and both of them are to be feared. One wants to ban guns, the other want’s to take over the world. The media will play into the fears of Republicans and into the fears of democrats, both. People don’t understand the game of fear. They ‘believe’ they are forced to choose between oppressor and megalomaniac every election cycle, simply because they haven’t been exposed to Libertarians. And those that are don’t think they have a prayer to win and try to vote strategically, to keep the one they fear the most from winning. I say, that the vote for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. The reason the media blacks out Libertarians is the lesser of two evils game becomes null and void. Here’s a candidate I don’t fear, I actually like the guy! He speaks reason, he speaks truth. He makes sence. He doesn’t want to take any of my freedoms. I am not afraid of this guy! Ron Paul snuck in and got around the media, he got his shoe in with the first debate (blacked out ever since) and he floored McCain and Gulianni.
    A second point is literacy in this nation is horrible, I would have never read the Indiana State Constitution if it weren’t for some wild circumstances. If it weren’t for the overwhelming positive reaction towards Ron Paul I doubt I would even be voting this cycle. I actually feel some amount of optimism, albeit small. Seeing Amy Allen’s video made me realize just how much the younger generation is thirsty for liberty. They don’t want to take over the world and they don’t wan’t to inherit a social security and medicaid mess.
    Direct barter, skipping past currencies, as Jim suggests is good. But, the banks only recognize ‘reserve notes’ to pay house notes, car notes, pay off loans, pay off credit cards. And the State only recognizes ‘reserve notes’ for payment of taxes. Direct barter with others is an excellent inflation hedge, but besides our current hyper-inflation problems, a more destructive rapid deflation could ruin this country, a world wide depression! I don’t put anything past the evil central banks, anything.
    We need a President with Balls to take on the central banks, Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin seem to be the only two who have those balls. George Bush, Obama, McCain are girly scouts! We also need a governor with Balls to take on the central banks when the President wimps out. I can see Ron Paul Greenbacks, I can See Andy Horning Greenbacks.

    PS Insanity can best be defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

  6. I have entered posts on your behalf in a couple blogs. Frugal Hoosiers and Jill Long Thompson’s blog. Basically, the Frugal Hoosiers blog is pro Mitch. I will proxy as yourself in defence of the Indiana State and US Constitutions because liberty is never a ‘waste of folks time’ as one poster in there put it. Jill Long Thompson’s blog is actually a censored blog, my posting is under review, I doubt they will post what I tried to say about following the Indiana Constitution.
    I think a good tactic would be to deluge the opponent blogs with the light of truth. There is alot of propaganda and disinformation in these blogs and the Indiana State Constitution is never even a conversation point.I intend to make it one! Usually it is about how best to unconstitutionally spend unconstitutionally procurred money squeezed from Hoosiers. Pure Tripe! There are alot of Hoosiers that visit these blogs and read what is written. A deluge of postings by your proxy soldiers into these blogs would help sway some opinion and bring the Indiana State Constitution,the rights guaranteed therein and the limitations on government therein brought into the debate! People need to wake up to what they have and what they are ready to lose! Flood the blogs! You want to debate Mitch and Jill? Do it in thier own blogs or any blogs that support them! Many people will read it!
    GOD bless my friend.
    R3volution minuteman.

  7. Bravo! Atta boy! Thank you!

  8. Andy, I have noticed several “repealed” sections on the Indiana State Constitution. What was repealed? Maybe, after examination, we may want to bring some of those back. What recommended reading do you have for someone wanting to delve into the history of and the ratification of our current constitution?
    I am into some heavy reading. Ever read “Vindicae Contra Tyrannos” by Junius Brutus? Or Bastiat’s “The Law”?

  9. Another serious root cause with “Ungoverned Government” is that over the years, somehow our Republic and rule of law, has morphed into a democracy where “legal Plunder” abounds! This 51% “fleecing” of the other 49% is largely why the government has grown to it’s behemoth size! Lost liberty is the only result of democracy as a form, history is repeating itself. It happened to Rome. People have not just traded liberty for security, they have also traded it for a welfare check!
    Perhaps an additional coarse of action would be a suit filed against the State for Constitutional abuses. The rule of law has to trump the 51% mob!

  10. Harry, I’d tried to raise some interest in suing over breach of constitutional contract (see, but nobody seemed interested.

  11. R3volution minuteman, you’ve made an astute observation. And in general, things deleted are things we ignored to our disservice. In fact, one example is the accursed but misunderstood “inventory tax” that, when repealed, essentially raised personal property tax and lowered the corporate property tax load (in violation of Article 8, among other things).
    But I’m not advocating putting stuff back. There’d be no point in that now. Nor would there be any end to it. The 1816 constitution was vastly better, for instance. I say we move forward with what we have. There’s plenty to do with that already.
    …Like, for instance, getting somebody elected who has an intention of doing the constitution (any constitution) to any degree at all.


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