53.9 Percent

Think about that number.  Imagine how you’d feel if you’d just lost over half of everything you own.  Half your business, half your investments, half your income.  Imagine how you’d feel if a group of dangerous criminals, breaking every law that applies to them, took half of all you possess, or even want to possess.

Well, according to the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, you don’t have to imagine very hard.  You just have to think about how you feel right now.  Because they’ve calculated the current cost of government, by taxation and direct regulation (but omitting the horrendous cost of the Fed’s devaluation of currency), at 53.9 percent; and the Cost Of Government Day (or Tax Freedom Day) is today, July 16.

Welcome to the USA, where government takes well-OVER HALF OF EVERYTHING!

Sheesh.  In the Old Testament’s I Samuel 8, they thought it a horror that the King would take ten percent!

Oh, and if all this isn’t bad enough, the EPA has done a little calculating, and they’ve decided that the value of a human life has dropped almost a million dollars, to 6.9 million dollars. 

As the value of each dollar plummets, that is not very good news at all…


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  1. Is that not the stepping stones for a “Social” state. We control for the benefit of all the people.

    Let them (the people) have their rights, just don’t give them anything that will invoke them.

  2. The government takes over half, but still manages to spend far more than they receive. The Fed prints the balance then charges us interest on it. Year after nausiating year since 1913.
    I imagine how it would feel to keep the fruits of my labors.

  3. I’ll be the only gubernatorial candidate even suggesting that we cut government. Sadly, voters tend to vote for their oppressors.

  4. Cutting Government comes off as “we’ll do less for you”.
    Forget the idea government does a poor job at most things.

  5. I cannot help those who’ll not help themselves. I can’t do more than my best. You guys have more power in this than I do, since, collectively, you can talk to a whole lot more people…
    Spread the word: the Constitutions are on the ballot, and voters must choose between Rule of Laws that work, or Rule of Tyrants.

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