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With prices, crime and debts going through the roof, and with liberties and opportunities swirling down political drainpipes, do you still think the so-called “tax protests” are just about taxes?  Why do politicians propose to amend constitutions they violate?  My fellow citizens, there is no “dumbed-down” solution; we must read our constitutions and demand an end to the anarchy of ungoverned government.  We’ve done everything but that.

Literally millions of people voraciously devour 1000-page romance novels, one after the other.  Millions can tell you the vertical jump-height of their favorite basketball stars.  Millions of people can perform whole scenes from obscure movies.  But only a “fringe” few have read the four-page Constitution of the United States.  Until fairly recently, I had met only one person (other than me) who had read the much longer Indiana Constitution.

In other words, people spend their time with all sorts of detailed, complex blather, and yet do not know their rights, the rules by which we’re to live, or the legacy so many patriotic Americans fought and died to protect.

If there’s anything that makes me different, it’s certainly not that I’m running for Governor of Indiana as a Libertarian; it’s that I’ve read the constitutions, and I’m mad enough to get off my duff to bring them back.

While citizens put their hand on the hearts and pledge to obey a flag, all politicians, police, soldiers and new citizens swear an oath to constitutions.  Why?  Because constitutions are a leash on political power, not on citizen rights.  How could I get mad about this?  Well:

  • Most political spending is unconstitutional.
  • Most political actions and agencies are unconstitutional.
  • Most political power is unconstitutional.
  • Most taxation is unconstitutional.
  • Politicians null their powers by violating their oaths to these constitutions.
  • Another word for “unconstitutional,” is “treasonous.”

Yet voters, not the politicians they hire, are to blame for all the troubles around us.  Over the past hundred years we’ve paid and voted for all sorts of unconstitutional abuse, and we got it good and hard.

And so now we fail.  Nations do fall, you know.  It’s happening.

We can fix this, but not by delegating it to the power-drunk.  We must read the best social contracts ever devised, and demand their enforcement.  The good news is that they’re much shorter and easier to read than the instructions that came with your cell phone.  The bad news is that reading these documents as written will make you mad.  Hopefully, mad enough to get off your duff.

Here’re some tips to reading constitutions:

  • Ignore what politicians tell you about them.  Read them yourself.
  • Start with the Constitution of the United States.  It’s not at all what you’ve been told.
  • Imagine that the words mean what they say, because they do.  Really.
  • Read the 9th and 10th Amendments first.  Read the 10th three times before proceeding.
  • The current Indiana Constitution was written by people who violated the previous one and bankrupted the state.  I suggest you read a copy that has some notes with it, such as you’ll find as my Platform at   

Human history details the certainty of failure in human politics.  Success is precious rare.  I believe that real political success is rooted in just three things: property ownership, governed government (Rule of Law), and free market economics.  The degree to which politicians allow these virtues determines the degree of any culture’s success.  Most of our constitutions’ framers knew this.  That’s why constitutions are to be obeyed as written, and why politicians are required, by constitutions, to swear an oath to uphold them.

Now if only we would replace our oath to a flag with one to the constitutions; to uphold and defend them against all enemies, foreign …and domestic.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the subject of ungoverned government. I myself have been guilty of voting lesser of two evils for a long time. I have been voting to protect the 2nd amendment rights as guaranteed by our founding fathers for around 20 years, only to be outflanked, unwittingly, by the Patriot Act and lost my 4th amendment rights! I was bamboozled! I voted for someone I thought would protect my rights, only to be betrayed.
    The fault for the last 105 years lies on the voters (with a high degree of culpability resting on the media’s shoulders). I look at the Federal Income tax and the Federal Reserve, 1913, both of which are diametrically opposed to the constitution. Where was the outcry? Where was the dissent? Where was the redress of grievences? Did it happen? If not. Why? This nation has been shammed for ALL of it’s national wealth, ALL of it’s gold and silver have been turned into…commodities!? Illegal to be used as currency, but according to the U.S. Constitution, gold and silver should ONLY be used as legal tender! Go figure. Paper fiat money IS unconstitutional, where is the outcry? The answer, people haven’t a clue, there attention is drawn toward prices, and not the value of the dollar, by the media elite. Oil companies are the scapegoats for inflation of the dollar.
    I also look at the march in the Capitol this 12th of July and the total blackout by the media. It makes my blood boil. But it doesn’t surprise me. I look at the blackout of your campaign, but it doesn’t surprise me. I look at Ron Paul getting black balled in debates and blacked out of the media. None of these things surprise me. But, they do piss me off immensely.
    Ungoverned government happens for two reasons. One being, as you said, the ignorance by the people of the constitutions that are supposed to be restraining the government we live under. The second is the corporate owned media, which keeps people uninformed of constitutional issues. Anyone who challenges the establishment is never or rarely covered by the media. Don’t get me wrong, understanding the constitutions can make one immune to the effects of the media, and quite pissed off when they are truly understood. But the media does play a great role in keeping people in the dark of the injustices done them by thier ungoverned government. So much for the fourth branch of government! It has allowed itself to become regulated and has turned into an establishment cartel of disinformation, subscribed in toto by corporations! The people have been lulled to sleep by these monsters. Football over freedom! Wake up America! Wake up Indiana! Your 2nd amendment rights may be secure for a short time longer, but your 4th amendment rights are now gone! Who will fight for them if not you? You need to make your government officials follow the constitutions as written. You need to. No one else can.
    I get fired up and quite passionate about all of this, and am very frustrated, but I got my sleeves rolled up. Andy, what do we need to do? You got my vote my friend…:)

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