It’s already in your home. When will you act?

Again I say bravo to Oklahoma politicians for pushing back against our “federal government” usurpers.  Walter Williams wrote a very good related piece, and I’ve seen many others that, to one degree or another, correctly describe the constitutional breach evident in just about everything the various levels of government do to us each day.

But the problem with almost everything I’ve read on the topic of ungoverned government, is that too much emphasis is placed upon politicians and their wicked ways, and far too little blame is directed at the real troublemakers.

There’s only one class of humanity that causes all the abuse of power, corruption, theft and death that’s stinking and growing all around us, and it ain’t politicians.

Politicians do exactly what they can get away with – no more and certainly no less.  We get exactly the oppression, slavery, genocide and war we can stand.  In the USA, there’s nobody more accountable for all the sins of our nation than …voters.

It’s entirely our fault.  If not you personally, then at least your neighbors are entirely to blame.  And, to be more direct, unless you’re reaching into your personal wallet, time and energy to correct our lawless lawmakers and their proliferating anarchy, then you’re to blame just as much as is anybody else.

Are you doing what you can to restore liberty and justice?

If not, how much more time do you think you’ve got before it gets a whole lot harder to do?


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