The Governor can, indeed, fix it all

I’ve often been asked, “Andy, things have gotten too far out of control.  How can just the Governor enforce the constitution?”


Well, it’s not only the Governor’s job to enforce the constitution; it is even more significant that it is nobody else’s job.  And while it’s true that politicians have stolen power that doesn’t belong to them, the Governor has far more legal, appropriate power than you’ve been lead to believe.


A good part of what the Indiana Governor does these days (taking people’s homes, deciding which businesses thrive, and which die) is unconstitutional, of course. Here is an excellent description of the economics of the problem. And I’ve already written about several breaches of the Indiana Constitution (requires free signup; article starts on page 17). But I bet a lot of people would be surprised by what actually is constitutional.  


Indiana Constitution:

ARTICLE 3., Section 12. The Governor shall be commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and may call out such forces, to execute the laws, or to suppress insurrection, or to repel invasion.

ARTICLE 12., Section 2. The Governor is Commander-in-Chief of the militia and other military forces of this state.


That, fellow citizens, is the law; as amended in 1974 and not changed since. It was amended to include “other military forces of this state,” because there didn’t used to be anything but the militia. And what is the militia? The Indiana National Guard, you may think? No, it is not:


ARTICLE 12., Section 1. A militia shall be provided and shall consist of all persons over the age of seventeen (17) years, except those persons who may be exempted by the laws of the United States or of this state. The militia may be divided into active and inactive classes and consist of such military organizations as may be provided by law.


This was amended in 1974 and not changed since. It is the law. The National Guard, or indeed the national standing army, does not exist by any constitutional authority. Our founders were bitterly opposed to standing, professional armies, as they are the root and seed of foreign war and authoritarian rule.


But so badly and far have we departed from the law, that it now seems inconceivable that a state could have so much sovereign power that we now ascribe only to the “federal” (hardly federal; actually, it’s unitary) government. Now it must seem perfectly fine that the President can “federalize” the state militias and deny Governors authority even in state emergencies (e.g., constitutional disasters such as happened in Waco, Texas).  


This was supposed to be a nation that wouldn’t go to war at the drop of a pin. We were to be a defensive fighting force, not a global aggressor. Of course, we were to be a nation of free citizens, not a nation of serfs.


Oh my how times have changed…


Well, it’s up to you.  What do you want?  Do you want failure, or the constitutions that proved to work better than anything else ever tried?


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  1. What I want is the U.S. Constitution restored and the Indiana State Constitution restored! I want you as my next Governor! The establishment is soooo scared to death of yours, and Ron Paul’s message that they simply black you out. The message! It’s the message that they fear the most! The 15,000 or so people that marched in the capitol on the 12th weren’t even covered by C-span! No one aired any of it, it didn’t even happen as far as the mainstream media is concerned! But we know it happened! I am spreading the word as best I can. What can I do to help get you some exposure! This is such an uphill battle it isn’t even funny, but the opportunity is now!!!!! Never before in the history of the U.S. has this opportunity to spread the message been so evident! And urgent! $4.00 gasoline, foreclosures on homes, run away inflation,taxes out the wazoo, unconstitutional spending, wars precipitated by UN dictate! Bush is a President not a King! The powers were separated for a reason. He is supposed to guard our rights not trample them. Congress declares war, the President commands it. You and Ron Paul are my heroes.I have learned more from you guys in such a short amount of time than I ever could have from the NRA over 20 years! I want you as my governor, hands down, you have my vote! I have played the ‘lesser of two evils game’ for long enough. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And I will never again vote that way! I will vote only for men of character that love the constitution of this nation and the constitution of this state or none at all! GOD bless you Andy, keep your chin up, it’s the message that is feared the most…I heard it and love it! I would die for it! I am over 17 and my powder is dry…:)

  2. You’ve taken the red pill and you now know the truth. Welcome aboard. Fasten your seatbelt. It may get bumpy.

  3. The red pill was fat and hard to swallow, but well worth it! I love roller coasters…I have a 6 year old daughter, and I want her to inherit freedom and liberty, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Indiana Constitution, not 5 generations of debt! And unconstitutional wars! This latest Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout has really got me going now…$5 trillion more in debt over the weekend! What the hell are they thinking? When will this inflation hit us all? Idiots! $7 a gallon gasoline coming, $4 a can for canned corn coming! And if we go into Iran! It would be doubled! Easy!
    Andy, we have got to get you elected! It is imperitive! The time is now!!! What can I do to help this become a reality? The message is the key, just need to get it out there!
    I have never felt a stronger sense of urgency, but at the same time, I have never felt a better sense for my country, an ‘it’s about time’ feeling. It is a wierd mix of feelings.
    GOD bless!

  4. My signup page isn’t yet working at, so just send an email with your contact info to, and we’ll get you on the team.
    Liberty or Bust!

  5. Andy, Is anything working in the area of “Sound Money” activity?

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