Well, it certainly did rain…

The weather was about as bad as it could be on Independence Day.  Unseasonably cool, with the low, misty clouds and kind of rain that you suspect will last forever…I’m surprised we had as many hardy souls turn up as did on Friday morning. 

To all those who showed up (maybe as many as 50 by some media reports), I can’t thank you enough.  I know that I didn’t thank you enough on Friday.

Thank you.  Thank you from the soggy depths of my heart.

Please know that we accomplished a good part of the mission.  We got some media coverage!

Some of it was accurate; some of it was lies from the tongue of Satan.  But it really is like they say; any media is good media. 

At least people can see that there are options, and that there are people speaking on their behalf.  Even people watching the most biased reports can see that there are those among us who are not satisfied with the status quo.  And that’s a good thing.

…And we’re just getting started.

Well, anyway, thank you.  I thank those that showed up, and I thank those who read these words.

Liberty or Bust!


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